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  1. Well, now I need to go to London. ...when band's over... ... poop.
  2. Gotta say, I truly enjoyed PR this year. πŸ™‚ I officially don't care about placement any more (that that I did much to begin with). Seattle Cascades, Phantom, Madison... I just love these corps. Can't wait for next year!
  3. This. I also think of Blue Knights in this situation. Every stinkin' year, they get me teared up. They've developed an aesthetic and that leg kick thing... whatever their uniform, I can always tell it's them. Even if Cadets stay in 9th perpetually from now on, I'm hoping for a strong 'Cadets' identity that is consistent year to year.
  4. me too!!! ... wait... were you being sarcastic? 😜
  5. To be honest, I say give staff folks 3 years and watch for growth. If there's growth, hold onto them, as long as they buy into the vision of the director and board.
  6. Dude, my daughters are 7 and 3, and I just got chills reading this. I can't wait for them to march. πŸ™‚ Thanks for that.
  7. So far, my best moment was sitting with my band students when Jersey Surf did the switch to *under*water... they were so blown away... it was beautiful. πŸ™‚
  8. Saw Cadets in Annapolis. Took my band kids to watch ensemble rehearsal beforehand. Just sharing some thoughts: I think the tonal shift at the "Do Better" section is very abrupt and a missed opportunity considering the serious tone during the first half of the show. The overthrowing of the queen, the resulting tribal factions (and actually resonates very well given the current political climate)... it's very well done. But the need for reconciliation within the queen's former kingdom that Cadets clearly demonstrate at the end of the second movement is abandoned... the literal approach of a queen being overthrown undercuts the symbolic intent of the show about men treating women with respect. For instance, the XY formation, which is definitely necessary to get the point across, was jolting because up until then I thought I was watching a show about a queen being overthrown by her subjects... but now suddenly that was MY fault? Again, I get it, but they went too literal before going symbolic and therefore did not communicate the intent well enough. Anyway, the main reason I'm posting, in case any staff member cares for the recruiting report of a former Cadet band director, is that several of my kids who want the DCI experience were not persuaded to do Cadets this week (despite my best efforts) but want, rather, to audition either at Crown or Jersey Surf (we live in Virginia). For several kids, 2019 Cadets was their favorite show, but many more of them preferred the Seattle Cascades and Jersey Surf. The show oftentimes is the corps' audition for the hearts and minds of future members. Many don't care about winning; they just want to march at a place they love. I think Madison Scouts, as hard as it is to swallow their current scoring, took a good tactic this year in going for a more traditional design for the sole purpose of, as Chuck Naffier's posts indicate, having the audience reaction "wash over" the young kids. I even had a parent (his talented kid will probably one day march DCI) mentioned how different this Cadets was from last year's corps. He said he loved how the sustained drill and music passages from last year were so unique compared with everyone else's production style; it really stood out (zig vs. zag, right?). This guy loves rock bands and repairs HVAC units for a living... not an artsy guy, just appreciates what these kids do. They bought souvies from the Cavaliers' tent, btw. I'm not saying to abandon everything and "restart"/"restructure". Please no. This show, if they can figure out timing issues and let those kids shine could finish solid. For instance, the percussion feature feels rushed... I couldn't figure out how/when to clap for the amazing tenor feature... it's staged well, performed great, but for whatever reason I had trouble giving them a response. These Cadets kids are just awesome. IMO, keep the staff together and try again, taking the lessons they've learned and improve. But I'd suggest not 'playing the game' next year, which is what the second half of the show seemed to be. Too long... sorry!
  9. Meh... a ring's not all it's cracked up to be. I went from dead last in DCI (Scenic City 2003) to the top (Cadets 2005). The experience is what's important. The competition aspect serves as a framework and a vehicle, but I don't remember who beat whom on any given night.... (well, except for the first time we topped the Cavies in 2005... I think it was San Antonio... that was a good night). And that's why I have so much hope for Madison. This year is such an enjoyable show... if the kids are having a great experience, I think they will build retention. If ndkbass' post is any indication, that is what they need to focus on, admin and staff alike.
  10. This is so important. My experience with Sonus Brass Theater/Shenandoah Sound since 2007 (when there were 7 of us at one point) was wonderful because of the people, and though I am taking a couple years off right now because of family stuff, I fully intend to go back as long as they are who they are. πŸ™‚ It's the relationships that keep a group going year after year, but long term, it's a great management/administrative team that makes a group truly successful! πŸ™‚
