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  1. What influences the change and evolution of design in drum corps over the years? I ask because I assume most designers/judges marched or participated in the activity during 90's and early 2000's and drum corps is WAY different now than it was then. Do designers want to try and push the envelope for their concept by adding new layers never seen before? I'm just wholly ignorant on all of this and would love anyone's perspective. PS. As a side note, do you think we are in a "phase" and drum corps will do like fashion does and return to different phases from the past? As in eventually we will return to more emphasis on marching and playing? Thoughts?
  2. For the unaware, would you explain the formula you use to get these rankings?
  3. interesting points. In regards to Crown, they are already performing at a pretty high level yes, BUT there is so much to clean and so much to grow. The ballad and closer will be very different come the end of the season.
  4. I miss the Muncie clinic days....so many reps for Klesch and band directors/designers in the box 🤣Yikes.
  5. Mandarins-Really enjoyed the journey their show took me on Crown-As mentioned by nearly everyone Blue Knights- Great sound that pushed the show for me Blue Devils-Love the eccentricity, chaos, and overall groove of the show
  6. Not sure on the best but was impressed with Blue Knights hornline as a whole, but especially their baritone/low brass sections.
  7. My problem is that it's fake. Like someone else said it covers weaknesses much more than any other percussive instrument may. Whereas timpani, bass drum etc add low end it's typically only through impacts and not through sustains. I do not enjoy hearing fake low end while trying to appreciate the sound of a hornline and an authentic tuba sound.
  8. Sounds so fake, I just wonder why corps aren't getting points taken off or something when using in conjunction with their brass
  9. This has been talked about many times before, but I feel like it needs to be addressed again since it has been around 4 years from the induction of synth to DCI. In my personal opinion if you use the synth to double brass whether it be only on impacts/chords, or even the whole book, it is an insult to the players. Whether it is a hornline of 20 or of 80, I feel that synth has no place playing along with the brass. For sound effects or solos/unique parts sure whatever but NEVER with the horns. What do you guys think? Am I the only that cares/feels it detracts from the sound when I hear the fake low end? Or that it's an easy excuse to make up for a weaker low brass/hornline? Should judges discredit corps that use to much as it hides weaknesses? If anyone can shed some light as to why this practice is so prevalent and allowed, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  10. From Lee Beddis on Facebook: "Thank you Crown. I will always cherish the last 5 years of building the percussion program. It is now time for a new direction. Thanks for the memories!" What does this entail for Crown, now that two caption heads have stepped down?
  11. Something very strange I have noticed over the years is that shows I have watched over the summer and not liked at all, I will listen to them again, and the more I hear the show the more I like it... The reverse happens on shows I like a lot on the first viewing, then the more I listen to it later the more it becomes meh... Does this happen to anyone else?
  12. No, I do not. The people that walk away, do they drop all ties, or do they still maintain relationships through teaching, or even a minor interest in what's going? I guess if they were never previously invested, just casual fans, I could see them turn away. And have you turned away from "DCI?" If so, why? If not, why?
  13. I assume there are people that have "walked" away. So you say when a change occurred they just suddenly stopped going to shows or watching that year's content? Was it gradual or instant? I am also assuming that people dropped out during different periods. Some when pits were grounded up front, the change to Bb, the amplification, bla bla bla....these people really stopped caring about the "product," because of what was produced in an 11 minute show? That 1 change, or series of changes so drastically ruined the experience for them, that everything previously invested into it, was dropped? Or are we just talking about people attending "live" shows inside a football stadium? The "common" attendee?