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  1. Tickets are Section #139, Row 18, Seats 1 & 2 if anyone is interested! I will mail them out immediately after payment!
  2. I just ordered my tickets for Finals from Ticketmaster and I will say I am extremely disappointed. DCI really makes it difficult for their fans to get their tickets when they use Ticketmaster...because, as has been mentioned, the website shows the best view for the Colts...and the man on the phone didn't seem to understand either. I ended up paying $75 for seats PAST the goal line. I have been to two championships, 2002 and 2008, and I never had to pay this much for such poor seating. I understand that ticket prices needed to increase, but...if you need to charge this much for the show, is it
  3. I just felt that the show wasn't up to Cavalier standard. I said I could see it dropping to those positions, but didn't say that it was written in stone. It would be nice to see some movement in the top of the activity. I like Boston's show a lot, but I am not going to cry blasphemy if someone thinks they might move down a place or two. I believe I even threw in a disclaimer to the effect of "we all know the last time the Cavaliers were outside of the Top 3." I guess this is one reason I never post, because when people do, they get ragged on. I have been a fan of the Cavaliers for most of thi
  4. This was my second show this week, so I feel the urge to past my thoughts. First, I was very glad that the storms cleared out so the show could go on. It seems that every year the Glassmen show is threatened by rain, yet it always works out. I do have one beef with the people that ran the show. They did not let us into the bleachers until 8:25, after a rain delay. This is not the problem. The problem is, it created a logjam in the entrances to the bleachers. A worker came over to the group waiting to go into section 5 and 6 and yelled "Hurry, or you aren't going to get in before the first co