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  1. Count me in! I'll be marching that summer and my 3rd year with the G-Men!! It's going to be a great year!
  2. Also, to further the haunting stories... There's a room above the stairs to the boys sleeping area where the dm used to sleep. One night, the drum major left there screaming and ever since nobody sleeps in that room anymore. It's been vacant for years.
  3. Any idea what this is? A new DCI experience... "committed to delivering the drum corps experience to audiences in a new and exciting format, incorporating state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and visual effects in new outdoor stadium venues." ????
  4. It's really quite a neat place if you ever have the chance to visit. Lots of great drum corps nostalgia that we like to share with our family.
  5. I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised by what you see the GLASSMEN doing this year.
  6. Frank is a DCI legend. Kinda like the gandalf of drum corps.
  7. And to add one... Forum Bumpers (haha, see what i just did)
  8. What bugs you? let's not beat the dead mic'd horse again... but what are some things in shows that just bug you? Personally, I'm watching one of my favorite shows... 1998 Glassmen and at the 4:57 mark there's a very very audible "SPLOOIE!" bad bad bad. makes me cringe. I wish corps would wait until other corps are done performing before they bring attention to themselves. Very disrespectful imho. What about you?
  9. I'm still peeved that there's no K-Zoo. That show is a blast to play in. No Hornell NY show either? That show was a fun small show. Overall, I dont know how I feel yet about this line-up of shows, but at least i'll be going to about 26 of them :)
  10. My experiences with the corps have been great in terms of food. We always got fed, never skipped a meal, and always had enough to go around. Bryan Owens is excellent. It's always a good time when he's on tour. Everyone else does a wonderful job as well. I clicked on this post just knowing it was going to be g-men related, and i was right. lol.
  11. Um, I want people to march but going somewhere "just for the experience" is not something that other corps look favorably upon. Vets who leave do not help the organization get better. Just saying. I dont advocate marching somewhere knowing that you're going to be leaving the next year. That's not fair to the people you're marching with. Yes a year with another corps will help you, but it does not look well... not well at all.
  12. My friend marched pioneer for 2 years. Talks all the time about the kind of stuff roman does. Very admirable. Great guy. Happy birthday Roman. Thank you for everything you do to bring drum corps into the lives of kids everywhere. You are a legend.
  13. back to gmen in 09 and i hope other people will join me as g-west now has hot water!!!