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  1. Whichever corps travels out to California gets to go on last. Like Boston, Cadets, Madison, Phantom, Crown. Just what they do for the California shows
  2. Rennick left first, he came to SCV in 2011. Shaw came over in 2012
  3. It's about time someone puts Yentil on the field! Either that or Funny Girl
  4. …I liked the show this year, it just felt stale. Like the Cadets weren't sure what story they wanted to tell. Why were the statues coming to life? Why did one push the other off the platform? Just felt really cloudy. I hope they can get a clear concept going next year. And maybe not a show concept that was done the year before by someone else Whatever happened to that Pearl Harbor idea George kicked around a couple years ago?
  5. Academy's show is proof positive why you need a great design staff to make finals. They put together a coherent, fun, easy to understand package that connected with audiences.
  6. I'm still wondering how Academy found two guard members that are both 5'3"? They're both really tiny people
  7. Jazzing up Whitacre? That's....definitely something, all right
  8. Now that's a good idea. The films of Miayazaki on the field. Wonder what the rights would cost for that?
  9. There's an actual dog show going on next door to the show every year, so it's the Dog Show Show.
  10. Good to know I wasn't the only person to notice that. That's definitely an Uh… Kind of moment from the Devils
  11. SCV had a conductor do both meters during one of their uses of it
  12. Or you can have the kids hop onto the busses with the AC running to get the same effect. Tune them on the bus, then go do the show.
  13. Well, yeah. Proper technique works. But tuning the horns can at least get you in the ballpark
  14. Yep, change the Hz on the tuners to the internal temp. Can't remember if you put it to 442 or 444, but you can tune them outside so they sound right inside
  15. If the brass staff is smart, they'll have tuned the horns for the indoor temp.
  16. It's the college football quandary. How does a program get better and more consistent? Good recruits and winning? How do you get good recruits? Win games, and give them a reason to come there. Just like corps, you want the best marchers and performers? Give them a reason to come there, and be successful. Then you get successful with the better recruits, which breeds more success, and more income, and more upgrades, which brings in even better recruits, and you get more successful, and so on and so forth. It's a cycle of do better, get better things, then do better again.
  17. The higher content score is also part of their better achievement. Because they're cleaner, and moving better, it's easier to see the demand, and reward them for the content. The judges won't give content credit just because you attempted something if it's not achieved. If they start achieving their content, then both numbers will go up. But yeah, they really need to clean from a VA standpoint, and get the guard rolling with everyone else. That could drag them down
  18. I got over mine and got back to marching after a lot of rehab and careful strengthening, but everyone is different
  19. Yes, of course every corps has issues and problems. The issue at least from a VP standpoint, is consistency of technique, and where the judge ends up being. Say you've got a set where the trumpets are running around doing whiplash drill, and they don't look great. But on the other side of the field, you've got the baritones going at a half-time 8 to 5, and they look fantastic. If the judge is in front of the trumpets, you'll get dinged, and it won't matter what the baritones are doing. And the VA judge is too far away to make the technique calls. So you miss out on that credit for that show. And I saw more technique breakdowns and inconstancies on their multi-cam than on Academy's. That could be the long coats for Academy, it might not be. But the judge won't give technique credit if 5 guys are matching if 10 aren't in their sample. Hopefully your staff can talk to the judging staff and point out areas where they're nailing the technique, to try and get that part sampled for credit And Troop has a lot of demand for sure, so they should be doing well on that part of the sheet. But you can't just have demand for demand's sake, it has to be achieved. And the achievement will probably get the rep numbers up as well. But it's a two-part caption. Other corps could be improving faster because of less demand, so they'll eventually top out unless they layer in more demand. A clean, sterile show will score well in the early season, but sputter out at the end, while a dirty, tough show has more potential to grow, but it's got to get clean to get the demand credit Was that helpful?
  20. Yeah, it worked for some of the shows. But going to it every year just gets stale. I expect the most innovative corps to keep innovating, and not just go to the same ending every year
  21. On the multi-cam, you can see lots of technique inconsistencies and breakdowns, and the drill isn't clean up top. The judges probably are stationed in front of areas where they saw those problems, hence the score. That help?