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  1. ....lol....How about drum and bugle corps.....when was the last time corps used bugles..lol
  2. Yes you are right. There's many rules to all of this and if a corps doesnt follow them they should be accountable..even go beyond the rule
  3. Well for me, safety should not be measured by less or more...thats my point anyway
  4. Clearly you are looking for a confrontation...Now with that said what the heck are you talking about 40 years ago. My involvement is right to the present and what does that have to do with this serious subject.
  5. and your point?...look if you are looking for a confrontation ( clearly ) ....move on . But I do appreciate the conversation, and the importance of safety on and off the field. I just won't decide which injury may be acceptable or not. Hurt is hurt and if it's a fall of any kind must be considered and taken seriously. ANY KIND. I think we can agree on that.
  6. and who belittling the subject. ..Youre right with 1 thing...this isn't debatable choosing not to engage , and I don't mean the subject is something quite different
  7. This , This and THIS, thanks for the absolute basic explanation. Sometimes I type to much thinking I'm getting somewhere...lol...Bad me...lol...thanks DUDE!...lol
  8. I had alot more typed but just deleted it all. Best way to say it is what Jeff ream said....all true
  9. no doubt at all...it has and there have been some serious falls
  10. I hear ya...truly. Not quite as complicated as it may seem
  11. Thanks for the break down and youre right. I just hate typing long responses ( although sometimes have to) and of course sometimes when some people ask a question they truly want an answer or opinion, then there are those who ask a question to fuel a debate which often goes nowhere. Weaklefthand I believe truly deserved an answer which maybe I didn't provide enough.......thanks
  12. same can be said ( and Has ) of high speed whiplash drill that many people love.
  13. Its actually easy to judge something traditional verses something modern. It comes down to HOW and WHY something was done and HOW WELL it was done. Just because someone has some fancy props does not mean they are used well We have seen that )and make sense to the program. For me ( and I have judged ) it's not an advantage nor a disadvantage.
  14. this is true of so many corps in the past BUT has nothing to do with props or no props, good design or bad, etc etc but everything to do with bad management. Even bad management with all good intentions is still bad management. Many corps over the decades fell to this. Even many with good people but bad management. If a corps can't make the members a priority or they can't take care of them, they don't have anything .
  15. One thing I can totally agree with you on is ( highlighted ) BUT when used properly ( like with anything) 👌.. With anything new or old. bad design, bad performances , etc etc, is just bad and of course good can also be darn good.
  16. Yes it is...remember even the best laid out plans, visuals, design, smoke and mirrors, just like music, staging, etc etc may be planned out by other than members, it is the members who make it work ( or not ) bring it to life ( or not ) connect to people on many different levels ( or not) and. Achieve their own personal and collective goals.
  17. Not at all...but that brings it back to a dead subject of the tic system and the subjectivity of that
  18. I woud agree that if a corps needs to continually explain there's a disconnect BUT for me a great program is one that a person can sit back and say....I have no freakin idea what that was about BUT #### was that good. This is a sign of great programing, wonderfulplaying and exciting viuals.
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