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  1. This feels like a football team on their own 5YL and a ref calling holding from the opposite endzone.
  2. Not usually, outside of a few sites (finals obviously), and there has been some bad behavior in recent years.
  3. Didn't call myself a role model- just a teacher with great people everywhere.
  4. Professionals were trying to be civil with other corps by speaking directly to the staff. There really are not designated warmup spots at most shows. And frankly if anyone's judges tape contains your warmup you should be penalized And PS I've taught enough great teachers and role models to not really need to validate myself. The next time a corps points their warmup at the stadium, they should be asked not to perform- then, their fan base might ask their staff to behave appropriately.
  5. The corps director was consulted and did not take responsibility or advise that the behavior would change moving forward. I already said my verbiage was a little heavy handed in my OP, however anyone who thinks students of drum corps age don't absorb the character they see in their instructional staff is really being silly.
  6. This group should be way above this even though they are trying to win- and yes students do inherit the behaviors of their instructors- while most admin tame the bravado, the fallout of some instructors that have been in the business too long trickles down and creates jerks with no awareness.
  7. No penalties have occurred or any ownership by the corps' administration for this group. This is all on the staff and administration and complete lack of awareness and disrespect for the activity.
  8. Members are members- soulless idiots is a little harsh I suppose- they go where they are told and follow the example of their leaders- the problem occurs when good teachers make poor choices like this but still manage to turn students into instructors who then use the same bravado and proliferate the issue.
  9. In viewing a show in WA recently I missed a reasonable part of a performance because a group from California was so unaware as to not only warm up too close to the stadium but also didn't think to point in the opposite direction. What I have heard is this group is also warming their CG up with obnoxious music tragically close to entrance gates and their staff monkeys don't have any respect for corps on their way to the gate while unloading props at the gate after the show start- which is not supposed to happen after start time. # if you want to win and be respected- do it right. Otherwise you breed a village of soulless idiots that continue to proliferate the notion that millenials suck.
  10. I would never have expected a response other than a chuckle... I'm aware of the history of the uniform in Bloomington having performed in some of them a long while back. I'll assume my movie reference was lost.
  11. CC merely adopted the cream, Star was born in it, molded by it...
  12. IE all of this??? The GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps is very proud to present their 2010 program: ' The Prayer Cycle'. The GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps is very proud to present their 2010 program: 'The Prayer Cycle'. Inspired by the musical works of Jonathan Elias, Phillip Glass, James Michael Dooley, Ron Nelson and John Barry, GLASSMEN designers Sal Salas, Don Hill, Pete Weber, Rob Ferguson and Joe Heininger have created a program that works to evoke a thought provoking exploration of the defining moments of a spiritual journey. Each act seeks to explore the emotions one encounters on the path towards understanding faith through prayer. Utilizing abstract visual imagery, music, and color we invite you to join us on this path of spiritual discovery. ACT 1 - MERCY Scene 1 - Reverence Scene 2 - Ritual Scene 3 - Conflict We begin in a state of profound awe, respect and love, our hearts full of Mercy and wonder. The daily rituals of service and devotion give way to questions, a struggle for an understanding of concepts beyond our grasp, and mercy for beliefs which conflict with our own. ACT 2 - HOPE As inner conflict subsides, a glimmer of Hope illuminates a path towards spiritual enlightenment. It is at these times we often feel most vulnerable and alone. Through the strength and compassion of community we work to build a stronger foundation of spiritual resolve. ACT 3 - FAITH Scene 1 - Doubt Scene 2 - Devotion Faith becomes the ultimate cornerstone of our journey. By conquering our fears and doubts we conclude that faith in ourselves, our fellow men and women, and a power beyond our reach provides sure-footing on the path to understanding.
  13. I am simply not sure I get this year's corps. My only impression is from the Fan Network instance, but they have some pretty serious visual issues. Drill seems pretty 'eh' from up top and low on effect, not to mention filthy. So many segmented ideas and the ensmble work is dirty and ineffective. Hopefully their rehearsal days here involve some rewrites and some cleaning. You can say it's June, but when you look at the corps they want to compare themselves to, the drill and quality therein aren't really working. They play loud, but I have heard on multiple boards there are some control issues. Overall, I get the idea of the prayer cycle, but it doesn't really come through fully. It's like saying your show is about math and putting pluses and minuses on the flags and calling it a day. Just lacks a little depth within the idea. Crosses on the field and some genuflecting does not a prayer cycle make. Which I guess would actually be okay, except they wrote this really lengthy libretto that I didn't see on the field. But it is early season and they have time to add some depth. I just wonder if there is time to address that and the technical issues. At any rate, we'll see how this compares in the coming weeks.