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  1. 2 weeks? Is your calendar different than everyone else’s?
  2. This saddens me. And angers me. We sit and lament the demise of corps and you want a corps to fail? We sit and lament the lack of competition at the top and you want a corps to fail? We sit and lament the lack of entertainment and you want a corps to fail? Really?
  3. less clinical, symphonic wind-ensemble-like perfection and more emotion. Raw, visceral stuff that causes you to react. Everything sounds so clinical and boring nowadays. To be fair, I sit there and marvel at the achievement, but I feel or remember nothing. I'll take goosebumps and a visceral reaction, passion and emotion, over perfection any day.
  4. That's his point, Gary, I can't take the gay component out of your comment and make the statement....your comment kinda assumes that gay men are really people who want to be women and that gay women are really people who want to be men...and that's not true...hopefully we've graduated from that at this point. Not trying to point fingers at you at all...just challenge the premise of your question.
  5. The questions about the showers come from an old fashioned, factually inaccurate and stereotypical assumption that gay people by their very nature are uncontrollable hedonists who can't control themselves when if they see another person of the same gender in anything less than a full suit of armor. Not true. Just because you're a dude and there's a gay dude in the locker room with you doesn't mean that person wants to jump your bones! And don't flatter yourself into thinking otherwise. The person's there to do a job just like you are. Don't assume they're checking out your junk just cause they're gay. Instead, assume that the person is as professional and serious as you are and will go about his/her business just like you would.
  6. from what I can tell, DCA itself runs three shows a year....Scranton, Prelims and Finals. I suppose everything else is left to the organizations/people that sponsor those shows. Cabs run shows in Wildwood and Clifton that have historically had non-DCA corps performing...numerous alumni corps in addition to the Cabs Alumni and <gasp> DCI corps )(Raiders, Jersey Surf, to name two). I could be mistaken, but I believe that several years ago when Bucs home show was earlier in the year, there would be some DCI corps performing. Can't paint DCA with such a broad brush, IMO.
  7. It's simple. Most shows today are antiseptic, clinical and boring. They're about perfection and 'achievement' generate very little visceral emotional response. That and they're all so similar to one another. Makes for an evening full of impressive achievement with very little emotional impact.
  8. True...and a bit ironic...since the audio clips at issue obscure your listening to the music being played in the first place. Being able to listen to and watch this Christmas show without insipid audio clips about Christmas is, to me, a good thing. A free Christmas present, actually. I mean, Charlie Brown is a blockhead, but he did get a nice tree!
  9. Not sure what purpose it serves to lament or speculate about the 'certain' exit of a DCA corps to either inactivity or another stage without any formal/official information coming from that organization itself. Especially now, in the fall, when all corps are busy recruiting for the coming season...this type of commentary can be very damaging. Who knows? Maybe the corps in question has plans to be around for as long as possible and we've just seriously hampered its ability to recruit - thereby making the rumor stated here more likely to become fact. Just because someone says something to you doesn't mean it's wise to post it here.