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  1. Shouldn't "Rick" be the first to go? He hires the staff Im guessing??? He keeps his job when he has hired so poorly for so long? Doesnt sound right to me, A clean slate is needed from the top on down to fix this corps, IMO.
  2. We were late because we had a blown bus tire a few hours outside of WS, we would have been on time if not for that. We did the gig in street clothes and hung over from the festivities which started at 5 am that morning🍺when we left Ridgefield Park NJ.
  3. I can say the Bushwackers made a pile of money going to WS in 2005. Our bus bill was payed by the committee plus we received a healthy paycheck on top of it not to mention the member fee collected for a 3 day trip that included all their meals. A fun trip for sure and very lucrative for the corps bank account.The only downer was the "Evil" sponsor of the LMS on Friday night "forgot" to pay the corps their fee for performing, It was months until the corps got their promised fee, sometime late fall of 2005. A memorable trip down south for a Jersey corps, good times! J
  4. That is correct, Especially now. There is zero connection. The entire guardstaff the last few years has left the field corps also.
  5. Because it's the family business, they will continue to operate the bingo game and anything else that pulls in money. They will never give it up. As long as they have 3 people walking down a parade route or 1 or 2 people competing in the DCA I&E they can continue to fundraise. Its too lucrative to walk away from, it's the family business!
  6. Sheesh, DCA needs the Pioneer and their problems like they need the plague.
  7. In two years they wouldn't even need stands!😂
  8. I'll have what you're drinking😳😳😬🤐
  9. You're Close, but no cigar. A corps cannot compete as a Jr corps and enter DCA prelims and attain membership to DCA in the same calendar year. That rule has been on the books for years. Now add on the recent evaluation process to the mix where a corps needs 501C3 status, proper insurance in place and a financial audit and 35 minimum membership before you can participate in DCA sanctioned shows. It doesn't matter what name the corps uses. I helped write these rules in another life many years ago Jay Retired 28 year DCA director.
  10. the great Jim Prime retired from teaching a few years ago, He was a middle school music teacher in Elizabeth NJ most of his career.
  11. Have to agree! Chuck did wonderful charts during his time with the Bushwackers in the early 2000's.