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  1. tigger2

    Flo Guy FIRED for Sexist Remarks

    This is all so disheartening. While I greatly appreciate those who have shown empathy on this matter toward a human being that most none of you know, the majority of posts mirror so much of what has happened in our country in the past few years, in part fueled by our president and other politicians who have lost or never had true empathy for all people. I am not trying to shame anyone, just my point of view. The fact that I love drum corps so much and constantly laud what it does for people's character to then read some of the terrible things being said here and on other social platforms about this situation is disappointing. As others have stated, thank God no one has been there to record every time I misspoke, or was unclear, or said something in an under pressure situation that did not allow me to be clear enough that every listener thought what I said was informed, insightful, and accurate.
  2. To some degree, perhaps the larger percentage (51% versus 49%, 54-46?, who knows), but it is the designers' efforts that have provided a vehicle that can be performed at the level the members demonstrate and it is this particular vehicle that in part allows the performers to produce the "IT" factor. As stated in my first post, I am not sure the word "innovative" is a most accurate descriptor, but if you want to assign the descriptor of "ahead of its time", then if the things they are doing that have reached a new level for the activity- then sure, "ahead of its time", or at least ahead of all others.
  3. From my chair: Yes, SCV is capitalizing on innovations and standards set by those mentioned earlier. And, this is of course how the activity progresses and how you win. I believe the show has and will continue to set new standards between now and Saturday. That stated, I am not sure it is innovation standards or simply really smart programming using full knowledge of all tricks of the trade old and brand new and excellence standards that equal or surpass those from which said tricks have been garnered. 1) vertical alignment on a new level for the longest amount of sustained time, and amazingly flawless at that 2) best front ensemble in the history of the activity considering the tools currently in the designer's and performer's toolbox 3) the development of moving props a million times and doing so in character, with purpose beyond moving something that needs to be moved so something new can be done (This has bothered me for years. Thanks SCV. If I can see you, it is judge-able, right? An opportunity to be creative and artistic.) 4) Soloists that are equally as good as any ever in the activity, but perhaps a bit better considering the wind range of skills shown, and not two or three folks. 5) Pitch control at all volumes and in key centers beyond B-flat and F (yes, others have done so, but I am not sure such has been done with the percentage of excellence considering some of the key center and harmonic language challenges) 6) It is rare that we get a corps that is not only firing on all three main areas of effect, intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional, but has been doing such since day one of tour. BD came close with INK and Fellini-esque as did Crown with E=Mc2. But all summer? Every night? Every tune? Every beat and bar? That's my take. Oh, and plus, the unexplainable "IT" factor. This production has that in spades. It just clicks. It speaks to your heart and gut. It makes you want to see it over and over and over. It is raw and passionate, gritty and gutsy, confident and bigger than life." It" is what made all of us become addicted to this unexplainable, niche, odd, crazy activity.
  4. The fact that placements 12–18 or so have become so strong from a design and quality stand point, and usually includes some open class corps, makes the fight for the last finalist spot, at least for me , as exciting if not more so than the race for #1. As a judge on specific captions, there is of course the responsibility to respond as accurately and subjectively to your caption's criteria as possible. That recognized, what if that 12th spot was simply reserved for "the corps show I simply want a chance to see again, one last time"? Of those battling it out for that coveted spot, how would you respond to the "who do you simply want to see one more time" question?
  5. Lots of talent. Intellectual concept. Some great moments. I haven't heard that much intonation issues from a BD hornline in a long time. Extremely off-puting. Shocking, really.
  6. Ummm. SCV, unreal visually and musically. The brilliance of the music book and visual package is equally balanced, equally amazing. fantastical. If BD offers more than this- more power to them. ####.
  7. Wow SCV. BD ### is on the line for sure.
  8. Scouts rely on guts too much. The show is thin in concept. While musically they are better than Mandarins, that is it. Would much prefer to see Mandarins again. Scouts got little to no reaction for much of the show.
  9. Eager to see performances today. The top 25 has never been this good. Despite the fact that we have gone from thousands of drums corps to 60 or so, depending on how you define a drum corps in 2017, the activity seems quite healthy. The doubled GE panel is always a great idea. Many state that between the two/four judges' scores probably lies the most accurate assessment. I offer that there are probably at least three ways to consider the GE scores between all GE judges: The most accurate score is the mean of all four scores. The most accurate score is above the mean. The most accurate score is below the mean. It is a subjective caption. I know we could say that about each caption to some degree, but the other sheets are designed to be objective; right/wrong, bad/good, etc. There are specific words on the sheet that guide the adjudicator to put down a number based on the thirds of the boxes and the judges are trained to consider that one tenth is the targeted accuracy level. Now that they can give .5, I am humbled by the responsibility for these judges to not only commit to the number they write down, but justify that tenth/half a tenth on their tape, in their mind, and probably, in their heart. I am curious as to what degree their heart plays a role in their decisions. I am curious how much performance order plays a role when one group has their performance of the summer, and the next group having a flat show, though the repertoire is stronger that the previous corps. I am curious about how long GE judges do or do not re-run their scores and scoring reasons in their heads after the numbers are submitted.
