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  1. Seems too many staffs were not decisive enough regarding props, guard tosses, etc. considering the high winds. Unfortunate.
  2. Good stuff. Was at the show and agree on most all of this. Thanks for taking the time. Yes, Blue Stars are stunning.
  3. There seems to be a lot of power and grit in the show musically. The herald trumpet and trombone moment will be killer no matter where it is staged. I will wait and see it live, but for now the voice overs and the use of Rocky theme seems kinda forced. Don't care for the ballad at all. It seems to not take advantage of the talent in the horn line and just doesn't go any where emotionally. The other moments I am iffy about musically do not near match my concern for the ballad. While I get the context of the name of the song, "Everybody Wants to Rule The World", the tune itself leaves me flat a
  4. SCV makes me constantly amazed that they are pulling off something that is difficult, physically and musically. I do not get both from BD. It is rare that they have the same level of demand, though BD is pulling off what they are doing quite well. SCV plays to the GE sheets better than BD this year. Having a high level technical and emotional performance may make the difference. Love both shows. Prefer SCV.
  5. From another thread about voice overs: "After seeing Cascades, I think they fit into this discussion as example of weak fidelity and production value of a voice over. I do like the show and think they are much better this year. I don't think they need to rethink using the voice over, but I do hope this version is filler for now and they find someone who can help produce a much more believable and professional voice over." Please consider that the voice over is an issue. A big one for me at least. Other than that, congrats on stepping up and a great product for 2017.
  6. One of the more enjoyable responses to my initial post. I did not mean to create a s### storm. I have said it several times on this thread, I want to get it (the design process) like many others seem to. I have never stopped trying to enjoy them and consider myself a BD fan. There are very few corps I tend to not care for year in and year out. Thanks again.
  7. I like your take on all of this. The analogy of BD to skit comedy is spot on for me (and that is not condescending), as opposed to the linear approach most corps take.
  8. Responding to a poster on this thread earlier, I offered the following- eager to see if someone can at least explain to me how the three examples I gave were artistic choices that were effective design choices: "Thanks for the tip. I will check out the BD360 series. That said, should I need a lot of coaching to get it? Someone can tell me a reason for a design choice, but that doesn't mean it works well, or even works at all. Three examples that immediately come to mind: 1) last year's blue tarp. Great opening effect. 35 seconds of distraction watching it dragged to the back field. I do n
  9. Comparing Crossmen brass to PR: Slower tempos, Less moving while playing, less articulation variation, less range per instrument, less musical demand (if any exist at all), less key variance, less frequency of physical demand. I could add more.
  10. I want to like Corpsmen, but I would have had PR up in most captions. Crossmen just put me to sleep this year. Thirty minutes after their show has started, just before their closer begins, I think I could go make a baked Alaska and then come back to hear the final strains of their show and not miss anything.
  11. Thanks so much. All this makes a lot of sense and I have been around for some of it. I do know that I think I am also comparing and holding BD to a standard they set, which in a way may be unfair. It is like expecting Bluecoats to be better than last year (which I think they are). It is a really tall order and a pretty crazy thing to ask of the new game changers. I Appreciate you not being condescending or preachy. I really am trying to up my appreciation for what they do. Thanks again.