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  1. I marched with the Colts. In 2008 he would tell us we didn't deserve water. I am aware that drum corps is an intense activity, but the health of the members should come first. The days he would run rehearsals were very ineffective. Instead of taking the necessary time to fix a problem, everything was timed out to the second. While this is a noble concept, if an intense drill move is consistently dirty and consistently costing you points you should probably just buck up and take the time to fix it.
  2. Jeremy Hunt treated the members terribly and was an inconsistent drill writer. Randy Nelson wrote awful drill. The Colts didn't "Lose them" they were let go. Stephanie, Chris, and Ray ARE the core people. They love the members, and the members respect them. The most stable staff Colts has had in years.
  3. Or the Colts have a better hornline resulting from member retention and amazing brass staff.
  4. So glad to see this topic! As I read I see a lot of hurtful comments about other corps. I understand that everyone has the right to an opinion, but members and alums read these posts and take things personally (myself included). Just be aware. I love the Colts closer. Academy has shocked me with an amazing visual program.
  5. If I'm not mistaken...only BD has broken 90
  6. But if a top 5 corps jumped three points in a night then it would be legit.
  7. 1. BD 2. Crown 3. Bluecoats 4. Cadets 5. Cavies 6. Phantom 7. SCV 8. Boston 9. Blue Stars 10. Blue Knights 11. Madison Scouts 12. Colts 13. Glassmen 14. Troopers 15. Academy 16. Spirit 17. Crossmen
  8. The Colts show as of now is a skeleton. It is an innovative concept (It's not just about color) that has more potential to grow in comparison to their immediate competition. I'm sure the concept will develop nicely in the coming weeks.
  9. Expect a modern show, dark music, and lots of movement.
  10. Your question can't be answered. There isn't a risk. We are better off without Jeremy Hunt who wasn't a fan of water breaks. Stop commenting on a corps dynamic that you don't understand. Any parent of a rookie member would soon meet and understand Greg and Mike long before the beginning of the season. Colts is a corps known for its family dynamic. Most parents are working on the cooktruck a few times a summer. Greg and Mike are not only accessible to parents of vet and rookie members, but in some cases close friends. Colts members clearly don't take issue with this. Parents of past and current members haven't cried wolf. People will still come ad audition. We'll have our 150 members and parents of new members will understand why this won't be a problem. Check back in four months so I can say "I told you so"
  11. There isn't a risk end of story. We know our corps. With the people who are there this isn't an issue. The Colts have more ambition than most people on this forum give them credit. If that means hiring this guy fine. The members aren't at risk. End of story. We know and trust Greg and Mike enough to know that if there was ANY risk at all they wouldn't be hired.
  12. While I admit that this is worry some, Greg Orwell knows every detail surrounding his corps. If any incident remotely close to this happened on tour, I guarantee that Mike Grimes would personally throw him out so fast that he wouldn't be able to lay a finger on his zipper.
  13. Jeremy and Cesario are often a package deal. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cesario and hunt at Spirit.
  14. 1. Carolina Crown 2. Cadets 3. Blue Devils 4. Phantom Regiment 5. The Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Bluecoats 7. The Cavaliers 8. The Boston Crusaders 9. Colts 10. The Blue Stars 11. Glassmen 12. The Madison Scouts 13. Blue Knights 14. Troopers 15, Academy 16. Spirit
  15. Hopefully Jeremy will be a better fit for Spirit than he was fo Colts.