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  1. RE: Troopers low percussion scores.... It isn't a judging conspiracy. The battery just isn't very good. And only two vets on the line to add to the issue.
  2. I agree. But how many times are you going to post this? Verbatum.
  3. Regarding Bk and Troopers.... Blue Knights have a very easy show this year, both musically and visually. To me, this explains the slow rise in score for them. They've peaked. Score will continue to rise, but probably not very steeply. Troopers have a harder show than BK, but Troop is still being outperformed by their own show. As skill with the show is gained and improvements to the show are made we should continue to see Troopers climb faster than BK. Just a few weeks ago BK was nearly 9 points ahead of Troop. 5 points of BK's 9 point lead have been chipped away. I'd say that is pretty
  4. scores showing BK with a 74.4 due to -8.60 points in penalty. Surely another typo....
  5. So? I'm not understanding why you think I should have read your post before I made my comment.
  6. Not everyone on DCP reads a whole thread before posting...
  7. Dear OP, As an alumni of The Blue Devils, you lost me at the bold text. You obviously know nothing about being a Blue Devil.
  8. As a couple people have mentioned, watching BD on your computer screen in no way does the show justice. It just isn't possible to see all the details and effects without being there live. I suggest the naysayers go to a show, sit up front and then make your assessment.
  9. I only marched Blue Devils. My high school MUSIC program (not just marching band) had about 50 kids. I learned about drum corps when I was a senior in high school. Watched one live show when I was 17, another live show when I was 18, and auditioned when I was 19. I was fortunate that I was already a good player, so I just practiced my butt of for the marching part and then I was good to go.