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  1. I disagree with this sentiment. How well did not listening to outside advice work for the Cadets after a decade or more of dominance? Cavaliers? While a BD fan, I too grow tired of the rock back and forth go-to-body we have seen for five or six years, the numerous scatter transitions that are under produced, the over balance of the intellectual versus the emotional, re-using musical devices that are too similar to past year's, needing a detailed pamphlet to get the show arc. If you are a defensive BD fan, you won't agree that any of these things are negative but perhaps "signature" Devil-isms. While one could make that argument, such doesn't change the fact that others of us want to see the corps evolve more than it has.
  2. BUT, look at the last two days on GE. Waymire had Blue Stars 2 tenths behind SCV in rep two days ago. So, Jones having them 1.5 from Cavies seems to tell a story of perhaps Blue Star's greatness but not necessarily SCV nor Cavies lack of it.
  3. I agree. They are loud and really clean for early July. The percussion, brass, and guard books are difficult and they are achieving them well. But there is nothing to hook me and the theme is not evident anywhere. So, for now it is a great drum corps without communicating much beyond excellence. All that said, excellence at the highest levels and with a complicated show. Complicated shows can make me in awe, but cannot make me feel. AND, Blue Stars have perhaps their most unique yet approachable show of their modern era. It has all three major components of GE to an extreme: aesthetic, intellectual, emotional. And the show is tough in ways SCV's is not and they are giving it hell.
  4. While I have found your posts at time to be a bit brash and biased, all I can say here is BRAVO! Extremely well-stated and spot-on. At the end of the day, logic, fact, and clarity of reason has no replacement.
  5. Thanks so much for your review. It is a shame these smaller shows get less coverage. Much appreciated.
  6. I like it better than Beast by a lot. That said, visually and emotionally a lot of question marks. Seems the overall visual structure Is there, just a lot to develop at this point. Excited to hear Klesch arranging (usually not at strength), going beyond transcribing, which is something he does well. Percussion was the most impressive aspect by far.
  7. I am apparently not reacting like many of you. This seems really rough me. An extremely unfinished product in all regards that comes across as needing at least a month before ever competing. Guard seems really behind to me. The brass writing is really predictable and using identical scoring in someways that immediately takes segments back to previous shows.
  8. Well, if basing your guess off of mentioning music of the 1960s, could be: Elvis, The Doors, Temptations (topical), Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, Beach Boys, Creedence CW, etc. Just saying.
  9. So, regarding the source music possibly not being "fresh"- If you would just play along for a second: Hum "Ode to Joy", or sing it in your head if you deem such more appropriate according to you current surroundings. That tune is nearly 200 years old and known world wide in most every country, every culture, every house hold. One could say the same about the alleged source material for Coats. That music is only 60 or so years sold. If by not "fresh" one means it has been done before in the marching arts, well yes, but in the last few decades it is mostly played by college bands or HS bands that are largely non-competitive. For over a decade I have wanted a corps the caliber of Blooooo to bring this great music to the field. While the tunes may be 60ish years old, I assume it will be made "fresh" in a way only Bluecoats can. Can't wait to hear it.
  10. Why do you not like the arrangement? Did you hear it without percussion? electronics? Perhaps that would alter your perception? I am not sure Will is singularly responsible for the dynamics displayed by the music ensemble. Perhaps they are in the "build your chops, put air through the horn" stage of developing the brass. Is it too easy to be bluntly critical these days, as such seems to be more prevalent now than ever here on DCP and social media in general?
  11. This is a well done response. FWIW, I do not think he was trolling. Just giving a strong opinion. I personally love the addition of theatrics through costuming for every performer. Now, like with music and movement, the possibilities through costumes are endless.
  12. Though there are some obvious points of "concern", including the potential for a lack of diversity, I have long thought it would be cool to challenge the design teams to have to respond to a predetermined theme for all corps for the season. Nothing too specific. You would be too limiting to say it had to be jazz, or a show about Elton John's life, or how water becomes ice, but themes such as Mother Nature, Growing up, Travel, Machines, etc. could produce a wide array of interpretations. Always thought it would be fun to sit there waiting for the next corps and thinking, "Okay. Let's see what this team came up with."
  13. A reminder, the current design team and show concept is EXACTLY what many zealot alumni have been demanding, pressuring, yelling, screaming, shouting, crying that they wanted, and what they KNOW will bring back the Madison Scouts. They think the crowd will eat it up and all will be right with the organization. Most of the crowd will not eat it up and the talent of the past won't be there. The performances are for the crowds, but first and foremost for the members. The entire experience, on and off the field each summer, is for the members first. These are members in 2019, not 1999, 89, 79, etc.. Members/potential members are smart, well-informed, and demand that what they get is something worth their time, efforts, talents, and soul. Madison may have been able to provide in one of these regards, maybe two at some time, but not all four. Potential members love today's drum corps activity, just as we all loved the era in which we marched. To want members to live an alumni's experience from "back in the day" is narrow-minded and self-serving. Perhaps Dan and Chris have been so beaten up by thousands of such alumni for the past few years that they finally said, "OK, we give in. Have it your way." The current design team will also share some blame. Why do you accept a design assignment from an iconic drum corps that has been struggling to stay in finals and to attract the talent they once did when you have not created a highly competitive show with a band, drum corps, or indoor ensemble on any consistent basis for decades?
  14. I just watched 1982, 1999, 2005, and 2015. I am a corps history buff, love old and new. I am just sick about what has happened to the corps. I usually would stay as far on the optimism side of things as possible, but just can't in regards to the past several seasons and what has happened this off season. While I wish all the best to the members and hope they have the best summer in all regards possible, it saddens me that such cannot be the case competitively. Next year (2020), or in two years can the corps survive yet a third overhaul, rebirth, survival after the storm which will require ignoring many alumni and their wants? Such gets harder and harder in drum corps as time passes- yes, Spirit, Troopers, Boston, Blue Stars, not to mention all those we have lost that did not survive a first, second, much less third revival. Three things have ended all drum corps: money, administration, and alumni. Though sorry to offend, it must be said that the alumni will have the most blame to carry on this one. There are many reasons alumni become so toxic. I think Madison the most toxic of all time and largely because once they found themselves slipping in rankings in the late 90s and early 2000s, they looked outwardly and not inwardly for blame and excuses. That decade of members were too often told the system was failing them and many of them bought it and still do.
  15. This is all so disheartening. While I greatly appreciate those who have shown empathy on this matter toward a human being that most none of you know, the majority of posts mirror so much of what has happened in our country in the past few years, in part fueled by our president and other politicians who have lost or never had true empathy for all people. I am not trying to shame anyone, just my point of view. The fact that I love drum corps so much and constantly laud what it does for people's character to then read some of the terrible things being said here and on other social platforms about this situation is disappointing. As others have stated, thank God no one has been there to record every time I misspoke, or was unclear, or said something in an under pressure situation that did not allow me to be clear enough that every listener thought what I said was informed, insightful, and accurate.