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  1. I believe his sister aged out with vanguard last year .
  2. Has anyone gotten to the end credits? All publishing rights and tresona licensing numbers are fully documented for every corps, every song. That's what we've been waiting for!
  3. 79 SCV Drum Major Rick South on the Bari/French horn duet during Gayne Ballet
  4. and the baritones played too high and the mellophones played too loud
  5. I'm with this guy!!!! but add Ara Batur from Garfield
  6. Yep when Michael Townsend and friends moved to Boston, a large portion of crownguard got on the stagecoach and became witches in Boston (including many soloists). Whatever happened to Herbert Washington?
  7. Vanguard looks like they have 47 green feathers. Blue Devils 51 Bluecoats 47 Carolina Crown 53 Boston Crusaders 41-42 Cavaliers 38 Cadets 53 Blue Stars 48 Mandarins 26 Phantom Regiment 27 Crossmen 28 Spirit 17 Colts 29 Academy 30 Genesis 10
  8. 26 years would be this iteration of Miss Amana. The original Miss Amana was older (Serving Mr. Royer's Spaghetti recipe)
  9. So opposed to 2017...Vanguard without aussies in 2018 just works...
  10. and wasn't it 78-81 that Mr. Royer had Vanguard spinning bedposts, flags and hulu hoops!