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  1. 7 STEPS TO DRUM CORPS RESTART When it's time ... 1. Fold DCI and DCA, form one new national organization that represents everybody, senior and junior corps. 2. The mission statement is to facilitate the formation of as many new corps as possible. 3. Make electronics illegal, to make it cheaper and easier to start new corps. Reduce show length to 9 minutes with a mandatory concert number to make it easier for new corps to compete immediately 4. Divide the country into 8 regions. No corps competes outside their region until finals week. The goal is to get more corps on the field, by making it cheaper and easier for everyone to get into the game. 5. Reduce all corps appearance fees, and all corps membership dues -- focus on creating as many local/regional drum corps shows as possible, and incentives for local sponsors to hold a show. 6. Every show will have senior and junior corps competing, with full retreat at the end for the fans. 7. Start a circuit of judged winter concerts (on stage, no drill), so the competitive experience of the activity is not so focused only on the summer. The above is all possibly silly nonsense, and maybe even irrelevant given the state of the covid-19 crisis. But, if I had a vote, the activity would focus on growth, not art or music technology, for the next few years.
  2. THANK YOU! Thank you x 777 to all of you who have read The Renegade Journal. I started this project in Rome in October, simply to get myself in the habit of writing again, I didn't know how it would turn out, nor how many people would go on to read it. It had been an amazing and fun writer's journey reliving the Renegades experience through my notes, blog postings and other materials. When all is said and done, I am a little baffled at how much I have written over 31 chapters, and by how many have read the story ... and very grateful to have had the experiences and friends described in the book. There is no way to mention every person, corps and experience that made the Renegades a success and/or memorable, but I hope this "novel" now at least gives you a sense of what that wonderful Renegades journey was like. 7 https://therenegadejournal.home.blog
  3. Hello everyone, Happy Holidays. New Chapters are up! https://therenegadejournal.home.blog
  4. Thank you my friend. I'm having a blast writing this - some really fun memories, crazy times!!! 🙂 https://therenegadejournal.home.blog
  5. This is sad to read. But in my personal experience, trying to discuss the big changes that aew needed for the long term viability of DCA and its member corps gets met with indifference and/or great hostility from within DCA itself. The inherent problem with DCA is that it is, and has always been, a loosely-knit organization where every corps is out for themselves, self-interest rules the day. Not sure if it is still the same, but back in the day, the show sponsors had to negotiate a separate contract with every corps, just to hold a show. What kind of sense does that make? That's bass-ackwards. Ditto for allowing one corps to win every championship for decades without doing anything whatsoever to introduce parity into the organization., except tell the other corps to get better. As if that was going to solve the problem. That's why I left DCA, that's why so few are motivated to be part of DCA anymore. I once thought DCA was on its way to becoming a huge national organization that would encourage the participation of people of all-ages all over the country in music and pageantry, for lack of a better word. DCA is doomed, in my opinion.
  6. Ciao everyone. In 2002, I self-published a book about the San Francisco Renegades, and the crazy experiences we had long the way to becoming the first DCA Finalist from California. As the years went by, and I started to write other things, I always wanted to write a second edition of this book, but never got around to it. Until now. Instead of an e-book for the 2nd edition, I decided to publish it via a online blog. Instead of writing and publishing the entire thing at once, I add a chapter every day, or every other day, and the response has been amazing. In the last week, more people have read the first few chapters of the new "Renegade Journal" than ever bought the first edition book. There is nothing to buy on this page, I am simply writing it for myself, and for posterity, and out of passion for an amazing set of memories and experiences. So, if you are interested -- please check out and hopefully enjoy - https://therenegadejournal.home.blog 7
  7. Generally speaking -- an organization, a team, a person, a company, even a planet, for that matter ... are never static. They are either going up, or they are going down, almost nothing stays the same. Given the number of participants left standing, I don't think anyone can honestly state that DCA is growing in any way. From the outside perspective, it seems to be fighting for survival now. Maybe not financially (I have no idea), but in terms of relevance to the community. There are many reasons for this, many have nothing to do with drum corps, but DCA is off the radar for many people now, fans and members. This is nobody's fault, the answer is not to point fingers or lament about how things were in 1982. Society, the country, music, the activity -- everything is different than 1982. Everything is different than 2002, in fact. What worked before will not work now. But unless DCA takes serious, brave and intelligent steps soon, to change with the times and evolve as a competitive circuit, and to increase participation in the community on all levels ... dark days lie ahead.
