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  1. Colts Camp this weekend (March 5-7). If you are still interested in marching this summer with the Colts, come visit the website ( and submit an audition video. We are expanding our hornline this year to 72 and would like for you to be a part of the Colts Family. Hope to see you at camp.
  2. Yeah, I will still be working with MBI if time and funds permit me to do so.
  3. Yes, it is true that I resigned from my position as Co-Brass Caption Head with Spirit. I have had a wonderful experience with the Spirit family during the three years I was with the corps (2006, 2008, 2009). We went into some new directions that were exciting for the fans as well as the members. We gained some new fans along the way as well as re-establish the traditions of great performances over the summer months. I am so very proud of my time with the corps and wish nothing but the best to those members I am leaving behind. The staff that was in place this past year was strong and I will as
  4. The reason why this has become a problem, is multi faceted. 1. With the increase of members in each corps, fewer are auditioning at more local groups and moving on to "better" situations (Top 6 corps). Some corps are facing this problem, some aren't. Some have figured it out, some may be unrealistic. 2. Gasoline prices are not what they were last year and that can be a reason for the increase in some corps membership dues. If dues are a bit higher than in the past, that could detract from getting members interested in marching. "How much is this going to cost me." 3. The talent pool that is
  5. To me, it seems that the initial question of instruments has strayed from its original point. I believe the initial discussion was on what each line was playing on instrument wise as well as mouthpiece selection. Here is what I remember from the World Class Corps during the 2008 season: (Alphabetical Order only) Dynasty Lines: Blue Devils (2nd) Glassmen (11th) Pacific Crest (17th) Jupiter Lines: The Academy (18th) King Lines: Phantom Regiment (1st) Blue Stars (8th) Blue Knights (9th) Boston Crusaders (10th) Spirit (15th) Mandarins (19th) Pioneer (20th) Yamaha Lines: Cavaliers
  6. I should also add one final thing. The diaphragm is an involuntary muscle, meaning that you have absolutely no control of it other than if you halt the inhale or exhale voluntarily. What you experience when you breathe in is an expansion of the lungs in the chest and a semi inflation of the abdomen. That inflation is not that air is escaping into the abdomen from the lungs, but the lungs are now occupying more space inside the body by means of inhalation. This expansion means that the diaphragm now makes room for the lungs by flexing itself and pushing the intestines out of the way for this
  7. Here is my take on the "Lean Back". I am using my years of experience as a performer and teacher for my answer so take it for what it is worth. You may not agree with what I have to say and that is fine. These observations are of my own playing in what I had to struggle with and eventually overcome in order to get the results I have at my disposal now. "Does this help the trumpet player play higher notes? In some ways YES, in some ways NO." YES, because it does provide the body with another means of tension and compression to move the air through the horn as you play. Those that "Lean Back"
  8. The show is being moved because of construction of the stadium on the JSU campus which will continue into the summer. At least that is what I have been told.
  9. I was there in 1991 when three DCI Midwest corps were in the top 3 at finals (Star of Indiana, Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment). I was there in 1992 to see the Cavaliers win their first DCI Trophy. I was there in 1993 to see the Star of Indiana blaze a new trail of innovation and concept that has yet to be achieved in this day and age. To see this corps perform its last DCI Show in its existence as a DCI member corps. And still to this day is one of my favorite shows of all time. I was there in 1993 when the Phantom Regiment won its first regional of the season after a 4 year drought in Birmin
  10. Spirit isn't using KANSAS to recapture their past. We are using the vehicle of the music of KANSAS to return to doing shows that could potentially have more audience appeal than the productions of the recent past. Once again, those that have never heard the music of KANSAS will be quick to judge the validity of the decision. Someone with more relevance? I am sure that there are plenty of groups that could be "more" relevant to your ears but your input wasn't part of any design meetings or brainstorming sessions that were held in coming up with this years program. If you want to have a say in t
  11. One other thing, if you are not familiar with the music of KANSAS, then perhaps you should educate yourself in the music before making a blanket statement about the show idea. I was not a big fan of the group, but after the initial mention of using this music for a show, I quickly began to listen to more of it. The more I listened to, the more I enjoyed what I heard and the more excited I got about the potential of this show. I am sure that there is a great deal of thought that goes into any design of a show before an announcement is made. I don't think that any corps will realistically go int
  12. It is absolutely fascinating to see the varied responses posted here on this thread. Some of you have brought about your likes and dislikes for the show. Some have also posted on the likes and dislikes of the corps previous shows. Some have also brought about their own experiences with similar music but in a different corps to varied success (or failure). Many of you who are curious to know why the corps has chosen to use the music of Kansas is to delve into something that is on many peoples mind. Establishing (or re-establishing) the corps identity. Now will this mean that Spirit will become
  13. The K-90 Contra set screws for the bell are the same as what you would find on the King Sousaphone. If you can find some parts off of an old King Sousaphone, those will work. The DEG contras may be a bit harder, I do remember the threads being quite small as well as the screw itself. You may want to take the horn to a hardware store and see if you can fit something to it. Its worth a try. Better to pay .20 than 15.00 for a part.
  14. In no particular order: The Bridgemen The Freelancers Star of Indiana 27th Lancers Suncoast Sound Sky Ryders
  15. do you still have any KING french horns, or the DEG Sops? lemme know. Ray V.