  10. I am more convinced that SCV should win, but want see why fans specifically think BD should. See the two separate threads.
  11. Thought this would be a good topic for the week. Another great year for drum corps. I do not see anyone winning but BD or SCV. I have started two threads, hoping to keep both from starting as supportive for one unit over another, to becoming bashing of one group under another. DCP admin, please allow the two threads to stand alone. So, I will start here- Why BD should win DCI 2017: (I am using my own measures, though I am aware each lies somewhere embedded in a judge's tote sheet) Even-ess in all captions. Drums, great shot at 2nd-4th. Guard, great shot at top 2. Visual, great shot at top 3. Horns, great shot at 2rd or 3rd. GE- can be 1 or 2- They are second for me in GE Pacing and variety of effects. Pacing is still uneven for me, but variety is killer. Demand versus reward. Yes on the musical side. Though the required skill sets for all performers is high, the simultaneous demand does not even closely match SCV. Individual achievement per second. Second to SCV. The uniqueness factor/not your usual pony ride. They are 100% BD. So not unique in the regard, but certainly unique in regards to their convincing swagger. Show flow and horizontal connectivity. Still an issue for me. The ending lives up to the rest of the show journey. SCV as winners. Bloo is second here. Boston third. PR in there too. I am hoping BD has a big ending change coming. The math of it all/the sheer engineering accomplishment. Not their game for the entire show, but in parts. The show is pretty easy to get in one viewing. Emotional value. BD has their ballad. SCV, everything else. Attitude. Though I would like to compare it to Cadets in their best years, or Cavies, I cannot. It is its own brand of prowess that no one else has. Not even close.
  12. Thought this would be a good topic for the week. Another great year for drum corps. I do not see anyone winning but BD or SCV. I have started two threads, hoping to keep both from starting as supportive for one unit over another, to becoming bashing of one group under another. DCP admin, please allow the two threads to stand alone. So, I will start here- Why SCV should win DCI 2017: (I am using my own measures, though I am aware each lies somewhere embedded in a judge's tote sheet) Even-ess in all captions. Drums, great shot at 1st. Guard, great shot at top 4. Visual, great shot at top 2. Horns, great shot at 3rd or 4th. GE- can be 1 or 2- They are first for me in GE. Pacing and variety of effects. Winners of this in my view, easily. Demand versus reward. Winners in my view. Individual achievement per second. CLEAR, OVERWHELMING winners in my view. The uniqueness factor/not your usual pony ride. Winners in my view. BK, PR, and Cadets in the same category, but not to the SCV degree. Show flow and horizontal connectivity. Winners in my view. The ending lives up to the rest of the show journey. SCV as winners. Bloo is second here. Boston third. PR in there too. The math of it all/the sheer engineering accomplishment. Never been anything like it. Astonishing. Want to see it again factor. Off the charts. I catch several new things upon each viewing. Emotional value. Winners, though BD has its ballad.
