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  1. With holiday shopping season in full swing, the Conquistadors would like to remind you that you can order your gifts online through and by using the link below, a portion of the sale will go to the corps! No additional steps for you and no fees. The Conquistadors Performing Arts Association, Inc. is a 501©3 non profit corporation registered in the State of New York
  2. The Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce it's 2015 program entitled "La Fiesta Popular." The corps will be performing arrangements of three pop music hits with a Latin style twist that is guaranteed to be entertaining. The corps will open with a rendition of the Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull hit "Dance Again" from the summer of 2012. The program will continue with the slightly mysterious dance club number "Burn" by Ellie Goulding. The song was made popular with the release of the 2014 film "Divergent" and the corps will take an interesting twist on the song that has to wait to
  3. I called Vic Firth and they pretty much said that all dealers can get me a brick. They just don't advertise them. Not real impressed with customer service after being hung up on twice by accident. Moving on, I went to guitar center and got enough pairs for open house to get us going and got a discount on them just for asking for one. They have always been really helpful at my local store and I think I will probably work with them exclusively.
  4. The Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce that we are holding an open house for our battery section on March 15th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. The event will be held at the Church of the Nazarene in Owego, NY and will run alongside our color guard camp. Membership is open to anyone over the age of 11 and people of all experience levels are encouraged to attend. The drumline will perform at local events throughout the summer to gain more community interest and to fundraise for future events. Anyone interested in more information can visit our website at
  5. After a very successful informational meeting last month, the Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps is set to begin monthly Spin Camps for interested colorguard members. The first camp will be on November 9th from 10:00 to 4:00. There are no membership or financial requirements to attend these events. More information including directions and a copy of the member handbook can be found on our newly updated website at Information about upcoming drumline events will be released soon.
  6. The Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps is preparing for the 2014 drum corps season. The first section to begin will be the color guard. An informational meeting for potential guard members will be held on October 25th at Owego Free Academy in Owego, NY; the corps' hometown. Beginning November 9th, the corps will host monthly spin camps that are open to all that are interested. In April 2014 the guard will officially begin work for the summer parade season as well as a competitive show to be performed at the Drum Corps Associates Individual and Ensemble competition in Rochester. In addition
  7. The Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps of Owego, NY is please to announce a joint effort with Wegmans Supermarkets to raffle off a $100 gift card to any of the grocery chain's many Northeast locations (cities listed below). Wegmans strives to make a difference in every community they serve. They are committed to improving the lives of their customers and employees in every way they can. Being part of community life and setting an example of leadership giving is central to their heritage and operating philosophy. Since 1916, Wegmans has given back to every neighborhood where they do business
  8. The Conquistadors All Age Drum & Bugle Corps has officially announced a new donation drive to assist us in purchasing a set of horns. The corps has partnered with to assist us in securing donations. The website rewards donators for their contributions by allowing them to pick free gifts. With the majority of the funding in place, we are still about $1,700 short. We are asking for help from our supporters to get us to our goal so we can write the check and pick up the bugles! Every little bit helps and donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated. All donors will rec
  9. The Conquistadors Performing Arts Association is currently looking for a drumline instructor for the upcoming spring/summer. We are developing a drum corps at this point and we are starting in the percussion section. We want to produce a drumline to march parades with our color guard and hopefully start to generate some funding and interest in the group. If all goes well, we will be making the trip to Annapolis to perform at I&E for DCA Championships. Please visit our website: for more information about us.
  10. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Johnson City, NY The Conquistadors Performing Arts Association of Johnson City, NY announced today the kickoff of a brand new fundraiser. The organization plans to field a mini corps for 2013 and is currently sponsoring an independent winterguard. We are in need of an equipment truck to be able to travel to guard shows and to hold our instruments for the corps. At this point we have negotiated the purchase of a truck to $4,000 and need support of the drum corps and local communities to be able to raise the funds to purchase it. The organization has partnered with GoFun
  11. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Conquistadors Winterguard of Johnson City, NY is pleased to announce its staff for the 2013 season. Brittany Eldridge - Caption Head Returning as Caption Head for the 4th straight season is Brittany Eldridge. Brittany began her instructional career in the fall of 2007 with the Owego-Apalachin Colorguard (Owego, NY) and is still teaching there. Brittany's past marching experience includes the Vestal High School Marching Band (Vestal, NY) in 2000 and 2001, Vestal Indoor Colorguard (Vestal, NY) in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, Owego-Apalachin Colorguard (Owego, NY) in
  12. Still looking for 1 instructor. Staff announcements soon!
  13. The Conquistadors Winterguard of Johnson City, NY is currently hiring staff for the 2013 season. The position also requires summer 2012 hours. Pay it dependent on experience. Please contact with resume to apply or for more information.
  14. Here is the link to our 2012 Recruitment Video!