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  1. So reading through this can I haven't really seen a definite answer to the question that keeps coming to mind. Does DCI, DCA, or any of the corps have a Youth Protection Plan? And if the corps are not doing background checks then how do they get around it working with youth, especially in states that have enacted a version of Jessica's Law.?
  2. the DCI community just doesn't care for Florida, there were issues over Miami in 83. But if I recall Georgia Tech was well received in 84.
  3. You're right we usually didn't play Clowns at retreat, unless we had won the show. If I recall we played the opener usually at retreat that year.
  4. Sam I recall this the same year the 04 lost its transmission in Colorado. and out of fear of the bus dying before getting to the school destination the other buses were used to block an intersection so the 04 didn't have to stop and have the engine stall.
  5. It's BD 1984. The guard member is Lisa Heeren from the Atlanta area.
  6. There was a German PoW camp near Frankenmuth, Michigan in the city museum they have some info on the camp. One story they tell is that one of the PoW's brother lived in the Carolinas who had immigrated years before. The brother came to see him and government officials were willing to let the PoW go home with his brother. But the brother who had immigrated wouldn't do it because he believed it was unfair to the other PoWs. In 1943 after Italy surrendered to the Allies, Italian PoWs were used as work crews to build bases in the Pacific against the Japanese.
  7. When I was on active duty with the Air Force I had to do some research into the internment camps and POW camps during WW II. The Army History Office at Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA has a collection of documents relating to this area. The Army was responsible during WWII for operating the camps. In my research I was able to get copies of Italian PoW documents of interrogations of escaped and recaptured PoWs. It was fascinating to read these stories of the reasons they were escaping. Many did so to stay in the states. They were trying to make their way to relatives who had immigrated to the US.
  8. Where my wife went to high school the drill designer/marching instructor was Dave Gibbs. Anyone who was involved with drum corps in the band marched in SCV though.
  9. BD 1985 at DCI Canada, it started raining during our finals show. The crowd started to leave the stands for cover. Something about the event kind of torqued off the corps and it was like the whole corps took the performance to the next level. And what would have been just another show became one of our best shows that season.
  10. He was actually a good officer and took his job seriously. During Desert Shield/Storm he was actually instrumental in turning a desert base into a livable location.
  11. When I was in the AF I knew a MWR major who used to gauge his job performance with the motto, "A whiny airman is a happy airman." So for him as long as there was whining he knew things were going well, but the minute the whining stopped he had to fix a problem, because no whining meant they were participating in the MWR activities.
  12. In 85 BD we went through your 84 year. We had a bus breakdown outside Wendover, NV and spent several hours sitting by the roadside in the desert. Later that season we lost our food truck to a fire, thus having many cold cereal breakfasts, sandwich lunches, and fast food dinners. Thanks also for the 84 horn line compliment.