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  1. Some color guards that would have been good for this rule: PR 2008 Bluecoats 2007 BD almost any year Crown 2007 Feel free to add any others...
  2. If I didn't live on the other side of the country, I would totally help! (Also, it also doesn't help (from my stand point) that I'm marching. But if I wasn't marching, and I could help, I would! Maybe next season. (I age-out this summer.)) Hope you guys get the help, and good luck this season!
  3. Yes, this is a good point. Last year on tour, we (the corps I marched with) stayed in a Lutheran school in Ohio, I think, and we couldn't not wear shirts while even being on the school grounds. Some of the members did complain a little at first, but there were no problems.
  4. Apparently, Wikipedia, doesn't have information on everything. That's a complete surpirse! But, sad to say, I can't go to the website right now because I'm at work and the site is blocked (just like most of the good websites, like games, etc. are blocked , except for DCP of course ), but I will took a look when I get home, for sure.
  5. Yea, it doesn't seem right that they made a comment on the former employee. As far as I know, all other companies/work places do NOT comment on a former employee in a position when they, the employer, is rehiring in that position.
  6. Yea, I couldn't tell what was worng untell you said something. The 'b' on the shirt does look like the 'v' in the corps logo/name in the upper left.
  7. Welcome! Sad to say, but I have never heard of the Warren Jr. Military Band. Were/Are they any good?
  8. Yea, there was a guy sitting near were I was who had shouted out the same thing. I was at the top, although I don't know if we're talking about the same guy... And then at Semis, when the Cadets were coming out onto the field, some of the other members of the corps I march with were shouting out "Hey Cadets, line my field!" and different variations of it.
  9. Hi! P.S>- I'm a fan of the Bluecoats.
  10. True, but from what I've seen before (both professional and some high schools), those 15 minutes can get kinda brutal. For example; look at Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots. He got hurt within like the first five minutes of their first game in the 2008-2009 season.
  11. Hey Moose! It's James. Any and all help to need from me to make this happen, I'll be around! Just let me know
  12. I saw this poll on Marching Band Planet, under the percussion section, but I don't remember ever seeing it here. So, which is your choice for 4 mallet playing, and why? P.S.- Stevens and Burton are really the only ones I know, so if theres others that alot of other people like, or if alot of people can think of any others, I'll add them to the poll.
  13. What I would suggest would be if the school admins. have any special rules (such as where member, staff, etc. can and can't go, what can can't be used, stuff like that), make sure you find out in advance, and then make sure the correct people with the drum corps know these rules. Just as a side story; last time the championships were in Boston in the '90s (I think '94, but I was like 5 then and don't really remember the exact year), the Cadets stayed at my middle school as their permanent housing site, the after they left, the field they used, let's just say, was not as good as when they arrived. The grass was worn out and stuff like that. Again I was 5 then and don't really know what the field was like before and after they were there, but that's just what my mother has told me. Not saying anything bad about members of the Cadets or anything, that could have happened to any corps, but basically make sure the drum corps staying at your school knows the rules they should know while staying there. The only other thing I would say you can do (which basically already has been said) is if they (support staff, etc.) do need help with anything, just 1.)ask around every so often, and 2.) make sure they know they can ask you for any help if and when it's needed.