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  1. Now that the season is cancelled and DCI and the corps are in dire need of financial support, I still think it would be a good idea to flood ESPN with communications about showing a real sporting event, rather than some of the nonsense they are showing to replace their sports programming.
  2. Yeah, for example, it would be a shame if the poor people who own the Beatles rights would wither and die because they did not get the massive fees from the DCI media sales.
  3. Cherry-pit spitting and marble races? ESPN is airing obscure sports amid corona virus Why not contact ESPN and get them to broadcast some DCI shows, with DCI's permission, of course. It could be a way to get massive "free" publicity at the time when DCI and the corps need more national exposure and financial help. Just a thought. Miami Herald
  4. I haven't posted here in years and I remember how rough you readers can be but I'll risk being ridiculed. After watching the Southeast regional in Atlanta I was happy to see that Phantom finished well and has a good chance of making finals again this year, but I thought the ending does not live up to a couple of their previous dramatic show endings that had the crowd on their feet, screaming. So I went to bed and awoke to go the the bathroom about 4am Sunday morning because I'm a 71 year old guy and that's what we do thanks to Mr. Prostate. As I shuffled to and from the bathroom with my eyes h
  5. Didn't I read something a while ago that Tom Blair (with his camera crew?) will be directing the cameras at the three shows in Indy?
  6. It's time for DCI to get serious about corps using copyrighted material for which they have not received permission from the copyright owners. Off the top of my head, here is my suggestion. It should be part of the DCI rules. All corps must secure written performance/use permissions from copyright owners of all material included in their shows, musical or otherwise. Copies of these permissions must be on file with the DCI office before the season begins. ANY CORPS PERFORMING MATERIAL FOR WHICH IT HAS NOT RECEIVED WRITTEN PERMISSIONS FROM THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS WILL BE ASSESSED A 2 POINT PENALTY
  7. The original copyright law protected music for 14 years from publication, plus another 14 years if renewed. The length of protection has been continually lengthened and now is: For original works created after 1977, copyright lasts for the life of author/creator + 70 years from the author’s death for his/her heirs. For “works made for hire” corporate works and anonymous works created after 1977, copyright can last from 95-120 years from publication. That's why classical music, such as Beethoven's, is in the public domain.
  8. Here are a couple of excerpts from an article written by critic at large Louis Menand from New Yorker Magazine, Oct 20, 2014: Lawyers remember that ASCAP once demanded that the Girl Scouts pay royalties for copyrighted songs sung around the campfire, and that Warner Bros., the producer of “Casablanca,” went into action when it learned that the Marx Brothers were making a movie called “A Night in Casablanca.” (Groucho, in turn, wondered whether Warner Bros. had the rights to the word “brothers.”) You think these laws don’t affect you? Warner/Chappell Music claims to own the copyright to “Happy
  9. I used the term "common sense" in the title of this post for a reason. I know what I was proposing is not legal based on the current copyright laws. I want the law to be changed based upon common sense usage of the material by educational and non-profit groups. As was stated, passing laws has nothing to do with common sense, but with how much money is behind the people wanting the law passed, in other words, politics. Most politicians will compromise common sense, morality, safety and many other virtues as long as they get hefty contributions from sponsors of legislation. I still contend tha
  10. I'm not a lawyer but here are my thoughts on the ongoing DCI copyright problem. Any legal clarification would be appreciated, but do we really need any? I think an adjustment to the copyright laws, or rather, an exemption, is indicated. Are the DCI corps causing meaningful net financial harm to copyright owners? I don't think so, and I contend it could be just the opposite. Copyrights protect people who create original content, whether it's music, art, literature, newspapers, movies, etc. I understand that these people want, and deserve, financial compensation if other people are attempting
  11. Sect 140, Row 18, Seats 13 & 14 Tickets cost $55 each. I want to sell the pair together. Will split if no interest for both in a few days. Paypal preferred
  12. Thurs, Aug 7 starting at 9:30am Sect 140, Row 18, Seats 13 & 14 Tickets are priced at $55 each. I want to sell the pair together. Will split if no interest for both in a few days. Paypal preferred
  13. 2 quarterfinals tickets for Thurs, Aug 7 beginning at 9:30am EST at Lucas Oil Stadium Sect 140, Row 18, Seats 13 & 14 Tickets are priced at $55 each. I want to sell the pair together. Will split if no interest for both in a few days. Paypal preferred.