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  1. Art, Please read my post again. I am saying the PRICE is too high for a Drum Corps show.The fact that we are not playing really doesn't matter.The admission price is way too high for any Drum Corps show. If my friends & family happen to be in town ,we might attend the show. Just isn't worth a special trip to pay that kind of money for a show. I and my family have attended the Plymouth show since it started in 1996.We have always supported it . I did not play in the show until 2001.The price used to be reasonable. I didn't say anything about "weak links" . In your post you didn't seem to understand why the show doesn't sell out anymore. All I am saying is that I think it is the high admission price. NOT the quality of the Corps that play. Very sorry if i hurt anyones feelings. Mike D.
  2. Dale & Art, The Kilties were a huge hit at Plymouth too. The show was sold out back in the early days. Over the years as the price of the admission went up & up .The volume of the crowd has gone down . I think the price of the tickets is out of line. We used to all buy tickets for ourselves & family members . Now that we don't play the show anymore ,its just not worth the price of admission. Just my opinion ,but I don't know many people that pay to go to the Plymouth Show anymore. mike D.
  3. No More Frenchie for Me. sold it to a guy in LA. Sold my Mell. too .Retired from Corps after 47 years. Might see Old friends at a show this summer. All the Best, Mike D.
  4. Hi All you Drum Corps Nuts ! The Boston Regional BHOF Show is Sat. March 23 ,2013 .go to http://www.skekboston.com for details. All the Best, mike D.
  5. We had a good thing going for lots of years. I am very sad it ended.........

  6. Does anyone know what Corps will be at this years Plymouth Show next month ? Thanks,
  7. Hi All, It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of a great person & Drum Major. Jimmy McHenry lost his battle with cancer yesterday . Known to all as Mac ,He was the Drum Major of These fine Sr. Corps. New Bedford Whalers ,Conn Hurricanes ,RI Matadors ,Generations & The St. Kevin Emerald Knights .I know many ,many of you marched with Mac .Please say a prayer for him. Mike D.
  8. Hi All, The 2012 Boston regional is history ,but BFDTV has put lots of video up on YT. Check 'em out & enjoy some cool stuff. Mike D.
  9. Hi All, The St. Kevin Emerald Knights would like to thank everybody that attended the 3rd Annual Boston Regional Buglers hall of Fame Show.Thanks also to Anthony Convertito & the BHOF for allowing us to run the show in Boston. The show was once again a huge success .What a party , the place was rockin ! Hope to see some video from BFDTV too. Till Next Time, Mike D. http://www.skekboston.com
  10. Does anybody know if Andy Lisko is going to do the honors this year ? Mike D.
  11. Hi All , This is a great show for this time of the year. Come & shake off the winter cold with a hot time in Boston ! All the Best, Mike D.
  12. Hi All, Well its that time of year again & The St. Kevin Emerald Knights is proud to host the Boston Regional Buglers Hall of Fame Competition .This will be the third annual addition ,a big show . Competition in individual ,quartets ,ensamble ,& mini-corps.Plus exhibition by quite a few top Alumni Corps. Like I said, a BIG SHOW ! So come & show your stuff & enjoy some healthy competition. See old friends & have a great time. Make your plans NOW ! http://www.skekboston.com March 24, 2012 ,12-6 PM IBEW Hall 256 Freeport Street Boston, Ma. 02122 Get you application @ cynthia_veasey@yahoo.com pegsmondays@hotmail.com bhof2@optionline.net Only $10.00