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  1. Having been eligible to march from 2004-2013, and having marched 2009-2011(-ish), I definitely do not think the golden years were when I marched. Personally I think the late 80s-2004 were Drum Corps "golden age" as far as matching drill to music. Then again, I've always been a sentimental fellow. As a new-timer, I still cringe a bit when I hear thunderous goo and mic'd solos, though having withdrawn from the activity this year, I found them quite tolerable and sometimes even enjoyable.
  2. Anyone know what time semis starts tomorrow? mobile doesn't say.
  3. Can't believe my prime seat in the 400s hasn't been taken yet.
  4. Cascade's circles made me immediately think of/want Funyuns.
  5. Because the level of performance is different from corps to corps. The point is to put open and world class head to head on a level playing-field, regardless of that individual corps' ability to capitalize on and, say, make finals. It's happened before with Magic of Orlando being the last one to do it in 200(?).
  6. Two words about SCVC's show: CLASSIC Vanguard. (Except without the dissonance)
  7. LOVE legends' bassline. Does anyone know who did phantom's drill in 2010 and Blue Stars in 2012? Legends' opener drill reminds me of that. Is it the same person?
  8. Brutal show with some brutal drill to go along with it. VERY demanding and well-designed. Still has a lot of fuzz but if they retain vets and continue with this level of demand, I could see them drastically rising in the semifinals ranks.
  9. I predict a low ensemble vis. Score for Genesis simply because of the ambitious and exposed nature of their drill. It's a challenge, but not unentertaining.
  10. Agh Genesis. Love the new uniforms. Looking sharp! I know they ditched Academy's old Star Trek units awhile ago but I wonder where they went.
  11. Some exposed curvilinear a leading into the drum solo with arm movements that didn't quite translate.
  12. Some very um... suggestive sounds coming from those speakers right before the trombone solo.
  13. Only 5 contras but they seem to be pulling their weight against the 10 mellos, 20 trumpets and 12 baritones.