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  1. Oh, that video is SPOT ON! I was at the Warrensburg show last year (2016) and noticed the amplification of the entire hornline. (Was sitting on Side 1 near the 30 yd line) Hearing the hornline through the speakers is really not an appealing sound. I want the natural acoustical properties of the brass instruments hit me right in the chest - not via the speakers. The video also comments on how you can hear something from a speaker right in front of you, yet the performers are 30 yards down the field. I recall looking all over for soloists and solis at that show because my ears couldn't acquire t
  2. I am curious how corps create pitch bend sound fx (like the '14 Bluecoats did). Do they sample the hornline and then fiddle with it on Audacity or something? Do they time it out to fit their needs or is there someone on a keyboard that it controlling the speed and duration? I am trying to implement some sound effects with my band and I don't want to have to re-invent the wheel if I don't have to.
  3. Well, my question still stands. What IF the Marine corps decided to go against their tradition? Would people be ###### off or would they accept it? Pretty sure it would be the latter.
  4. Devils Advocate: How would you all feel if the U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps came out in some sort of costume based on their show music?
  5. I hate the trend towards costumes for the whole corps. Corps lose their fundamental identity by ditching traditional uniforms. SCV only has the star on their "costume", otherwise it doesn't portray any history/tradition of the corps. That is a shame considering it is their 50 year anniversary. No aussies for the corps?? That is a travesty and I'm not even an alumni of the corps! How are they going to handle age-outs and their green feathers? Are they still going to get a green feather? That would be nice but not as nice as being able to say "I marched with that feather in my aussie on finals n
  6. The rumors are true! The Railmen are back to perform this summer for the 75th Anniversary since their founding. We have held a few camps already in preparation. We will be performing a sort of "Best of" rep. We are still hoping to gain some more members to fill out the hornline/drumline/guard. We are opening up membership to anyone and all ages. You do not have to be an alumni of the corps to participate. (I myself am not an alumni but have had a great time with the group so far). We have members ranging from their 60's to as young as 16. If you ever marched Railmen, we would love to have
  7. Dude, it's the SAME guy. They totally opened an actual wormhole on the field.
  8. Interesting concept. I had no idea this was ever done. I think that would put a different spin on finals night.
  9. Crown has another neat drill move with the smallest bass drum orbiting one of the rolling bass drums. It's when she is playing the gock block. I think the drill is supposed to be representing an atom with an orbiting electron.
  10. I seem to remember Bluecoats doing a toe first style with every step. Check em out. It looks like they are jazz walking the whole time.
  11. To be technical, they modified the ending a couple times. The original ending was pretty bland to me. I knew it would change. The finals ending, with the worm hole, was freaking clever. Major GE in my books. However, I liked the ending they had at the end of July, going into the Atlanta regional. They still made the crown but they had that one guard girl just sprint down the field on that crunch chord. I REALLY thought that was cool. I also enjoyed seeing the guard run their ##### off. I'm sure they HATED rehearsing that part.
  12. Maybe if they had fewer towers that would have helped? Or shorter towers?
  13. The towers were sloppy on finals night. It didn't seem to change their final placement. I actually thought SCV might over take them with those sloppy errors. There were some effective moments with the towers (color changes in particular) but overall I think they could have gotten away with not using them.