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  1. Lol!! I HIGHLY doubt you have anything to worry about! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Totally not a secret. I just didn't think it was appropriate. No harm done.
  3. I get it. Believe me...I do. Everyone has the right to anonymity.
  4. I totally agree with you. I'm sure he thought it would shock and bother me when he used my name since it's no where on my profile....but it just made me laugh. Some people can't help themselves. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Well Jeff Ream did that to me earlier today. Right, Jeff? I must've missed him asking my permission. Ha!! Doesn't really matter. I have nothing to hide.
  6. From the posts I've read of Lancer79...I hardly think I know that person. Though I was wracking my brain while reading those posts for some kind clue. But to no avail. Not saying I wouldn't know that person outside of DCP, perhaps. But I can't put a name with the posts. Has anyone?
  7. Point taken. I wasn't stating the topic at hand was a broken record (I'm not that shallow or cold hearted)...hearing the same ol', same ol' over and over is the broken record. Just an observation, not an insult. Relax. Like you said, "Anyway, nobody here thinks this chat room is more important than it really is". I couldn't agree more!!! Happy posting!
  8. I've been on DCP on and off since 2009, but only as a 'spectator'. Just reading. Like I said before, I'm well aware of this topic so I too have been reading all the posts, but never felt the need to get involved in the bickering and/or bashing of opinions. I assumed you were just saying I was GH since I'm new to posting and I've seen over and over that anytime someone posts anything that DOESN'T bash GH they are presumed to be him. Thanks........I will enjoy my brief times on DCP.
  9. Nope....try again. haha If George wanted to come on and view what everyone was saying, I'm sure he could do that on his own without taking the time to post. Not every 'new poster' is GH. Well, not me anyway. But, thanks!!
  10. Never said GH shouldn't be discussed if that is what people like to occupy their time talking about. To each his own. I'm well aware of the topic at hand, I'm just surprised that people (the same people) and still replaying this broken record for almost a year now. But like you said, it's off season so anything to talk about is better than nothing.
  11. Yep...that pretty much sums it up. I don't take all of these post serious. It's a forum made up of so many opinions for general discussion and it can be entertaining. I can throw out my general opinions and banter, but I'm not about to 'go deep' on social media. That's what the future court transcripts will do. DCP should be renamed GHP since he's getting more attention than the regular world of drum corps and their events lately. lol!
  12. I read some of what was left, but would've loved to read what was deemed unworthy of a social media free for all. With or without those deleted posts....it's all pretty crazy. But, then everyone has an opinion and I'm not about to tell anyone their opinion doesn't matter. I can only know what I know and keep it clean. That's what makes everyone's guessing games so much more fun to read.
  13. Yeah, I just HAD to get on here and see what everyone was talking about when they said people were throwing 'facts' around. Facts.........lol. It does make for some fun reading though.