  8. Hi everybody. Just checking into DCP after 500 years. lol I was surprised to see DCA finals and prelims moved to one day, but I remember all of the corps "trying" to perform in a big hurricane in DCA 2006, which was comical and crazy, giant wind gusts, and sheets of rain knocking people down, causing every single member of the guard to drop at once etc. Better safe than sorry. Best of luck to all for a great DCA 2019, weather notwithstanding. 7
  9. One unfortunate fact I might add about licensing rights -- there is not one drum corps in DCA, nor DCA itself, that would remain standing after a successful copyright infringement lawsuit against it. Legally, it's like running across a highway. - we'll be fine - or we won't. But 'won't' is really bad. So, one can ignore legal risk in licensing, and probably be OK - but if you're wrong, the stakes are very high - it is literally, the bankruptcy and/or existence of your corps on the line. This is not legal advice to anyone, I'm not trying to be the know it all lawyer in DCP, I do not represent DCA anymore. I just want people to understand -- yes, the legal burden on mini corps and other groups, may have seemed like a pain to deal with for one performance - but those rules came from federal law, not random DCA rules to hassle everybody. With respect - Lee
  10. I was involved in the clearance for DCA corps, drafted most of the paperwork you are probably using, and I currently help deal with this issue for a large corps. I am not speaking for anyone, nor about any specific situation. But the question is not whether or not DCA mini corps need license X, Y or Z. The question has always been - do you want to treat DCA as a professional entertainment industry activity? Or, legally speaking, is it the mom and pop wild west show (no offense). Because if a drum corps organization is going to be famous, going to get lots of publicity - the rights acquisition becomes mission critical, because the likelihood of getting sued for stealing someone copyright goes way up. You have no idea how much time and effort we have spent on dealing with this issue for the reality television show that comes out in October. This is the stage where teams of lawyers review everything before a show airs. Something like an arrangement license missing can kill a television show about a music group (literally). So, if DCA has plans for mainstream expansion, then DCA absolutely must have its act together legally, and I am sure they do. If DCA will remain small, unknown - then you might get away without having the rights for the music you play, because no one will care. I don't say that as sarcasm, it's the reality of the economic basis for copyright actions.
  11. I don't know what this even means, but it was funny, in a Monty Python kinda way. Let's blame hats! :)
  12. Attention Renegades. Renegades Reunion and Concert, December 4-6, 2015. We would like to know if you are IN or OUT? If we get to 100 evil Renegades IN, the reunion weekend is happening, and Renegades will be on stage in December. If we do not hit 100 IN, it was a cool theory, maybe some other year. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Vote here.
  13. It is my unauthorized, uncleared, unofficial vote that every Renegades alumni from every year, and anyone who wants to join the Renegades, flies to the Bay Area on December 4-6, and we hold a Renegades film recording session, a corps reunion, party, and a big [bleep] LMS concert on Sunday that is streamed live, with the Renegades performing last. An entire seasons worth of Renegades chaos in one weekend. Let’s do this.
  14. My blog posts about the lack of competition in DCA caused some controversy. Some anger. But many people, including Buccaneers, engaged me on the issue either through respectful and polite emails, or comments on my blog. This was awesome, even when people disagreed. Because I don’t have all the answers. The solution for DCA needs to be a group solve, and it needs to happen soon. Unfortunately, with all this great dialogue, came accusations that I am out to harm to the Buccaneers. I expected that my final thoughts on this topic, were in fact, the final thoughts on the topic. But, I’m not 100% comfortable leaving the anti-Buccaneer statements out there unanswered, allowing current Buccaneers fans and members, and the denizens of Drum Corps Planet, to think that I am trying to hurt the Buccaneers. Because, I'm not. So, I wrote a rebuttal.
  15. This is awesome. When Skyliners rehearse at WVW High School, it is literally right across the street from my cousin's house, where I spent most holidays as a kid. Twilight Zone!
