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  1. Color Guard Intructors needed to teach the newly formed LA JAMZ Drum & Bugle Corps Guard. Needed minimum 2 Sessions a month. Contact 310-645-8586, see website.
  2. JAMZ Drum & Bugle is Corps looking for a Guard Instructor for 2 Saturdays a month initially at 2 hours each Saturday. This will be paid time, not huge. Any former or current guard member of a corps or band that can teach basic flag and rifle routines is welcome to inquire. 310-493-6217. Ask for Ed.
  3. JAMZ new corps in Los Angeles ,needs a little HELP to tweak our Inaugural performance on 1/17/2011. Need assistance in Brass, Guard, and Marching. Anyone with some time (1 hr or 1 visit) to volunteer to teach young people drum corps style would be highly appreciated. you can call me Ed Bull 310-493-6217. Rehearsals normally on Sat. but will be flex during holiday season with some Sundays and weekday afternoon and evenings. Secure Practice Area.
  4. debull98

    Needing a Bass Drum ASAP

    FYI from Yamaha 18" Field Corps Bass Drum with case/stand - $300 (Rancho Cucamonga) Date: 2010-04-02, 8:54PM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This field corps marching bass drum was a show piece in the Xymox Percussion show room, never used. It is in new condition. The drum comes with the original case and a Randall May Stadium stand. Call Jen 951-500-0322. About Field-Corps Bass Drums Designed for top marching programs, Field-Corps bass drums provide a deep, resonant tone, and forceful attack. From the focused tone of the smallest size at 14" to the thunderous boom of the largest model at 32", these bass drums are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor marching percussion activities. Shell The 7-ply birch/mahogany shell provides a precise balance of deep, resonant tones and solid, punchy attack. This shell configuration not only sounds great it has a much lighter carrying weight than its all-hardwood counterparts. Air-Seal System Shells All Yamaha bass drums are made using the Air-Seal System™ which ensures that shells start round and stay round: an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone. 45 Degree Bearing Edge The 45° bearing edge allows each drum to speak clearly creating precise articulation Aluminum Die-Cast Lug Design The light, die-cast aluminum lugs are designed with a unique arch-shaped center. This Yamaha original straight-line design decreases surface to surface contact between the shell and lug permitting the shell to vibrate freely, which in turn results in greater tone production. Lug designs are 26% lighter and 60% stronger than previous models.
  5. Congrats on the showing in 2010. Always great to see new corps and new creative ideas.!
  6. Looking for a good place to purchase instructional videos for Drum Corps teaching basics.
  7. debull98

    Drum Corps Insurance

    Yes, Im only getting different quotes just to see who offers the most for the money. I sent the NAIC a quote letter and am inquiring with the Boys Scouts also. These are all good sources and I thank all that responded for the help. It just saved lots of time and research that I could be spending towards the youth. Thanks
  8. debull98

    Drum Corps Insurance

    Thanks for the Response. Im trying to work with State Farm. I told him there are other marching organizations that use state farm. He didnt know of any. Would U mind revealing only to me the name of the band and what state they are in. He said the price sounded about right. I think since we are in California the policy may be a little different.
  9. debull98

    Drum Corps Insurance

    Yes, thanks for the response. I was checking the BSA National Website and it appeared the Insurance was only available for a Charter Group using a Scouting Unit. R U saying its best to go the local BSA office and inquire? BTW I have been following En Garde Progress since they are in SoCal. Wishing you the Best !
  10. A new Drum & Bugle Corps is starting in the City of Los Angeles. Primarily inner city youth will be serviced, due to location, but all youth are welcome to join. THe Jackie Robinson JAMZ Drum & Bugle Corps will be Recruiting on Jan 23, 2010 for youth from 10-18 years old. Address will be provided on Web Site when definite. Seeking Volunteers for Board of Directors (1 slot) , Instructors (all captions) and a larger facility such as an auditorium or gymnasium for rehearsals. We are a 501© Organization and Non Profit in the state of California. Our webpage is 310-645-8586 to call and leave your information. Someone will return your call or email. email is Thank You for any assistance the drum corps world can provide!
  11. Per the Topic Does anyone recommend or know of any National Recognized Insurance Company that would carry the liability insurance for a corps? Or is any Company better than others?
  12. Favorite Utube Video from 78. Hope this is shown as a highlight! Great STuff!
  13. THank You DCP. One Day Im sure there will be a full webcast!
  14. Are Interested Observers Welcome to Watch the Auditions?
  15. Would you have to be on site to assist or passthrough info on the web or email?