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  1. I don't believe any insurance covers any losses due to "Virus". I literally spoke to a friend today who is an insurance agent AND a retired corps director and this is what he told me when I asked.
  2. I've heard from someone who would know ( Surf admin) that the Surf has taken over a Cadet show, this may be the one and it quite possibly will be at Rowan in New Jersey.
  3. The board of directors are holding the corps hostage because of their own incompetence and mismanagement, So sad a corps with such a rich history is going through such a mess. There is a group trying to step up and save the corps and find a solution that will work for both groups but the present board of directors won't budge. Time is running out FAST. J
  4. Not a rumor, It's true. Not looking good at this time. Very sad. J
  5. Why DCA didn't make one more corps go to Connecticut is beyond me. 5 in PA, 3 in CT. Not smart.
  6. Like I said, it's false to believe 8 corps wanted to break away from DCA, the math doesn't work. Though I have been out from DCA meetings for a year and a half, I know and speak to MANY corps directors and DCA administrators on a very regular basis, The statement that corps were threatening to join DCI over DCA is false. I was a director for over 27 years and an executive director for 3 years, I have 6 titles , 5 as director and 1 undefeated season and I'm going in the WDCHF in two weeks, I would have heard of any talk of a mass exodus if there was one. J
  7. The member corps are the "board" of DCA, the executive committee works for the DCA board, the DCA is under control of the corps. The member corps are the 10 highest scoring corps in PRELIMS regardless of what class they are in. I was a DCA director for over 27 years, I helped write most of these rules.
  8. So now the Kingston thread has morphed from Lobster Mac and Cheese, Steamed onions , hot dogs, Louie's burger joint and now cemeteries, pool halls and salvage shops! 😅 Wow!
  9. Super Duper is GREAT! Haven't braved the traffic on 95 to get one in a LOOOONNNG time. What should be a 10 minute drive would take about and hour these days, And no matter how good the dogs are, they aren't worth an hour in traffic! Can you believe it's you and I talking about onions and hot dogs on a Kingston Show thread? Kingston was one of those special shows on the schedule , corps started making their "moves" at Kingston and here we are, talking about food. Makes you wonder 😀