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  1. I've had few technical problems. I think the worst thing about the Fan Network is the design. It's an eyesore.
  2. After listening to the Field Pass I'm assuming it going to be about September 11th?
  3. 2007 Carolina Crown - Triple Crown 2005 Phantom Regiment - Rhapsody These two shows are never my first choice to rewatch, but when I do they capture my heart all over again.
  4. 1 - Blue Devils 2 - Bluecoats 3 - Cavaliers 4 - Phantom Regiment 5 - Carolina Crown 6 - Cadets 7 - Blue Stars 8 - Santa Clara Vanguard 9 - Boston Crusaders 0 - Madison Scouts 1 - Blue Knights 2 - Glassmen
  5. I call for a return to the Cotton Bowl.
  6. Did the allowance of dance in the activity cause this much stir when it happened? What about the switch to Bflat? Today, I don't think we can say that those detract from the experience. Electronics is the new design toy, I'm sure once the sparkle wears off it will be pushed back to more relevant moments. It's my personal opinion that there is only one evil that can bring drum corps down, Woodwinds, and if they haven't added that then there is no reason to get our pitch forks out. I though DCI was founded so that drum corps could evolve and not have limits on creativity. Why quit now? The journey is just now getting started.
  7. Blue Stars sent me leaping out if my seat this year.
  8. I respect the talent, hard work, and dedication of everyone involved with the BD. They really put on a great show, but... We all see the unbelievable talent and the groundbreaking design, and that's what is so upsetting. They have all these resources and for the past four years failed to build an emotional connection with many of us. They keep getting edgier and edgier, but all I want is a show that will bring me goosebumps. Last night I felt that it was only their technical brilliance that was forcing me through the performance. Where's the passion? What happened to the godfathers and the spanish hearts? I would have no qualms about them having two undefeated season then. They, more that anyone else, needs to listen to DCI's new initiative to be more fan oriented.
  9. The message says they have every intention to return to the Alamodome next year. I'm gonna assume the Southwestern championship will be moved back to its old weekend.
  10. But this year they moved finals back.
  11. So, umm San Antonio doesn't show up in the ticket page anymore, and the show information page is gone, and the schedule now only says "Event Information Coming Soon!!" I'm just saying... I'm starting get a little worried.
  12. So I'm suppose to choose who I think could pull it off the best? ... ... bl..ue...coats?