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  1. Dear friend and devoted to his passion. RIP Louie
  2. Why? Scouts are male as well as female. Just because some of us are used to something doesn't mean they need to change or not. Personally, I donl't care what Scouts look like or play (although I have loved the " Iconic and legendary past" ) JUST DO IT WELL!. We can also say retire the Madison part..are their members from Madison? is Boston members actually from Boston. One can nitpick that also if one wanted to. I say corps should be anything THEY want to be JUST DO IT WELL as " Boston has "
  3. Just like every supermarket, big box store or even a successful small mom and pop business. I took a master class in a specific small business, and it taught exactly how to do that, even with a pathway in carpeting and showed in demonstration how people didn't stray from the pathway much. The pathway purposely set to bring the customer past everything you wanted them to see. Was quite interesting to see it in action, and how it worked without people realizing it.
  4. for sure difficult...just a different difficult..Anything done well can look easy to many. BUT far from it
  5. Agree with most of what you say till. ( highlighted ) I have designed both, taught both for a veryyyyyyy long time and to make sense and a purpose of something that may look random is so difficult and to literally go to every performer and plan every pathway, relation of one member to another, communication, etc etc etc. is way harder than looking at a line curve circle and clean in mass. Harder to get a unison looking clean? Maybe not harder or easier maybe just different from one another. Different doesn't have to mean better or not as good either. Different is just different. I think with some , when this scatter stuff first appeared it was a hot mess and many just said just get to the next set with little planning BUT that's not the same today, Not at all. JMO
  6. true but i didnt see limitations at all this year.. ( as you say a good designing but also to bring them up to a high quality not just for the sake of doing it )I loved it and was so impressed by so many of them
  7. Oh sorry , wasnt talking about LOS just that some arenas have had volunteers to fundraise. Of course, should be trained and in the past when I had members do this they had to be trained and were not left alone so that the customer had a competent person helping them. Sometimes they would also sell event t shirts etc etc.
  8. I have had winter programs work at arenas and their pay went to the org. and /or their dues. It was a way to fundraise for themselves and they actually always had a great time,,,so they said anyway,
  9. I have to shout out to ALL brass and percussion for outstanding growth in the movement area. I expect great movement skills from the guard but in the past as much as I was glad the rest of the corps attempted some movement and sculpting it was cringe worthy at times and often the same corps to corps. WOW, this year I was drawn to some pretty great musical and unique body skills from the brass and percussion. Congrats to you all , it was great, entertaining as well as skillfully done. Bravo !
  10. "IF random movement is done well and looks easy you can bet ALOT of time and effort was put into every step and pathway for every person and wasn't easy at all !
  11. I dont comment alot on personal likes or dislikes BUT this is one of the finest Cadet guards in a very very long time. And IMO some of the best writing they have had...... Congrats
  12. and thankfully brass lines have gotten so much better at it. Quite impressive today verses when body sculpting began..YIKES...lol
  13. Yes, like them or not.. and them and others merely open a door for others to explore and even surpass.
  14. this is a sign of a good designer. Before anyone says it, it doesn't mean not challenge them, explore, cheat or hide etc etc.
  15. One doesn't have to be a BD fan to recognize this...like change or not
  16. Designing is not about hiding, its about making your members shine. If you ever tried to design a show that wasnt lines arcs and boxes ( not that those are easy either )and did it well you would see how difficult it is from designing it to teaching it to performing it. Now with that said I do think a corps should be able to do what they choose, and I have seen a lot of variety and combination of movement and staging coupled with a variety of member responsibility Something also doesn't have to be one's taste to be done well or appreciated. I have given the old fashioned eye roll in past years to certain shows only to having some of them be my favorite at the end.
  17. whats so easy about being the best? and that includes all in to top 12
  18. True.....and Alot of that in the world lately...lol
  19. Agree....Remember the corps decide on the sheets and how they are judged...So in designing why wouldnt one design to the sheets. As far as money...ok BD and a few others get the NOT FAIR label for doing things right I guess.
  20. This might have been said before ( not going to read all the posts ) BUT....ever notice that when someone wants someone else to win " It was rigged " BUT when they win of course it wasn't rigged.....Seems there's alot more of that going around lately. There are even those who claim " RIGGED " even before the results are in....lol and then if someone ( or themselves actually win ) " then the conspiracy goes away 🙄
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