  11. Yeah, just need a really, really big hammer.... that thing'll fit, by golly.
  12. DUDE! I'd just like to say that this 2019 show is the type that made me fall in love with the Scouts back in the 90s. Design determines the placement, but honestly, placement doesn't dictate my tastes. I'm so loving this show, man. I will be buying a souvie from Madison this year. πŸ™‚
  13. Thanks for responding, ndkbass! I hope the mods don't close this discussion, because I think it's very important to have. πŸ™‚ Since you asked... 19.7 million children in the US (about 1/4) according to the Census Bureau, live without a biological, step, or adoptive father in the home. https://www.fatherhood.org/fatherhood-data-statistics Even if this statistic is off, I personally believe it, since as a teacher over the last 11 years I've seen a dramatic rise in my area of kids who don't have decent male role models at home. Anecdotal, sure, but indicative of a larger trend. I think your point concerning the pay issues for women vs. men in prof. sports is a red herring, but I'll counter anyway. The disparity is due to revenue, not patriarchy (in my opinion). Women players actually make a higher percentage share of the revenue their games generate then the male players do. (https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2019/03/07/world-cup-soccer-pay-disparity-between-men-and-women-is-justified/#446e277c6da4) Maintaining patriarchal societies isn't a goal for the vast majority of folks... they simply watch what they want to watch, and networks interested in a profit are going to show what they think the most people will watch. Sure, this can (and has!) change over time, but to force this to change is to give up our capitalistic way of life.... and that, my friend, would not be pleasant. Anyway, back to the Scouts. I did not say that Madison going coed is dissolving the distinction between the two, as you misquoted. I said having BOTH a Girl AND a Boy Scouts is important, as an example. (btw, in case you're interested, https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-04-17/boy-scouts-are-just-scouts-now-and-that-s-making-girl-scouts-mad). You said that "this is a decision made by a private entity to update their own membership policy." I affirmed this in my original post! We agree on this! πŸ™‚ So why imply that I don't understand "power dynamics and systems or structures of inequality" being important to this conversation? Surely just because I disagree doesn't mean I don't understand. Private entities, like the Scouts, are entitled to their decisions. My singular point of the post was to mourn the loss of the option for a young man to grow and mature amongst other boys and men within the drum corps paradigm. And the Madison Scouts will not be worse off by any means. Again, I point to the Cadets; they went coed, and it's been great for them since. I'm sure Madison will be no different. Yet the experience for future Scouts will be different than the one experienced before the change. And boys wanting or needing an all-male experience will have one less place to go.
  14. Sorry... I didn't read the BOD statement (unless... well, I read the Twitter version... was it the same thing?). I guess I was trying to work through my initial reaction to the news itself, not the reasoning of the Scouts BOD in particular.
  15. DIRTY LOOOOOOOOOOPS!!! πŸ™‚ A cover of a cover of a cover... let's go.
  16. The more shows they do, the more money they get, ja? Can't afford not to perform a lot when you're trying to improve your financial situation. Besides, Cadets always seem to perform more than most others... that's what I love about the corps culture. You do more because you can. πŸ™‚
  17. I applaud the Scouts for doing what they feel they need to do to survive, grow, and thrive. I don't fault them as an individual organization; if it works, it works! After all, corps like the Cadets went coed, and it's worked out wonderfully for them. My visceral reaction is against the trend toward de-genderizing everything for the sake of a false idea of what "equality" is. Men and women are different, and it's healthy to have activities and social groups that are gender-specific. There are less and less places where men can go be with men, and women can be with women, boys with boys, girls with girls. Equality means having a Girl Scouts AND a Boy Scouts, not dissolving the distinction between the two. Again, the Madison Scouts need to do what they need to do. I just mourn the loss of yet another institution where young men can grow and learn in an environment of other men; this is especially important given the growing lack of stable father figures in homes across America.
  18. Dude... I had no idea. Wow, what an awful example. Welp... stick a fork in me. lol
  19. Nah, they'll continue to push the envelopes. From what I remember, Spider Man on Broadway was a huge sensation because of all the amazing technical/safety boundaries being pressed with flight and swinging, etc. However, it bombed because the ticket prices were astronomical and the writing had huge issues... ie, they relied on props too much. πŸ™‚ Still, creative folks are still going to try and find ways to push, even if it causes controversy. And if the money dries up because of the outside scrutiny... well, they pushed too far. But it won't stop them or maybe even slow them down.
  20. Good description. Though the numbers can't compare, the sheets have a more 'objective' measure called Boxes (Box 1,2,3,4,5) in each category on each sheet that you CAN compare. https://issuu.com/drumcorpsinternational/docs/2012_judging_sheets_full_set/2?e=1376842/2992110 On the same night, if I have Cadets in Indiana in Box 3 on a sheet, and Blue Devils in Colorado are in Box 5 on that same sheet, then the judges are saying that the Cadets are doing a particular skill well "Sometimes" vs. BD doing that particular skill well "Always". There's a huge 'objective' difference between playing all the right notes "sometimes" vs. "always", imo. Like Chris NCSU said, where you can't compare between shows are the specific numbers. Within each Box, there're 10 to 30 points of wiggle room to rank corps at a show site. So if you have four different corps in Box 3 on a sheet at one show vs. only one Box 3 corps at another show on the same night, the actual number mean very little if you try to compare the five corps since the numbers are basically for ranking who's the best within that box on that particular skill. However, you can objectively say that those five corps are performing that skill well only "Sometimes." Too many words, but I hope that helps!
  21. I noticed something while looking at the Madison Scouts thread and their discussion of the role the leadership and BOD has on the success of an organization. The BAC approach has was being held up as a strong example to follow in building a successful corps. From what I've seen, the YEA board seems to be on a similar path with a clear vision and focus on getting things right. I think that combined with the Cadets culture of not giving up and pushing through... I have confidence that this 2019 corps just might turn things around.
  22. πŸ™‚ I officially love the timpani player this year. Such passion! Will they pan the camera in on him at finals, I wonder? DCI had a thing for that timp player back in the early 2000s... time to bring it back! lol