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  1. I would suggest hiring a drum instructor. You're going to have a really hard time teaching these students the basics if you are barely learning the basics yourself. A tuba player doesn't really have much insight into a high school drumline I'm sorry to say. Try picking up Tom Aungsts new book, it has some good single and double beat exercises. But honestly you're not going to get these kids to hold a cadence if you can't even pick up the sticks with the correct technique. Give someone a few bucks an hour to come in once or twice a week...make sure you are there too, and take notes on what he i
  2. Vic Firth Posted "In the Lot" Video clips for Dartmouth and Chino Hills. CHECK EM OUT!!! I also would reccomend taking the extra step and downloading the "High Quality" Version. The medium quality version got the video and the audio off a little bit from time to time. And these kids are playing some serious notes so do yourself the favor and take the extra step to enjoy what you're watching.
  3. Percussion Scholastic World is the elite group of High School indoor percussion groups. WoW is all i can say about WGI this year. Super competitive but Dartmouth was def a deserving champion for the second year in a row. Check out the recap. They scored 3! count them 3! perfect 100's in categories. In GE (General Effect) They scored two 100's by Ed Argenziano and then two 99's from Matt Savage. Doesn't get any better then that.
  4. WOW! It certainly seems that way after the preliminary round! They're up 2.3 Points! And after watching the show for probably the 4th time this year, I've honestly seen them play better. If they rise up to the stage they could 4 point number 2 at finals. But anythings possible. Insane. Ed Argenziano gave them a 98 and a 99 in GE. They swept every caption. Unstoppable. Such a high level. Say what you want about the costumes the trees and matched grip, these kids can play, Tom knows what he's doing. WOW. Can't wait to see them in a few hours again.
  5. Alright guys! It's less then 1 weeks away! Let's hear em'! Who ya got is scholastic world? Centergrove? Viejo? Dartmouth goes B2B for the second time? Father Ryan? Chocta? Lets get em out there!!!!
  6. So I was able to catch Dartmouth Indoor Percussions show 2 weeks ago at their Regional. After being Awwed and "Wow"ed Twice in the same day. The Question arose in my head. Wow is this really a high school? and then I asked myself...can anyone around the country seriously compete with these guys this year? They are truly on another level. Dartmouth already has 3 PSW Gold medals, and has already gone back 2 back the first two years they even competed. Are they positioned to do it again? Which makes me ask myself and anyone else involved in the PSW class....Is Dartmouth the most dominant PSW uni