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  1. This is very true, there are many who only look at the dots when teaching BUT tell members always go with form NOT dot. Dots only work when everyone is right on their dot exactly ....every time,
  2. lol..Well you don;t have to buy it BUT it's the way it is. How would have a paper with dots help a judge and how would they follow in real time and compare to a dot book, which not everyone uses . Not sure how you think that helps. But whatever..lol
  3. It's always been a question I have asked since the GH issue, Who knew what when AND just because one says they knew nothing I wonder about that. A narcissist doesn't hide their deeds well, especially for decades without people knowing. The narcissist doesnlt thin k they are ever in the wrong and entitled. I wouldnl't count anyone out. It's also the issue with some of those who kissed the ring for decades but when weren't useful to the narcissist, only then they exposed them ( I'm not talking about the victims ) There were many in or around these situations for a very loing time. It's like people who rightfully complain about certain politicians who clearly showed who they were all along. All the best
  4. even if they had the play book right in front of them how would they keep up...they couldnt..the point is they read what they see, as in real time, either it works visually or it doesn't
  5. Hmmm thats intersting...why ? just curious...thanks🙂
  6. Entitlement mentality -An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead rights, and that they are to be expected as a matter of course.
  7. Yet people like this still get alot of support not realizing it's all a CON! rooted in control
  8. Remember who were talking about..We can also see this practially daily by just turning on TV or some social media outlets..Any of those traits sound familiar? AND i don't just mean the person of this topic here Narcissistic personality disorder Looking down on others as inferior Monopolising conversations Impatient, angry, unhappy, depressed or has mood swings when criticized Easily disappointed when expected importance is not given Always craves for “the best” in everything Has a very fragile self-esteem Being overly boastful, exaggerating one’s own achievements Pretending to be superior to others Lack of empathy for others Attention seekers ( good or bad doesn't matter)
  9. it would take corps 2 , 3, 4 and maybe 5 all worth 99.5 and above.....and there's no such thing as perfect, even when a subcaption scores a so called perfect score..Its driven by the talent below them. And there's lots of talent in those top corps even 5-12
  10. could it be sounding like 2008?....either way it's still a win for BAC..Winning isn't always the number but the goals they set and their journey. Seems like winning to me.
  11. They made promises that were never kept, staff, members bus companies etc etc. Bad management and youre right they havent been the only ones
  12. Pretty innovative drill for then WOW! Wonder the resistance then..lol
  13. I was at a 4th of july celebration and just fireworks at an unexpected time sent a huge crowd running. was crazy
  14. HMMM gun shots in a public arena? Probably not a good idea in todays world🤫
  15. No apology necessary, I do understand how horrific a person like this surfacing again and how it would stir up rightful anger.
  16. If you said you are a survivor and I missed it then Yes I am sorry ANYONE had to go through any of it at the hands of a monster. I know a few here that have been through this horrific situation. With that said, I believe feeding a person like this is what they want and giving them what they want only makes them relevant in their own twisterd mind. I do think you are right about what could be done or IF anything here or a letter would do anything.
  17. Do you think they care whats being said? Their past would suggest no. IMO if there are those who feel They should be banned then write to DCI, write the person, They are so self centered I wouldnt be surprised if they answered what their intentions are. I just hate to feed someone who thrives on it, especially now that they are free to slither about.
  18. People like this love the attention, feeding him doesnt do anyone any good...except in his own mind. It's always been like this with him, even before this all came out.
  19. This ( highlighted ) is so true and it's exactly what they want. Good talk or bad it doesn;t matter. Talking about them feeds the monster.
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