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  1. I love the different sections' marching hype. The saxes and mellows with the elbow pop, the trumpets holding them overhead, the flags with the serious leg lift, etc. Some serious snap in there as well. Fun.
  2. They just think they are, and it shows.
  3. Show them bits from iconic shows throughout the history of the activity and let them decide what they like. Why some folks feel the need to "protect" them from older shows is beyond me. I guess I'm from an era where kids were treated with a bit more respect than that.
  5. "Did you pack enough underwear?" To me, what Surf did with that opening "narrative" was to totally spoof all those other silly pretentious "narratives" that must be necessary because, well, it wins. I don't know if it was their intention, but it made me laugh and then when I heard all the other voiceovers after that I couldn't help but think "Have fun with your band at the corps thing".
  7. No worries, the jetpack section can set up a temporary lighting stage lickity split.
  8. That's funny right there.Those of us who grew up with hoola hoops know how easy that trick is. Let's see them throw a 6 without bending their knees or running all over the place trying to catch it. A good rifle line puts a hoola hoop line to shame.
  9. Skip to 2:40 if you want just the face rip. 62 horns, NO AMPS. Check out the French horns on the last note. There were only 8.
  10. Nice band.Too bad you don't get a chance to compare that back to back with a bugle hornline. Then you would probably understand that was not getting your face ripped off. G bugles were made to rip your face off, and we played them that way. Band instruments were not, and they sound like crap if you do try to play them that way. That's why even with 80 horns they need amplifiers. 80 G horns with the same musical talent would make you pee your pants.
  11. That made my day. Still giggling...