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  1. I was just curious. I have been following all the great festivities the Cadets and Alumni have been and will be having for the anniversary season. Mostly I have looked on the YEA site and the Holy Name Cadet Alumni site. It seems ( which is very cool ) many past Cadets are finding each other and re kindling old relationships. There have been some great stories of past years and also long lost friends finding each other. My question is, it seems , which I could be wrong, that most of the past supporters are from the 40s 50s 60s and 70s . I see a few from others years but seems like mostly the years I just mentioned. I'm sure I'm wrong but where are the past members of the 80s 90s 00s . I'm sure they are there in large numbers just with all the great things I have seen on the Alumni site , haven't seen much from those years. Well anyway Congratulations to all Cadet past and present on 75 memorable years.
  2. Only used Guard..or whatever as examples. wasn't speaking about anything other than a reason why people don't post reviews
  3. ugh...How do you know I'm not talking about her...lmao
  4. Are you kidding? People don't review or give thier opinions ( well some do but we won't go there ) because if it isn't all roses people can't take it. Now granted sometimes it does get way out of hand BUT I have seen posts in here ( More people in DCI )giving thier opinions and trying not to be rude and because it was your friend, old corps, etc etc it gets crazy. So......Everyone is wonderful, everyone plays well, everyones guard is the best and lets just let a few people with tape recorders decide whats good or bad on that night.
  5. 46 PAGES OF STRINGS...HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I have a better question. How is the visual progeam this year. Hopefully better. Guard? I know last year they had some KIDS teching that thought they were teachers because they marched in a WGI world guard BLAH BLAH
  6. Yeah.....From the Corona camp some of the guys have told me they are going over there to fill spots on weapon the last month of the season............. guess its the thing to do lately..........hope those boys clean up in that amount of time..................we all know.....................and love of course how long it takes to clean clean clean..........................good luck
  7. Didn't mean you were delusional , I meant that if you wanted to start something look with open eyes. Drum Corps, Winter Guard, etc etc is a business and has to be run ( unfortunately ) like a business Good Luck
  8. Don't be delusional.It's a trait in our activity. Although a Nobel cause when looking for money investing in kids isn't the tactic you want to use. Especially in these days and major corporations going under, I can tell you 1st had the same with non profits is happening. If you think you have a good cause there are 10 other causes down the block all worthy..I have to agree unfortunately with the other poster on this But hey good luck ya never know.
  9. A Joke...lol...................But my point was that with stuff she had to say to some of those dancers I wonder what she really thinks of even the best in our activity.
  10. News Flash Mia cuts all of WGI because she likes to see people go home who arent't good at what they do( Just in her opinion ) WOW !!!! WGI must be paying her pretty well to be nice. I guess she didnt make it as a dancer herself.............so bitter party of 1
  11. Now I remember The Company from that area....Would love to see them back....great and " Tasteful " shows
  12. OMG...Mothers hide your children....lol........JK Anyone know what class they are starting in?
  13. Always good to hear from the horses mouth
  14. Dont know how true it is but i hear ( Out of their camp ) that they may not come out either
  15. ooooooooooooooooo I'm sure they will find it alot different there. I'll leave it at that ....lol
  16. I think we drifted from the original subject about World Guards....from yet another A guard forming to making flags( although a helpful topic )....lol...well best of luck on both subjects................anyone else know of anyworld guards folding or returning?
  17. no debate needed,,, I will do that with friends who judged ..but thank you
  18. Amen Sista !!!! except Diamante..................."THEY DIDN'Y DO THEM WELL"
  20. Thought they improved,,, ( kids not show ) very much but have to agree S W was veryyyyyyyyyyyy weak this year
  21. Interesting: agree..SCV.......loved them...standard setting Alter Ego...liked the show.....could they possibibly toss anymore,,,,,,ughhhhhh your comment on Mia.........it's not a dance competition
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