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  1. kcee

    2010 WGI Rule Proposals

    I think Logan can benefit from the number increase. They currently have have 30 members in their SW program but also have another 30 in their SO program and I am sure there are some people in their SO program that could of moved up if there was more room. Logan's colorguard during the marching season can march anywhere from 50-70 members. So it is possible for some world units. I don't know if they would want to increase to 40 but at least they have the option of adding on a few more people here and there. If you haven't check out their marching band on youtube you should, their colorguard is massive lol.
  2. kcee

    2010 Music

    The human abstract..david axelrod
  3. kcee

    Wold Scores

    Since no one posted these yet SW Logan 97.25 Carmel 95.55 Avon 94.65
  4. kcee

    Wold Scores

    Ohh I see thanks
  5. kcee

    Wold Scores

    Does anyone know who won fan fav for SW?
  6. kcee

    WGI Predictions?

    I am calling it like this for Finals Saturday 1. Logan 2. Carmel 3. Avon
  7. kcee

    WGI Predictions?

    Semi finals for SW update.Top ten Logan 96.55 Carmel 95.90 Avon 94.80 Flanagan 92.4 Arcadia 91.75 Marian 90.40 Trumbull 89.6 Warren Central 87.55 Choctawhatchee 87.3 Miamisburg 87.3 Looks like Logan is starting to pull from the pack.
  8. kcee

    WGI Predictions?

    Prelims for SW 1. Carmel 94.8 2. Logan 94.7 3. Avon 93.3 4. Flanagan 90.5 I'm too lazy to write the rest lol. So it seems for SW it's a battle for gold between Carmel and Logan.
  9. kcee

    WGI Predictions?

    Just caught Logans CCGC Championship performance on youtube and I LOVE the new ending with all the flips and how in the world did that guy do a walking handstand into the hat on the ground? It makes for a much more dramatic ending.
  10. kcee

    WGI Predictions?

    I think it's going to break down like this for SW 1. Logan 2. Carmel 3. Avon
  11. I know it's WAY early to be talking about regionals for next year but I just want to say those attending Union City's Power Regional are in for a treat next year... You will most likely will be performing in (or using the facilities) of James Logan's new $25 million Performing Arts Center which is slated to open during the 2009-2010 school year... http://www.nhsfoundation.com/images/Render...fArtsCenter.jpg The new peforming arts center will seat 600 and has everything from band and guard rehersal space to green rooms and dressing rooms and teaching spaces. And if you get hungry a $5 million dollar culinary arts center is being bulit next to the performing arts center and houses a public resturant on school campus. Edit//// Check out the virtual tour, it's pretty nice set up for a high school.... http://www.nhusd.k12.ca.us/node/272
  12. kcee

    Performer Dues

    Can you imgaine how more expensive it is for guards on the West Coast to have to fly out all the way to Ohio every year for WGI Championships. Geez just flying out there and staying at a hotel probably cost $600 alone and that's not including other trips for regionals, costumes, and other needs througout the season.
  13. kcee

    Just wondering..

    Well here is some info for Logans program...I know a little bit about the program since I had a lot of dance friends do colorguard. Logan used to have 3 feeder programs ( Alvarado, Barnard, and Chavez middle schools), however two of the middle schools have combined now and so Alvarado and Chavez middle schools feed to Logan now (they are both A class guards I believe). When I went to school they used to start training for colorguard in 7th grade but now they have actually started in elementary school, if you go to youtube and type in colorguard performance at logan you can see one of their elementary school guards, It's really cute and it's just simple flag work with some dance moves thrown in. I am not sure how many hours they practice a week since my friends were under Scott Chandler and not Mark but I know back then they had practice at night at least 3 times a week with all day practices on saturday and everyday at school they had a colorguard class. Also they pretty much spin year round, when winterguard is over they roll over into marching season, and march over 70 colorguard members and have won 8 WBA (Western Band Assoc.) Championships. If the guard or the band has a performance they will run a full rehersal the same day in the morning and have the kids practice 4-5 hours before they leave on the busses for their show. I also forgot to mention that Logan also has a SO guard, so I can guess you can consider that their JV guard
  14. kcee

    2008 Promotions - Some Stats

    I'm not saying they are promoting their ENTIRE SO guard to SW....only members who show that they are ready to perform at the SW level to fill in the spots left by graduating seniors.
  15. kcee

    2008 Promotions - Some Stats

    Yea staff is very important but the difference is Logan, Flanagan and Avon (top 3 of SW) are well established guards and have feeder programs, so it's not like they are struggling to find members with expereince to fill in the gaps everyear. Also Flanagan and Logan are both large high schools...Flanagan has over 3,000 students (used to be the largest h.s in Flordia) and Logan has over 4,000 students (largest h.s in Northern California)...so they have a large group to pull from so I can assume that also helps them remain competitive every year. Also don't forget that Logan has a large SO guard as well, so even though they might have a large turnover every year in SW all they have to do is promote some of their guard members from SO and problem solved