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  1. My condolences and prayers to Mr. Eng's family. He was a tremendous influence to all the youth he taught and will be very much missed.
  2. Totally agree!!! And, congratulations to all the open class corps for their fabulous shows this year!!!
  3. Thanks for the play by play and all the pictures Kevin! And thanks to all the corps, open and world, for making this an exceptional season of drum corps. Now to DCI.com to see ceremonies. See you hear next year.
  4. SHOUT OUT to T. Andre Feagin....director of bands at my alma mater, UT-El Paso, directing the All-American Army Band!!!
  5. Looking forward to reading about all the happenings...wish I was there!!
  6. I am not thrilled video download. They could have offered it in one of the WC bundles instead of the CD. I would rather have a bundle with WC and OC VIDEOS than the attached CD involved in the bundles DCI is currently selling. Also, by the price we have all paid for the DVD's DCI sells, they are definitely making a profit from sales vs. cost of production. As for downloads, music I have no problem downloading music. In fact, as I previously stated, I would prefer this so I can have only the corps I want on the CD. Plus, there was also the disappointment of getting the OC, as well WC, on bluray. This I do not have the technology to do. I can burn a DVD, but not bluray. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is willing to pay out more for that extra in video and audio quality.
  7. 10. The last 3 or so minutes of The Academy's Closer - guard with the large double yellow flags and the last mvmt. of the Borodin. 9. Blue Knights slow portion of the Nimrod - great low brass sound. 8. SCV visuals throughout their drill. 7. Madison Scouts opening push - what a way to make an entrance! 6. Cadets Dance of the Tumblers 5. Phantom's mello section. 4. Cavie's percussion feature. 3. BD's Ballad. 2. All of BDB's show!!! 1. Crown's Nimrod to the end - awesome!
  8. I called DCI (317-275-1212) and the rep said they will not be selling Open Corps video. They will have video download available in the next few months. I ask why. She stated she was not given any reason for that decision. I am so very disappointed in DCI for this decision. It seems that when it comes to Open Class, DCI and the G7 are both on the same page.....
  9. I have been reading so much about the G7 in the World Class Forum, but as I looked at the section in the powerpoint presentation on Class A and Open Class I began to worry about it's impact to Open Class. From the way it is written, it seems that to be an active participant in Marching Major League, an Open Class Corps must qualify as a Class A corp or they are basically left to fend for themselves. Also, there is no information as to how an Open Class Corps can move up in Class as there is in World Class. It also does not address new corps entering the circuit since in the current system, all corps start in open class then after meeting certain requirements, are allowed to move to World Class, how will this work in the G7 model? Any thoughts on this? Edited for clarity...
  10. Not necessarily get off the field, but to move out of the way of others who may not see you. This isn't because of the show coming first, but many times when a marcher falls, no one can see it right away, especially during competition when everyone's focus is on the performance and with drills moving at such quick tempos a fall could be disastrous. For example: My daughter was injured this year and it ended her season. She was at rehearsal marching backwards and her foot hit an uneven patch of ground which caused her to fall backwards. They were marching pretty fast so she couldn't roll out of the way fast enough and a couple other members got caught up in her. Thank goodness no one else was injured and hers is just requiring physical therapy, but if she hadn't moved, those other corp members would have landed right on top of her. In Ryan's case, it was just lucky that no one else got injured and that Ryan was in a place where there was a person close enough to actually see what happened, assess that this was a serious situation and help him to the best of their ability.
  11. Congratulations VK....I liked you in '85 and am glad to have you back! I am looking forward to seeing you in 2011!
  12. Ryan, wishes for a quick recovery. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  13. Congratulations Blue Devils! Thank you for a tremendous and exciting season. I really loved the show and look forward to next summer
  14. Thanks Mike for both blogs tonight....keeps things exciting for those of us who could not get to Indy.
  15. Sending a Texas-sized high five to BDB and their staff for a most excellent season! I look forward to what next year will bring... I also want to congratulate all the rest of the Open Class corps for keeping me happily entertained this summer. Finally, a special shout out to Revolution, Forte and Genesis, representing my home state of Texas at finals this year. Again, congrats to all