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  1. SORRY about the original title! Arghh. I know better. Typing too fast and didn't catch it. Changed.
  2. The short version for me: They both are strong in every caption. Both do some amazing things, but while BD has many specific effect events, Blue Coats entire show IS the event unlike any ever produced in the activity- it is flawlessly seamless and delivers a through-time horizontal value that rivals those in any professional setting that our activity borrows from: ballet, musical theater, opera, Cirque, etc. More specifically/and of course longer explanation : Overall engagement: BLOO Color use: BLOO Number of specific effect moments: BD Prop use: BD Setting the
  3. I like that these three words appear on the GE sheets as part of the design criteria. Every component of the production, designed and performed, falls under one, two, and at times all three categories. I think the best shows try to get an equal dose of all three placed within the production, with "Emotional" eventually carrying the most value in my opinion. That said, not every corps has the same approach, nor the same personality. One of these three might steer the ship more than another depending on the corps, the theme, etc. In my trying to rationalize what is missing in SVC's show th
  4. This has been a head scratcher all season. So, I imagine I'm at the table with the really talented people at SCV designing the show in the winter. The costume designer (let's pretend his name is Ralph) is now up to reveal sketches of the proposed look for the winds and percussion. The covered drawing is placed on a large easel at the front of the room. The covering is lifted. I immediately say, "Ralph, wrong sketch. That's the one you're doing for the off Broadway low budget revival of Godspell." Ralph states, "No. This is what I am proposing. I know its different but I think it speaks well to
  5. This list is what I think should happen. Not based just on "favorites" or historical warm fuzzies. Trying to think through the sheets and judging to a tenth, and where the activity is now, where it seems to be going, and what I would like for the future of the activity to be in order to gain more fans and more informed lauders. If close in my book, I always ask myself two things: 1) Who do I want to see again asap, and 2) who do I need to see again because I am intrigued and need another viewing. 1. Bluecoats: It is just so nearly flawlessly designed. Though championship BD has had so
  6. Maybe I am just a sucker for really well designed shows performed at a high level, but I think the judges are caught off guard by how well this production is designed and some unfortunately do not have the experience with amplification and electronics to take into account that those aspects of their show compare to the skill levels of the top 6. That said, they have much more going for them than just the electronic engineering and incredible musical balance throughout the music ensemble. For me, I think this is clearly 13th, and not close. I do not know how the on-fleld skills hold up to any
  7. Hmmm. Loved SCV for decades. Loved last year. This seems like a TEXAS UIL band show, all about excellence and showing off chops but no emotion. I just don't feel any attachment at all. And I have a hard time getting past the grey uniform that looks completely dis-attached from their show vibe and the tarp that looks exactly like a soiled hygiene product. Sorry. After winning with so many behind you this seems terribly misguided. You are great at doing your 2019 thing. I just don't care to see it more than once.
  8. So Good BLOOOOOO!!! Almost flawless in design without a second of anything that isn't crafted, musical, or convincing. If picking a winner for DCI is in part saying to all corps and the activity as a whole- "This won because this is where the activity needs to head, I'll vote 2019 Bluecoats." Now, BD is certainly crafty and never to be dismissed, but there are currently too many loose ends and phrases with no craft in too many areas.
  9. HOLY SMOKES CAVS! I have not really cared for them since Propaganda. This #$*@ is the REAL DEAL. Even without seeing SCV tonight, I would much rather see this show again. I also think it competitive for a higher spot.
  10. So those that placed the "brass lines don't do hard drill anymore while playing" phone call . . . Blue Stars answered, and then some. Loved it!
  11. Blue Knight, I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! Surprised how dirty the brass drill is. Give dat vis team some field time.
  12. Really pulling for Cadets. The introduction was great. Then is just goes off the rails design and quality. Horn line seemed to really struggle from the top of the ballad to the end. Is the ballad in a weird key/a key it shouldn't be in? I just don't like the arrangement. Played perfectly it seems it would just leave you flat. Hoping all the best for them.