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  1. Thank You🙂 Your corps DID influence an abundance of creativity, change to this day people who one way or another set an example for many aspects of the activity. AS I said in another post, we do have to look back and respect the past for who and what it was because all great things evolved from it. Without it and those from BITD there would be nothing today.
  2. I've judged as well as taught under both times and I do believe there is much more accountability now. Gone is the mentality of " I call it as I see it and case closed " Now are all battles won? no of course not but criteria alone does , or at least is supposed to keep those who judge in line within those guidelines of criteria. Does it always work? naw , never does. And yes subjectivity is present now as it was then but hopefully most ( we hope) at least stay within criteria. Watching your old rile line was a treat for sure and for me was a good part of the reason I went from being in a hornline from a very young age to decades of being in the visual and guard part of the activity. That and having George Z, Bobby Hoffman, Pete Emmons and a few others as mentors.
  3. A penalty was nothing more than just another mistake. Avoidable? Yes just like any mistake. BUT thats was also the mindset of the day or times I think. AS I was as guilty of that thinking also back then. I would like to think over 50 years of DCI and before we learned alot, explored alot, grown alot and not forget that what comes before us contributes to who we are now..Now ,one can also say the good and bad of that...lol
  4. HMMM I remember thinking and even saying the same BITD BUT really thinking about that...how dumb was that. If a show was lost why would it have been a dropped rifle causing that and not a bad interval, a dropped stick, a soloist cracking etc etc or even a bad judge who didn't have to account for their decision .....I guess you get my point...lol
  5. Thank You, 100%...Including the sanctimonious who now being praised at other places who spent decades there and not to leave out some of the so called " whistle Blowers " who were all on board for years until they were insulted when no longer needed or wanted or outlived their usefulness to ...well you know the rest. Selective morality I think
  6. Different world for sure from back in the day..In all aspects.. The good and BAD of it
  7. Although I also hate how expensive the activity has become, it's not just the model. Winter programs with little travel compared to summer is very expensive, especially independent groups. Gone are the days of free or cheap rehearsal sites ( if you can get them ) church or community support ...etc etc
  8. Funny how one corps " BAD" season would be another's " HUGE" success....lol
  9. I taught a top 10 corps that all but 2 in the drum line were gay..so your point is? Did you feel the same if you saw Joe stud next to you with Suzie trumpet?nJust askin 😐
  10. The belief that the changing time wasn't happening, mis management , youths changing needs etc etc is a huge part of the contribution to the failure and and eventual dimise of many things , including many corps. Denial was for sure a factor for many. Even today in recent history some very good people should never have been in charge of some corps and led to either temporary success fast failure or eventual failure.
  11. Ever consider some who attend camps of the big guys do it for the experience and knowledge? It haapens often , with no expection . Now there have been corps who found some raw talent that way OR suggested another corps for the person BUT often they just want the experience. YES many even fly to a location to have that experience with a corps they admire.
  12. AND some worry about electronics, props or a sock color..lol..kidding aside, over the next decade or 2 we will see more and more things available to corps I believe. Who would have thought we would see what we already do only a few years ago. It's coming for sure, the good or bad of that. Depending who one chooses to talk to..lol
  13. SO TRUE!......... OC members themselves have seen this at many if not most of their shows..$$$$$$$$ will talk louder..It happened in WGI with Schol. A class. They finally learned their bread is buttered there. Of course members in A class ( which surpasses all other classes helps ALOT! Bottom line $$$$$$$$
  14. You are 100% right..This requires more than talk from people but physical support, butts in seats, a louder voice demanding what their wants and unique needs may be BUT it all starts with less talk and more support. $$$$$ ( for the good or bad of it ) always gets the attention
  15. The how and why has been a basis for a long time in discribing effect and the success or failure of it
  16. everything on the field adds or subtracts from a program..its the how and why. If a corps wants to present something expect it to affect the entire production good or bad...A comparison although small would be a flag color choice...does it add or subtract from the musical production, create a mood, set the stage....now of course one can also have an opinion on that I suppose. Again, it will change( or not ) when corps want it to change, and not before. that is the bottom line
  17. No the direction is where corps want to go. They decide . I also heard the cost argument over the years with the pit, multiple flag changes etc etc..again, bottom line....corps have made these decisions..the good or bad of that Opinion or fact...depends who one wants to talk to
  18. Putting aside everything that is basically opinion..who said " stuff = score = winning..in fact I said the opposite..Not all " stuff is done well and others done very well. Now you can have an opinion of course if you think something is done well or not. We might have a middle ground here with a non member producing aspects of a show BUT again the "WE" who decides all this is.....the corps.
  19. I have written shows as well as judged. Not all " stuff " equals success nor a guarantee of success. It all comes down to how well someone does something OR how well something is used and IF it adds or detracts from a program. If the "WE" is the judges then for sure they do not have the power to ban anything as what was seemed to be suggested in the WE statement. I was just questioning the WE, the rest is just opinion
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