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  1. You are correct. Since the end of the season everyone has been working tirelessly so that all corps have in place uniform P&P in place to insure the health and safety of everyone in the activity. Thousands of dollars have been on attorney fees in the states where the corps are based as a result. Membership agreements are now 26 pages long and every word in them has been checked by legal counsel. Staff agreements have been reviewed and updated also. In 2019 there will be no confusion on what the expectations are of everyone involved in the activity are.
  2. Audition camps and callback camps have become a revenue source for corps at a time when little other money is coming in. Being in a corps these days is extremely expensive and potential members need to take all options into consideration before selecting a corps to audition with. After two camps most corps are honest with potential members about their status and not just trying to generate camp fees.
  3. If you want to earn a spot in your favorite corps you have to try and potential members are not told how many people are being called back in each section. After seeing the competition the auditionee learns want it is going to take to win a spot. Tryout for another corps and improve their skills or wait until next year.
  4. Call back camps include contracted and non contracted so total number at camp can be misleading. These are not college age kids but 17 and 18 olds trying to earn a spot. A significant number of contracted can't fulfill terms of the contract and dropout for various reasons in January, February and even March so you want to keep your pool of potential members as large as possible and for as long as possible. Spirit of Atlanta just posted a video of this weekends camp and I would estimate that they have 130 to 140 brass at camp a good number. If you want to go on tour with 88 brass you want 200 brass at your call back camp and then 125 at your next camp in Jan, Feb or March (most corps not holding monthly camps). Many corps directors can't wait for the cut list from some of the top corps. Recruitment is tough these days. If you don't have the members it is difficult for the design teams to put a show together.
  5. Costs were out of line with other DCA corps. Maybe costs were charged to C2 that should have been charged to The Cadets. Spreading costs between programs is a well known financial gimmick. It has been said that YEA has been flooding the market with used equipment for the last several months. George bought but he never sold creating the current serious situation. YEA is selling everything to raise cash. With no assets C2 will never return.
  6. YEA Board is trying to do the impossible with the Alumni Corps. To have a successful Alumni Corps it takes longer than the six or seven months available to them. Just asked those that have done it in the past. Anaheim Kingsmen Madison Scouts, 27th Lancers. SCV and Star took close to two years to organize. Sure it is going generate interest in the Cadets and hopefully increased donations but it takes a ton of work. You have to have people working 24/7 on the project and I don't yet see that coming from YEA. Many budgets from potential sponsors for 2019 are already finalized. Many potential marching members have to have their vacation dates for 2019 already in. The devil is in the details and YEA has supplied few to date. A poorly organized Alumni Corps could harm YEA rather than help them.
  7. The interim Board of Directors can't be considered in control until they are named officers of Pioneer Corporation. New Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. New board then names or hires CEO/Corps Director to run corporation. Is Roman's new position a paid position? How many of Roman's family members are still going to be paid employees of Pioneer Corporation? Whomever controls the money is really in control.
  8. First the Troopers need to recruit members. For Percussion auditions Nov 23 -Nov 25 and Dec 14-16 at Poteet High School, Mesquite TX. (You are required to provide your own housing, transportation and meals for these audition events) This is unheard of in the activity. Brass auditions are in Cheyenne which will be difficult for potential members to attend. Troopers recruitment area shrinks to a small area not known for supplying marching members. The untold story of the 2018 season was how noncompetitive the Troopers were. Fred deserved to be fired. New team has a tremendous task ahead of them.
  9. Where is Genesis getting the money to pay for all the new staff? This is the corps that almost didn;t get approved for world class due to their financials not being in order.
  10. Roman has a CDL. He has driven one of the buses every day on tour for years.
  11. Seattle is not the only destination available for recent OC members. If you have the talent why go to a corps that finished 27th when you can go to a corps that finished much higher? Some of the brass players may follow Brad Green to Pacific Crest while others may audition for all of the other corps. It costs the same to march Seattle Cascades as it does most other corps. You would be surprised on the number of members in corps in CA, West, Midwest, South and East that hail from the Pacific Northwest.
  12. Pioneer runs weekly bingo games at several locations other than that they will have no source of income unless the new board members bring large donations with them. This is a trend with some non profits these days. Would you pay $ 10,000- $25,000 to be on the Pioneer board? When would the new director start and what would be his duties be for 2019? To run an organization takes money and I don;t see where Pioneer will get the funds to reorganize and be back on the field in 2020.
  13. The 2019 tour is decided at Fall Meetings. Pioneer can't participate in those meetings so I don;t see how they can make any plans (hire staff and recruit members, etc) for 2019. If they don't have any show dates who is going to work for them or attend any camps? Would you pay camp fees? Would you donate or volunteer for this organization? All Pioneer can do now is an orderly liquidation of all assets. Roman awards himself, his wife and son severance packages that gives a majority of the sale proceeds to them. Roman is a DCI Hall of Fame Member so he gets free tickets to all shows for life. Retiring to a cabin in Northern Wisconsin is better than trying to run a drum corps and drive bus during the 2019 tour.
  14. Dan A took definitive action once he was made aware of the situation at Pioneer. All stakeholders (DCI Board, Executive Directors/Corps Directors of all corps) were advised what steps were taken to insure the health and safety of the Pioneer members and all corps members during the season. At the appropriate time the Pioneer saga will be told. Member health and safety was the number one issue during the 2018 season and by all accounts it improved tremendously throughout the activity. DCI or Dan A can;t come on a public forum to defend themselves. Let them do their job.
  15. Madison has put themselves in a difficult position. As the 16th seeded corps they will be on first or second at most shows and will probably have the least desirable of the DCI tours (CA Tour, Midwest Tour, East Coast/South Tour. Spirit jumped 18th to 13th but can Madison do it also in 2019? Madison has to start over so unlike Spirit they have a bigger hill to climb.