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  1. Maybe a human sacrifice of a virgin to the network gods will resolve the problem
  2. The corps should pay homage to the concession stand, guard can be fries, and battery and horn line can make burger shapes and hot dog shapes, and the pit can use the synths to make squirting sounds and extra points can go for playing lighter than the next group, and it can be all original music.
  3. It was 1966 and I was marching with the OYB Lampliters and we were doing a standstill in front of the Legion Hall (VFW) There was a drunk standing beside my dad who was watching (In this town there was a mental hospital that had a small band made up of some of the patients) The drunk said to my dad "These guys are really good" which made my dad smile. Then he added "and to think they are all ########"
  4. I would love to see a corp today, use the marching style and musicianship they have, but really put on a fun entertaining show anyone could enjoy. Be true to the melody, do it thier style, but be true to the melody. They might fill small show stadiums.
  5. What the kids do, and adults in DCA is amazing. I marched for years, it's hard work and awarding. It's the people running or ruining drum corps is the problem I have. Drum Corp the art form, well you stop entertaining people without corp knowledge, you have lost your cause. When I was performing for several years in night clubs, we tried a few over the top, great musical numbers that were fantastic. Thing is the crowd didn't, so we gave them what they wanted and we enjoyed it.
  6. Back to the early 90's people not associated with marching bands or drum corps enjoyed going to drum corp shows. The stadiums were packed and people were entertained and money was made. Again if Drum Corp only wants to play to people in the marching community then all is great.
  7. I am at the DCI show in Atlanta on Saturday and I was bored out of my mind. I've marched for years in corps from the 60's up to 2002 plus I attended music college. To me these corps want to run faster than ever on the field , with no power, since corps back in the day with 30 horns were louder than 70 person lines today. The music to me seems like a bunch of guys wanting to get their masters in composition. They take a melody and mix it up and twist it so that it hardly if ever resembles what they say it is suppose to be. If I want to hear west side story then play it... Next thing they will do porgy and bess, but make it a happy one, with country and symphonic overtures, with various key changes, Brilliant. Back when drum corp was in the business of entertaining (I know a bad thing) people came to shows to enjoy it and they did not have to be a middle, high or college marching student to understand it, they just came to be entertained. Most at the show were students, people who have marched or parents of kids in corps. People around me said this would be their last show, since they did not recognize one musical piece. Bring back the entertainment of playing loud and having regular people get excited about watching drum corp.
  8. Rick was a special person and we tried to phone each other often. He wrote the hardest book I ever played in 2000. He will be missed and I am very proud to have known him, and am a better person for it.
  9. Man I wish I was there, here in Atlanta minding the store