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  1. True.....and Alot of that in the world lately...lol
  2. Agree....Remember the corps decide on the sheets and how they are judged...So in designing why wouldnt one design to the sheets. As far as money...ok BD and a few others get the NOT FAIR label for doing things right I guess.
  3. This might have been said before ( not going to read all the posts ) BUT....ever notice that when someone wants someone else to win " It was rigged " BUT when they win of course it wasn't rigged.....Seems there's alot more of that going around lately. There are even those who claim " RIGGED " even before the results are in....lol and then if someone ( or themselves actually win ) " then the conspiracy goes away 🙄
  4. AGREE! I have also looked at some shows, music choice etc etc with an old fashioned eye roll and ended up being a fav of mine in the end. Those situations are the best for me.
  5. that depends who you talk to . I have said this before BUT I had gone to the symphony a while ago and the visuals to the fantastic music were crazy good. lighting, lazers dancers etc etc. When talking to people there as well as one of the musicians they siad it brought a whole new audience in.
  6. Actually you are partially right and sorry you had a judge like this BUT Uniforms ( If you decide theme uniforms are part of the production ) are part of the overall viewing. Color can also play into the vide a corps decides to create, mood , another. Bottom line " IF" a corps chooses to theme something and doesn't meet that threshold then it will play a part. You are right about judging the performance BUT today the choices made to a program also does and should mean something. If you present it it's judgeable
  7. Hard to believe, I know BUT this person STILL has alot of supporters in the activity. Why? Im not sure, but it's true. Forget for a second the horrible damage done to the people involved BUT the horiffic way he treated most over the decades, especially once you weren'lt of use and stopped kissing the ring.
  8. Well I can only tell you my experience, When teaching If I had an issue with a judge it was always addressed, not to overturn anything but to make know my issue with the way they thought, ALSO a person has to know to put their own ego aside and listen to whats being said and adjust if necessary. This today is way better than the early days of DCI and other systems. Does everyone have the same say? well there will always be the louder voices than others, thats life BUT I will say that even the smaller corps signed off in agreement on many issues over the years with the louder voices.
  9. Yes I do👍 I do agree , personal likes or dislikes should not be part of a judges approach to judging, Do I believe for the most part that is exactly what happens.Yes, I know for me when I approach any judging situation in the past I could care less who is on that field or go into viewing anyone with an expectation. Are there questionable people over the years and their alleged Bias?for sure. When looking at some of this which has been a question probably since the beginning of any judgeable activity one has to ask is the complaint due to not liking an outcome or believeing the outcome should be different or actual shady activity. That I'm sure is yet another debate that can be had. As far as MMs coming up with some kind of judging system. Well I have always been of the belief that marching members need to be just that, members, not teachers, directors judges etc etc, If they want any of those then move on to that BUT remember as far as judging or how a corps is judged and the weight of captions etc etc is decided by the corps and they have the ability to change something if the want. With all that said I do believe that if there are serious situations of either bias of shady activity coming out of the judging community OR a judge is not being held accountable for their decisions then the corps collectively need to step forward and investigate the situation and not ignore it. Accountability BITD was for judges was a hot mess with the old yet often used verbage of " I called it like I saw it " and that's where the conversation ended. I think being part of both I personally can say it's better now, as far as that anyway.
  10. AS stated for decades over and over from those part of the tic system...it was horrible and just as subjective. Now when a judge views a product what makes you think the things you mention here aren't being done .( just a question not a attack on your opinion ) A product works or it doesn't from a presentation stand point or a design standpoint or both. One can also agree or disagree with an outcome and thats the nature of competition and those viewing it .
  11. Yes for sure But even trasitions today to staging actually do have a rhyme and reason or at least should to be done well . Random as many think it is is more choreographed than many think
  12. This is very true, there are many who only look at the dots when teaching BUT tell members always go with form NOT dot. Dots only work when everyone is right on their dot exactly ....every time,
  13. lol..Well you don;t have to buy it BUT it's the way it is. How would have a paper with dots help a judge and how would they follow in real time and compare to a dot book, which not everyone uses . Not sure how you think that helps. But whatever..lol
  14. It's always been a question I have asked since the GH issue, Who knew what when AND just because one says they knew nothing I wonder about that. A narcissist doesn't hide their deeds well, especially for decades without people knowing. The narcissist doesnlt thin k they are ever in the wrong and entitled. I wouldnl't count anyone out. It's also the issue with some of those who kissed the ring for decades but when weren't useful to the narcissist, only then they exposed them ( I'm not talking about the victims ) There were many in or around these situations for a very loing time. It's like people who rightfully complain about certain politicians who clearly showed who they were all along. All the best
  15. even if they had the play book right in front of them how would they keep up...they couldnt..the point is they read what they see, as in real time, either it works visually or it doesn't
  16. Hmmm thats intersting...why ? just curious...thanks🙂
  17. Entitlement mentality -An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead rights, and that they are to be expected as a matter of course.
  18. Yet people like this still get alot of support not realizing it's all a CON! rooted in control
  19. Remember who were talking about..We can also see this practially daily by just turning on TV or some social media outlets..Any of those traits sound familiar? AND i don't just mean the person of this topic here Narcissistic personality disorder Looking down on others as inferior Monopolising conversations Impatient, angry, unhappy, depressed or has mood swings when criticized Easily disappointed when expected importance is not given Always craves for “the best” in everything Has a very fragile self-esteem Being overly boastful, exaggerating one’s own achievements Pretending to be superior to others Lack of empathy for others Attention seekers ( good or bad doesn't matter)
  20. it would take corps 2 , 3, 4 and maybe 5 all worth 99.5 and above.....and there's no such thing as perfect, even when a subcaption scores a so called perfect score..Its driven by the talent below them. And there's lots of talent in those top corps even 5-12
  21. could it be sounding like 2008?....either way it's still a win for BAC..Winning isn't always the number but the goals they set and their journey. Seems like winning to me.
  22. They made promises that were never kept, staff, members bus companies etc etc. Bad management and youre right they havent been the only ones
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