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  1. good one....lol.......actually in the defence of that. With the height and speed of equipment and hitting turf, it literally can bounce several yards out of control
  2. Very few points to work with..its also the reason perfect scores are given out at championships. Never perfect just the highest score. If you look at a tenth as actually maybe a point, the perspective is different. Either way it's all due to numbers, or lack of them.
  3. One has to do that work and know it's what needs to be done to survive. as I said ....self inflicted wounds
  4. Any lost interest in ANY part of our activity isn't good and I think effects the whole BUT often they are self inflicted wounds or a lack of knowing what needs to be done to move............forward
  5. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well that sums it up DUDE!...lol.....all true๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Dont think so, people need to get back home to resume life on Sunday. DCI members, back to life etc etc. The cost alone for a tiny DCA crowd at LOS for the day would not even cover the lights to be on. If it were to even have 1/2 a chance to work it wouldhave to be put smack in the middle sometime to maybe get a few more people. The question would also be for the few who may attend from the DCI side how many would be lost from the DCA side to travel to Indy.
  7. Think so? DCA has lost alot of attendance over the past years and the alumni show attendance is not very well attended .. I do believe though Pre DCI was a combined convention ,VFW or legion championship conventions . Who knows maybe youre right a combination might at least show a little increase on both ends.
  8. I stopped going to Texas to teach after 2011 ( other than San Antonia, fly in and out...lol ) rehearsals are brutal and even with tinted windows and AC the sun I remember burning through the bus windows , had to hang shirts to block the heat...crazy...lol No thank you!
  9. Good Techs are worth their weight in gold. They are the ones who make the vision clear and attainable. One that knows how to reach a member, develop and add to the growth of a member is worth even more IMO
  10. They have to know you are on their side . That has to come through the muck. With that said it can also be subjective from the student. There for sure are some that if you look at them crooked take offense . There will always be those. Biggest job is for a staff person to 1st convince them you ARE on thir side and trying to make them better
  11. It usually happens with on line bullies. Usually the universe finds a way to take care of them.๐Ÿ˜ and your're right about not having the guts to say it to your face. I have often seen those warriors shrink away when confronted face to face , to not even defend their so called stance.
  12. seems alot of this going around lately. From what I have seen the vaxed are getting it also but not sick for very long. I'm sure for some it wasn't good. I guess depends on many factors.,.BUT contagious. I also know many people and just lately.๐Ÿ˜ท
  13. Actually there has been many symphonies doing exactly that. Light shows , big screen visuals, on stage visuals. When asked " WHY " by some the answer was to attract people who in the past would never consider it, to take it to another level, NOT to take away from the past but to offer an alternative to those who may want to " see " the experience and not just " Hear"... Not a judgement either way here, that's for the individual to decide for themselves.
  14. Boy is this a true statrement. I have found when I come across many who are bad ### on line shrink to the size of the mini trolls they are. Often even their own so called knowledge / experience on the activity scares them in person which is quite telling too. Your statement is so true and so common in the internet world. Years ago these individuals stayed in the shadows and knew most people didn't care what they had to say or didn't have much to offer. AS you said, the on line world brought these, often bullies out of dark but also as you said when in the light shrink back into their dark corner.
  15. Expectations are put on ourselves " Winning can be a jump in spots or merely making it on the field. 1st place is great but success and I believe winning is only judged by those who set the personal goals. LOL..I sound like a self help book for Drum Corps...lol But I do believe that reaching our goals as a focus and not the goals of others brings many rewards and even often those numbers or spots many strive for.
  16. I would say the highest score comes in 1st. Winning can be #1 spot or 12th spot or even 20th๐Ÿ˜
  17. I was so shocked and saddened when I got the call 2 days ago. Mickey was a great friend for decades, we had many XMAS dinners together with friends as a tradition BITD. So many memories. RIP Mickey, you will be missed
  18. lol...not sure .. Makes ya wonder huh? didn't see it on Sched. but maybe I missed it...๐Ÿค
  19. Well thats true, the same of many WC areas. Ive been in places that corn fields for miles can be seen around the field...lol..Often wondered...." WHY"
  20. this is the chicken or egg thing. . Put butts in seats, show support, put $$$$ behind it and there's no choice but to. take notice. There's just so much whining one can do then not support what one whines about. There has to be leverage to get all those things. AS far as time " IF the bigger corps were put on at 7am and the smaller at night you can rest assure people would get to the early show then use an excuse about getting home early. JMO Belive me I get it with all you said and youre right
  21. Youre right but I think there would be alot more consideration IF support was obvious. DCI wouldnt have a choice. There are shows on tour that people show up only to see the larger corps. Magically the stands fill up. This is not a recent problem. Even in the days of more local shows it wasn;t much better. WC lower corps have also sufferend to the lot, which I still don't get
  22. Exactly Ive said this for years." Put your money where your mouth is " People love to complain that OC has no voice yet dont show up to support. $$$$$ and BUTTS in seats will send a loud message and a louder voice. WGI learned this years ago with HS A class, The bread and butter and life line to all of WGI. It's always been sad to see on tour empty stands most times for kids who work just as hard often with alot less resources. Even lower WC corps fall victim to the lot, which I never understood.
  23. Thanks...and Yes I believe so.. Even back during the tic system, even though a so called tic was a mistake and one would think you couldn't achieve a so called perfect score one was still working with just so many numbers and of course even a tic was kinda subjective and was the tic seen was also part of it. Highest mean highest. and that's it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ which of course with such high levels of performance and achievement from many corps is still quite an achievement.
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