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  1. ....sigh. Just a reminder: DCI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS The Cadets - 9 (ALL "Hopkins-led" corps ^0^ ) Phantom Regiment - 0.5 Some just LOVE to hate 'em, but CLEARLY, no "transition period" is needed.
  2. It's inexcusable that DCI hasn't fixed this yet. <**> My mom's at the show and they DID hit 91. Big jump - new opening is a HUGE improvement to the show's flow. They really had the crowd tonight, apparently. It's pretty absurd to see so many of you rooting against ANY corps, but I'm stunned that so many forget just how many times the Cadets have surged at season's end...
  3. No corps adapts and changes better than the Cadets. There are some truly wonderful moments already on the field, but the show doesn't seem "complete" just yet. NEVER discount this corp's endgame! How many times have we seen them leap up 3-4 spots in the last 2 weeks of a season? And they're a HECK of lot closer to the top at this point... George is probably chuckling over this thread as we write... :)
  4. Truly AWESOME BAC opening score -- can't wait to see 'em this year! B)
  5. Not to mention they didn't have too much competition when they hit the score - Scouts are rebuilding a bit this season. This is an inane debate - you CANNOT compare head-to-head at different shows on different nights.
  6. It's pointless to gauge whether a show will "tank" after the first week. We ALL remember how COMPLETELY different BD's 2002 show was at the beginning of the season. Some corps routinely come out "hot" and plateau by late July. Historically, the Cadets usually start slow and gain momentum.
  7. So you are saying that if you think that you KNOW someone hates a corps, and they take the time to post their thoughts, expressing that dislike, it's ok to jibe back with a comment like "thanks for your poor insight". Two wrongs and all that? If you don't like what someone says, praise that which they jeered, don't jeer them. Makes you look a LOT better... just so you know. Point taken - but it's disquieting to see so many of you jumping to the defense of an tactless review, yet condemning the equally immature response. ALL shows have merit. I'd never openly trash ANY corps - which makes ME look better.
  8. Perhaps he wouldn't have spoken out had the review not been as classless and childish - SF2k4 HATES the Cadets - fine, we get it. Most people don't feel compelled to trash corps for shows they don't care for.
  9. One, blissful season when people started complaining AFTER they'd seen the shows -- too late.
  10. True, but the REST of the book has so many notes that they probably needed to give the brass a small break. ^0^
  11. LOL! I had the EXACT thought while reading this thread! Only the Devils can claim 1994 as a "banner year." Gold) 83-84-85 - Innovation - Emotion - Execution. Does anyone honestly wish to break these remarkable shows apart? The marching arts were forever changed during this period - I just can't pick only two. Silver) 92-93 - Countless corps have flogged Wind Symphony literature to the activity's detriment, but these two shows proved you could play "unfamiliar" music and still sell it. It's popular to think only of Star in 1993, but many forget that The Cadets had a WILDLY entertaining and demanding program - which connected with the audience. I loathe ties, but 1993 is the ONLY year one might have been justified. Bronze) 00-01 - Fun is the "next evolution" of drum corps?! It could be argued that the success of these programs pulled the activity back towards more "crowd pleasing" fare - corps realized that "cutting edge" and "fan favorite" are NOT mutually exclusive concepts. The Future? - With the success of 05, perhaps 05-06 will garner similar respect in the years to come. *Disclaimer - 1987 is my all-time favorite Cadet show - it deserves to stand alone. :)
  12. No offense, but it's just a little ridiculous to judge intonation based on a non-professional February camp recording. Granted, Gino's Cadet hornlines tend to be somewhat "aggressive," but that hasn't prevented them from winning two high brass trophies. B)
  13. Delete -- my bad, I meant to PM someone and hit the wrong button!
  14. It's absolutes like this that kill me - there's usually something in the corps lineup for everyone during a season. Even if I see content or music that I don't care for, I'm still in awe of the sheer execution levels corps attain.
  15. Sky Ryders relocated from Hutchinson, KS to Desoto, TX in 1990. Technically, they WERE a Texas corps when they made finals in 1991. Nearly every corps fields membership from Texas, which makes it perplexing that a successful "dynasty" hasn't flourished. If someone with Bill Cook resources ever starts a corps in DFW - WATCH OUT. :)
  16. Seriously? Pretty #### impressive if that pans out.
  17. Along these lines, I would also argue that judges DISLIKE narration overkill. Look at the results of corps that abuse it: 2004: Boston sinks to 9th at Finals after tying 5th place Phantom Regiment barely 2 weeks earlier 2005: Seattle ties for 17th, barely makes semis -- BD has their lowest placement in 12 years. Sure, Cadets and Crown had success, but neither had a constant barrage of talking over the show.
  18. More "unusual" than THE ZONE?! :spit:
  19. Some "Phans" HAVE been hostile on the boards all summer, but NOT Nikk. Regiment had a great season and entertained crowds, but I'll admit that "Rhapsody" didn't do much for me either. That being said, I still believe that 2006 was one of the strongest musical corps they've ever fielded.
  20. THANK YOU. Can we lay this "conspiracy" to rest? I'm sure George will have FAR better quotes to pounce on during the off-season.
  21. No excuse for this - PERIOD. Wasn't there a similar issue with the Colorguard judge in Quarters? I don't quite recall it being as blatant as this, but there were grumbles Thursday night! As far as "new" judges go for the future, could they be any worse when compared to THIS?? :sshh:
  22. A roller-coaster summer complete with a wonderful end-of-season surge - I'm so proud of what these kids accomplished this season!!!
  23. Great segment!! Lots of clips from quarters and good editing. Thank you CBS!!
  24. No joke! Can't wait to see how George addresses "parity" during the offseason. B) That being said, I still loved Crossmen each time I saw them - if that's a 14th place show, it speaks to the sheer quality of the competive field this season.
  25. Some "gasps" in OKC, but not too many - clapping when it was fixed. There was a TON of pre-show applause and cheers - not so much during the peformance. As for the show itself -- brass and percussion were PHENOMENAL! (Flame suit zipped, goggles attached, extinguisher primed ^0^ ) They play wonderfully, but I still think they're slightly overscored. Drill, though well executed, doesn't have the challege of the corps around them. I kept waiting for the PR-trademark-"WOW" moment - didn't see it. Musical book is a sheer joy to listen to. (FIRE WHEN READY )