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  1. They aren’t actually playing that much recognizable Beatles material to begin with. If they were playing longer sections of each song it would likely be a different story.
  2. Some things just translate to the field better than others. All kidding aside though, math is not a theme I’m likely to enjoy in any kind of medium.
  3. You’re clearly not reading the responses either. You’re saying the show is about “this!” Yes, fine. We get that. They are saying that message was not communicated well in the interview they saw with the show coordinator.
  4. The corps wasn’t the problem, the show was just a stinker that couldn’t be shined. I’d wager the corps itself had an obscene amount of talent that wasn’t used
  5. Ehh, I’d say they’re playing “variations” on the Beatles than just flat-out playing it. If I can only recognize a few seconds of some of my favorite Beatles pieces, you’re barely playing it. Not to say they don’t sound great, I just wish we got more of the melodic content the Beatles actually wrote.
  6. That’s the beef I have with this show right now, though. They’re “kind of” playing accessible music. Only playing a couple measures of each Beatles song leaves me wanting a lot. But then I feel even less when listening to Vanguard, so 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. I love how all these threads escalate from "Yay, drum corps! I'm so excited!" to a "Who can be the biggest #### to everyone" contest. Yikes. Walk away from the hole you're digging instead of going deeper. It's better for all of us. #everybodychillthe####out
  8. Wow. How bout we all dial it back a notch? This is getting more unnecessarily heated than a presidential debate. As my college roommate would say, "Simmer. The ####. Down."
  9. From high school swans to sex dungeon swans. Quite the transformation
  10. Jamey Thompson does a great job of writing great drill that complements the music and is fun to watch, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this show
  11. I'd put a lot of that to the absence of JD. He always made sure the mellos were a dominant part of the sound, both in the way he wrote the show and the way he taught the hornline
  12. EXACTLY. People were counting them out practically all season, and they narrowly missed 4th place. Scorng a 95 ain't bad for 5th
  13. One more night and I believe they would have passed them. They were really going for it finals week