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  1. Sheesh, DCA needs the Pioneer and their problems like they need the plague.
  2. In two years they wouldn't even need stands!😂
  3. I'll have what you're drinking😳😳😬🤐
  4. You're Close, but no cigar. A corps cannot compete as a Jr corps and enter DCA prelims and attain membership to DCA in the same calendar year. That rule has been on the books for years. Now add on the recent evaluation process to the mix where a corps needs 501C3 status, proper insurance in place and a financial audit and 35 minimum membership before you can participate in DCA sanctioned shows. It doesn't matter what name the corps uses. I helped write these rules in another life many years ago Jay Retired 28 year DCA director.
  5. the great Jim Prime retired from teaching a few years ago, He was a middle school music teacher in Elizabeth NJ most of his career.
  6. Have to agree! Chuck did wonderful charts during his time with the Bushwackers in the early 2000's.
  7. The Sunrisers pulled out of the show last week.
  8. Heard they were offered Pittsfield but turned it down.
  9. Unfortunately they have the same visual designer. Let's see if staging gets better with one year under his belt.
  10. The Black uniform makes them look smaller!