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  1. World Drum Corps Hall of Fame Distinguished Professional Achievement Inductee Acceptance Remarks: Steve Gadd - 2016 Chick Corea - 2018 (Following induction tribute video) John Ratzenberger - 2015
  2. I think the point is that each corps is responsible for the working order of their own tech equipment.
  3. Yes, Barnum is back on. Final details are being negotiated. Stay tuned.
  4. Park City Pride had a blast escorting Santa in the parade this year! I'd love to see the replay but I don't have Comcast or Verizon and I don't see where to go on PACTV's site to see the streaming video.
  5. I had the pleasure of speaking with him over the phone just before this video photo montage was created in honor of his induction into the Buglers Hall of Fame ... a very nice man!
  6. See new post on Dynasty G bugles for sale

  7. I'm looking for a used Dynasty 3 valve mellophone in G. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  8. I might have one - Sunrisers - '69 - '71 - "Ritual Fire Dance" It's either them or the Trumbull Cadets. ; - )
  9. Here are links to a couple more videos of the Sunriser Reunion Ensemble taken from a different vantage point - Sunriser Reunion Ensemble - Part 1 Sunriser Reunion Ensemble - Part2
  10. Wow, thanks for clarifying that one for me. I always suspected that "lots of notes" and loud playing were valued more than just superior musicality.
  11. The ND-ettes captured the World Open, US Open and Greater New York Circuit All-Girl titles in 1970. It seems as though that should at least warrant their inclusion in the list.
  12. Ray, Might that kid be one of the soprano players heard on this clip?