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    1987 VK and SCV, 88 Madison, 92 VK and SCV, 99 SCV
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  1. So glad to know DCP hasn't lost it's appeal to those that love to nitpick things to death. While we're at it, I'd like to discuss the font that was used in their announcement. A bit "in your face" if you ask me. I mean....really....if you're gonna be askin' for bucks.....((rolling my eyes))
  2. Just absolutely one of the very best reviews and REVIEWERS out there. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! (from an old die-hard has-been reviewer)
  3. --sigh-- If they would just freakin' keep it in MADISON every year like I told them to, then we wouldn't be having this drama and discussion now would we? Ryan H. Turner, vote for me...KING OF DCI (and The Voice of Southern California)
  4. That was one of the most FUNNY things I've ever read.
  5. Thank you Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't have been any problems with the announcer if they "hired" the RIGHT GUY (cough cough). I'm just saying....sitting here....in southern California....not doing much....geezo Pete....loud Hawaiian shirts packed....ready to go....wherever... I'm just sayin'....
  6. You know mistakes happen. Let's not "sue" DCI over an error. How about a polite email to the webmaster or whatever and say, "We noticed that the Citations were missing....blah blah blah." Sheeeeeeesh.
  7. I'm not a DCI judge, but I am a judge, and I prefer GOOD over BAD. So I think that's the only bias you'll find out there. I know many of the DCI judges and I know they take their roles very seriously, and I don't think there's any logical reason why a judge would "care" about having a bias...it's just not important. It's JUST drum corps. Wait. Was that my outside voice?
  8. Well said Debra...and also the "50-60 brass" is a little bit misleading. I've seen BDB and SCVC with substantially smaller hornlines than that, and they've done well regardless. I don't think the prerequisite to being "good" is based on hornline numbers. Academie Musicale proved that wrong years ago.
  9. AMEN!!! And I can't wait for the ######## "they're cheating" comments that we get every year. So very hard to teach young pups.
  10. Yeah...he does provide GREAT service, even though I'm too poor to afford him this year. I will never forget what he provided for me and my family from 3 different states for the Rose Bowl Semi-Finals. AWESOME STUFF RON! You will always have my recommendation and reference from me, brother.
  11. Jeff...BRAVO MY FRIEND....great review...I like the play-by-play vibe of it. Great job!! Now get back to painting.
  12. Burns...no. Mo was 89. Skare....keep running buddy!!!