  13. For me at this point, final placement depends on . . . I will throw the obvious variables out there first: · How well everyone else does · How well music and visual clean up · The performers’ ability to transcend the written · How well the show reflects the criteria on the sheets · Dealing with the adversity that inevitably happens in our activity (weather, health, etc.) · How members and staff deal with early–late season scoring, placements, etc.- the psychological aspects of competition. I am only addressing the corps I have seen multiple times on video, from different shows. This is 13 corps, the same 13 that I think have a legit shot at top 12 come August. While I know that live viewings are distinctive and will affect my perceptions differently than video, I wanted to spend part of my Saturday morning formalizing my current thoughts. For the following corps, in my view, final placement depends on . . . Blue Devils: dealing with the fact that years of not crafting every transition, restage, visually and musically, may have caught up with them. Argument has long been that because everything else in the show is so superior, those four, five, six, moments of design flaw aren’t enough to allow the next place corps to overtake them. For me, fact is that while Blue Stars or Academy, Spirit or PC may not be fielding the creativity and performance levels of BD, they would be penalized at a higher percentage rate for displaying the same transition, restaging flaws. So when the leader of the activity does it, such bothers me considerably and I think they should be called out for it. Maybe they are, but it still isn’t enough to affect their score. BD 2017 is clearly not finished filling out their visual program, crafting each transition, etc. That said, it seems there are many more moments of disjunct-ness visually and musically than they have had in five or more years. They sound amazing, but there may be too many cut and paste moments this year that perhaps can’t be smoothed out with crafting/layering. I also do not see the show theme in the production other than the very beginning representing old school corps- but then we are 100% in current day corps within 1 minute or so of the production. Where is the craft of a true “metamorph”? over time through time. While there may be hundreds of small references to past years, past winners, past-isms in the show, I do not see or hear most of them and am certainly not effected by them. It almost seems like an old school show musically, back when there were no themes; tunes, styles, etc., had no connection from one piece to the next. Summary: Final placement depends on making the transitions work, keeping us more engaged with the theme, and creating a through line that is championship worthy with less “cut and paste”- even though BD has not always done so and still won. SCV: depends on the continued crafting of a few transitions, the ending competing for best ending of the season, working out the micing of the small brass ensemble to the whole, and execution that puts them up enough in several captions to overcome the depth of talent difference that is still evident early season compared to BD, Crown, and Bluecoats. This is the best they have been in a long time. Crown: as with BD, depends of the better crafting of a through line of the show that keeps us engaged, drawn to the end’s logical and totally convincing resolution to the theme. The vocalist is not currently good enough that we are simply enjoying her contribution- I find myself worried the entire time she sings- pitch is still a major issue. They have to figure out the balance of risk and reward with the vocalist. The show currently jumps from old school to new school instantly, there does not seem to be an evolution of the concept. The ending needs to keep going to the point we are looking at and seeing a possible “future” drum corps reality. Percussion are better. Execution scores will also largely effect placement. Cavies: the show needs some maturity. The voice over tells us what to think, and for me, that gets old quickly. More craft is needed musically and visually to tell their story of manhood. Not sure the brass can place in the top five as of now. Percussion- we will see. Guard seems to have a shot at top four, but competition is thick. Cadets: the show seems to be getting some early traction. Their placement depends on how well the product can stand up against the sheets and the corps in their peer group (I do not think their peer group has been established and is totally wide open: 1–6?, 7–10? 11-14? The guard will have to keep improving at a good clip and the brass have a long way to go to finish in the top 6 or 7. BK: the show needs to be completely finished with several areas developed much further. Guard contribution needs to be re-thought. Their book reminds me of SCV 2002 where the guard used odd props and things looked clunky and did not contribute to the aesthetic near enough. Ending needs to be stunning. PR: the brass visual demands need to be reduced in some way so that they can accomplish visually and musically at a level that allows scores in all captions to keep them competitive in the 1–10 range. I love the new design attitude, but think it perhaps too much bitten off this first go at it. Crossmen: they cannot afford to clean the emotion of out the show, something that has been the case the past 3 years for me. Maybe this reported-to-be older group can handle such. The guard needs to get better exponentially. The show theme has to evolve enough that we care beginning, middle, and end. Blue Stars: the second half of the show has to get better. It is not near as good as the first half. Transitions need to improve and the ending has to be killer. Academy: I think this show has the most re-thinking to do of all shows that have a shot at making finals. Like Crossmen, but much more so, the show theme has to evolve enough that we care beginning, middle, and end. This effort seems much like their 2011–201 shows. It all makes sense, but . . . Boston: not sure I have anything specific to say. Work on the few places that need to evolve emotionally, keep cleaning, end up 2, 3, 4, 5, places higher than 2017. Bluecoats: theirs to lose at this point. Emotional- YES!, Great Aesthetic- YES!, Intellectual- maybe this area needs a bit more attention. The environmental challenges have to be met more frequently and consistently for the momentum to stick and earn them another ring. Madison: As of now, I think this is the only remaining group that has a shot at top 12. We will see how Mandarins continue to develop to a fairly safe but effective show. More than Crossmen, or Academy, they have to make the theme work much better- beginning, middle, end. Not sure enough home work was done in the off season on all of the right components. Like PR, I applaud their step into what I hope is a new era for them.
  14. tigger2

    Madison Scouts 2017

    I do think it can be taken care of in the off season, for the most part. I am not saying no one did their homework. No one sets out to design and show that isn't/doesn't communicate. I do think that being on top of the current design choices, pedagogy, and planning is a must. I think it too often slips by a corps and before they know it, they are having to rebuild, re-think, re-boot.