  16. This is sad ... thoughts and prayers x 7, Kilties.
  17. Hello everyone. I’ve made my position crystal clear on the DCA competition problem, my blog has been officially designated a national security threat within DCA, and I probably won’t have anything further to add on this issue until the next DCA Ground Hog Day in September 2016. But I want everyone to know one thing. I didn’t speak up to hurt or antagonize anybody. I spoke up because if changes are not made soon, DCA will die. I have spoken to many people over the last year who are not just “not” interested in going to DCA anymore, but who are no longer interested in performing at DCA, even if the trip is free. I’m not talking about people who show up anyway and complain – I’m talking about the people who checked out of DCA, from all over the country. Look around you - it's not about who is there. It's about who is not there. There are many of us. I am speaking up in the hopes that change will come to the DCA judging system. If changes are made, DCA can become competitive and fun again, resulting in tremendous growth to all-age drum corps as DCA has in the years before and the very start of the Buccaneers competitive tirade. People will return if the playing field is level. Look, nobody did anything wrong to cause this problem. The DCA Board did nothing wrong. The DCA judges did nothing wrong. And the Reading Buccaneers did not do anything wrong. Point of fact, the Buccaneers created this existential problem in DCA because they did everything correct, doing whatever was needed to do to win in a flawed judging system that puts too much emphasis on demand, and ends up encouraging DCA corps to copy DCI to succeed, which will fail unless you can get a corps substantially comprised of 20-year olds. Which defeats the point of DCA. The solution here is not to make the Reading Buccaneers lose. The solution is to give other DCA corps a reasonable chance to win DCA. Whether they do or not, is on them. But under the current status, most DCA corps will never win DCA again. Not because I said so, based upon the historical record, and what is happening to the fan base and corps. I hope big changes are made to the DCA judging system, and I hope they are made soon. For the sake of DCA. 7 Lee Rudnicki
  18. In honor of this kooky thread title -- which I love -- after seven years, I have changed the official tagline of my Blog. Every time I log on DCA forums now, I chuckle. It's the coolest most unbelievable thing. Your activity is dying, many fans and corps have walked away, the historical record of Buccaneers winning the DCA Championship is unprecedented in modern competitive "anything", other than maybe hot-dog eating. Which by the way, became competitive again when they threw out the #1 Japanese guy for not signing a contract. Kinda ironic. But, here we are. All of that is going on in DCA right front of you -- and my blog is causing the downfall of Western civilization. That's awesome.
  19. How DCA fans, alumni and corps don't get outraged when Buccaneers win 10 of 11 years, and your fans continue to disappear, is beyond me. I guess it's all good, as long as nobody rocks the boat too much, or challenges Reading. Got courage? Or are we okay with watching DCA circle the drain? You can paint me as a troublemaker, again, but look at the historical record for the last decade in DCA. DCA for the last decade is a pale comparison of what DCA once was from a competition aspect, and that needs to be fixed, or DCA will die. It may take five years, it may take ten, but without change, DCA is coming to an end. Simple as that.
  20. I have a suggestion. When the Buccaneers win the 2016 DCA Championship, which they will - and 350 fewer fans and two fewer corps show up to DCA, I hereby propose that we simply cut and paste this thread. I'll do the same with my blog, that will save everyone a lot of time, which we can all spend watching competitive sports on television.
  21. 1. Reading Buccaneers 2. Somebody else 3. Somebody else 4. Somebody else 5. Somebody else 6. Somebody else 7. Somebody else 8. Somebody else 9. Somebody else 10. Somebody else
  22. I love the title of this post, the most genius and funny thing I have ever seen in rebuttal to a blog post, in the history of Drum Corps Planet. Bravo. Clap clap clap. However, to disagree with an objective assessment of the state of DCA based on the historical records is misguided. It's like the people who insist the Earth is flat. You are potentially dooming all-age drum corps through intentional ignorance of the facts and inaction. And for the record -- the solution for DCA is not to make the Reading Buccaneers lose. That would fail in misery. The solution for DCA is to give every other corps else an equal chance to win. And if the Buccaneers still win then - genius, they are better competitors. But right now, DCA is not competitive at all. Not because I said so, because the historical record says so. Once a year, everyone gets together and gives the Buccaneers big shiny trophies, tells them how great they are. And less people show up to watch it. Where is the competition? There is none. Why should anybody who loves to compete march in the Cabs, Renegades, Bushwackers, or any other corps who does not fit that model of success? Don't bother, if you ever want to win DCA - forget it. That goal is laughable, in fact, based on the last decade of your life. Form a soccer or softball team instead if you want to compete. You will not find it in DCA. Like I said, it's funny. But sad, at the same time. Like a mime.