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  1. We plan to keep the e-store site up through the end of the year, btw.
  2. Anyone who is interested in the 1980's drum corps scene will remember the Sky Ryders from Hutchinson, KS (and later, Desoto, TX in the 90's). The alumni have created an e-store with a few things that have the old logos on them from three different eras. If you have the interest and the time please take a look: https://sky-ryders-gear.myshopify.com/ Cheers!
  3. They posted it on "back channels" and has spread from there. No new word yet, but will post when there is to let everyone know.
  4. This just in... "Blue Stars are in need of a housing site TONIGHT through tomorrow afternoon for the Biloxi, Mississippi show tomorrow. Anything east of Baton Rouge, Louisiana toward Biloxi within 2 hours." Contact Paul W Gentine (Tour Director) at (phone number withheld due to public post. But if you can help, please contact me via this thread/private message). Time is of the essence, here...Thanks, folks.
  5. I got tired of the virtual standing around, like witnesses to a car wreck. My wallet has spoken tonight. I found the Teal Sound fuel fund and made a donation. If you are so inclined... http://www.tealsound.org/Site/Home.html ... click on "support" (aptly named!), and find the fuel fund, or whatever other option you might prefer. Mark Johnstone Sky Ryders alum 1983-1988 current Blue Stars supporter/volunteer
  6. Aha!, the second production number by the Bluecoats in 2010 had an intro bit. I was wondering where the female singer sample came from, as it is not a part of the Imogen Heap tune as heard on her album. In fact, the singer doesn't really sound like Heap at all, though it could possibly be her, I suppose. Anyone know for sure?
  7. Just an update on how things are going. We have raised about $1875 so far and have about 11 days left to max out this campaign. We'd love to get to the $2000 mark (or more) and be able to put some smiles on a couple more Blue Star members' faces this summer. If you've read down this far in this thread, you know all the info you need to know about this project. All that is left is your $5, $10, or $25. C'mon, you can sacrifice ONE Starbucks trip, or ONE pizza night, can't you? That is all it takes. https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=donation&d=7d98b617b33f6ad46e1117d1417a7a47
  8. With a little over 2 weeks left in the campaign, we are trying to get the word out to anyone who might be interested in making any size donation to the scholarship fund. If you loved the Sky Ryders when they were fielding, marched in the corps, taught the corps, or even if you never heard of the Sky Ryders before but want to help support a Blue Star marching member, please consider a $5, $10, $25 donation to the cause. *ALL* money collected will be awarded to 2011 Blue Stars marching members who are awarded scholarships. Your donation will honor both the Sky Ryders legacy AND 2011 Blue Stars members. This is a super easy way for you to help out the cause...a nod to the old, and a tip to the new! Remember when it was your turn to scrape together funds to be able to march junior corps? Well, it is someone else's turn now. Are you going to help? Click/paste the donation link: https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=donation&d=7d98b617b33f6ad46e1117d1417a7a47 Thanks for reading. And lets get ready for summer!
  9. Although This campaign is called the 'Sky Ryder Alumni' scholarship fund, we would like to encourage anyone who was a fan or any part of the Sky Ryders back in the day to donate what little you might be able to afford to the cause. Even $5 will help! Every penny of this fund will go to a marching member (or members) of the Blue Stars in 2011 who needs a little help getting the last bit of their tour fees covered. The recipients will have had to be working actively toward their dues prior to being awarded anything. So you know the funds generated from this campaign will be greatly appreciated by the Blue Stars. Thanks for reading, and lets have some fantastic performances out there from every corps this summer.
  10. Sky Ryder Alumni Scholarship Campaign To help keep the spirit and memory of the Sky Ryders alive, several alumni came up with the idea of adopting an active drum and bugle corps and creating a Sky Ryder Alumni Scholarship Fund. The Blue Stars were selected, as this corps shares many of the same values as the Sky Ryders, and the Blue Stars has been very welcoming to several of our Alumni, providing them with a new drum corps family and home. Recipients will know that their scholarship comes directly from Alumni of the Sky Ryders, there will be acknowledgement of donations from the Sky Ryder Alumni on the Blue Stars web page, as well as acknowledgement in programs for shows hosted by the Blue Stars. Please help the members reach their goal of becoming a member of the Blue Stars and help the Sky Ryder name live on through your donations! The campaign continues until April 15, 2011. Shortly after, the scholarship money will be awarded to help Blue Star member(s) with the last bit of their tour fees for 2011. Donations to the Scholarship Fund are eligible for deductions as charitable contributions on your personal income taxes (if you itemize). Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions about the income tax treatment for your contribution. https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=donation&d=7d98b617b33f6ad46e1117d1417a7a47