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  1. Problem with Cedarburg is that the stands face West so only the last couple of corps will appear after the sun goes down. Unless you want to be extra crispy going into Indianapolis I would pass. Shortened season means less exposer to the sun for fans. Plan on plenty of sunscreen. I plan to attend all five of the other Midwest Combine Shows.
  2. I totally agree the average age-out is financially ruined for a long time at the end of the season. Plus they are physically and mentally exhausted. For the few that win a medal it is a great accomplishment. For the majority it is just something to put on their resume. The one and done era is here. The average top corps is turning over 70% of their members each corps. The average member cost of $5,000 is what is driving the turnover. I have first hand knowledge that this is happening. A two or three year vet in a corps is becoming an endangered species in the activity.
  3. Blue Stars added also. All of the above were scheduled for The Cadets show on July 29th. Which is no longer listed.
  4. Schools closed in Hendricks County (Avon High School , Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools) closed until April 6th. Nine scheduled school days and ten spring break days. This will probably impact WGI since Avon Guard is the defending Scholastic World Champion. Avon also has an A guard. Winds group and percussion group.
  5. Best way to thank the directors is to make a donation to your favorite corps. Money talks.
  6. You can expect none stop solicitations for donations. How do they expect to pay for all of this staff?
  7. DCI tried this centralized purchasing a few years back for peanut butter, jelly and cereal. Fuel and field-ling paint were separate contracts. Main reason it didn;t work was because corps would not commit to any volumes before season started and they would not pay in advance. How corps manage expenses while on tour is widely different. Some pay with cash, some pay with script and many pay with credit cards. The person on tour that is managing finances is the key. A combination of all three methods is the best. You don;t want to have a lot of cash on hand for obvious reasons. Corps
  8. What is important about the 8th place finish is that they stayed a head of The Cadets. Corps get to pick what shows they want to go to in 2020 based off 2019 placement. Blue Stars get to pick ahead of The Cadets which could result in a better tour. for them.
  9. Who is going to buy a ticket to an exhibition? Who is going to sponsor an exhibition. This year we have had only three short panel shows ( Mesa, Sioux City, Casper) in each case an exception to the full panel rule was granted. Corps knew when they signed up for these shows that it would be a short panel show. Is the show sponsor required to announce in advance that a full panel will not be used? Exceptions to a rule are standard practice in most situations.
  10. It is expensive to put on a drum corps show. DCI gives the sponsor (Troopers) a fixed price.If a smaller panel is the difference in putting on a show or no show I would go with the smaller panel every time. Corps get paid only on show days.
  11. According to a post from Bob Jacobs you are correct. Three Saturday shows determine seeding for San Antonio.
  12. This show is free, no admission charge: Best deal on DCI tour.
  13. Hanging out at the Lisle Library. It is hot outside. Unless we get some rain to cool things off it is going to be brutal for the fans watching all the corps before intermission. Positive note they do sell beer and hard liquor at this show. After a few who cares about anything related to drum corps.