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  1. Not gonna wade through a million posts of probably the same bickering so excuse me if this has already been discussed. Two things: There wasn't really an explanation of anything in this post. Obviously speakers aren't going to project the sound uniformly throughout the audience but to excuse it on the basis that they're playing to the judges is a lot of ####. The judges aren't paying for that show, the other way around. The other points are moot as well, not going to go 1 by 1 since most people already have and I doubt the OP is reading all of this anyway. I've had a much better "elections explanation" in my physics class, without misnomers like "hater." Which leads to... "Hater" is possibly the most overused term today by people who want to feel more important than they really are. I don't like hearing a synthesizer when I go to a drum corps show. It mildly irritates me when I'm watching or listening to DCI where it is offensively used. The time I spend doing anything related to DCI is much less than 1% of my life. Even then I don't let it ruin a good time with my friends and an activity I still like. Hardly a "hater" and I'm positive most of the haters on here are very good people who take issue with certain aspects of one of the many things they are/were involved in. I'm assuming from the low post count it's either a puppet or a drive-by post so nothing to take too seriously.
  2. You don't have to sing and clap and jump around to "reach out to the crowd." I didn't say I hated the show, I didn't say I hated Crown, I'm saying that's the kind of "cheese" that people are referring to and that I didn't care for. You don't have to worry I did have a good time; I'm not going to drive 3 hours and spend all that money just to pout over a show I don't care for that much.
  3. I keep trying to get her to watch DCI with me but no dice. Also you might want to make it clear who your looney rant is aimed at. Or reread your post and realize you're telling people to get a girlfriend, stop being nerds, etc. as you're posting on a forum board for drum corps of all things with a Batman logo. As for Crown's show I don't care for the forced GET UP AND CLAP EVERYONE WE'RE HAVING FUN. Some people in the audience obviously dug it, I wasn't one of them.
  4. I don't know if I agree with the OP about making it mandatory but I'm sure lol'ing at the outraged responses. So frequently the term "babying" is thrown around because things aren't done the same way as they were when we knew less. The worst sunburn I've ever had in my life was from not wearing a shirt or putting on sunscreen at a drum corps rehearsal and I sure learned my lesson. I guess some people don't but hey you can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink.
  5. unless you post a link from the Cadets' site then take it out of context then it's not official.
  6. Don't start with me /b/ro I've been interwebbing for years. I think all of the accusations of trolling is because the OP's sig makes him look like a completely arrogant jackass so not many took the thread serious. Now on topic I guess drumline is cool in that it gets the simple folk to think hey that's kinda cool. It's not really accurate for most bands or any drum corps but that's alright. It is NOT good in that it makes it seem like you just jam out and do whatever you want without any repercussions or discipline or skill necessary. So I guess it has its moments.
  7. I might go to a show if it's close and isn't one of the greedy tour of whatever events.
  8. Oh no now where will I go to buy broken junk that wouldn't even sell at a garage sale?
  9. Just saw this thread now. Thank you to all of you who have served.