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  1. While I actually really like the new look, I can see the Troopers falling into the same scenario that Madison is in - they go for it really hard for a year or two, find mixed success but ultimately fall backwards, and then in a year or two, we'll see a "return to the tradition that made us who we are" or some slight variation on that.
  2. I'm leaving teaching at the end of this year, so no resume padding necessary.
  3. What ever happened to the disney award? I don't remember what it was other than I think it was fan favorite something, all I remember was Phantom winning it in 2008 and Will Pitts essentially being brought back to life to accept the award when they won it.
  4. As a follow up to my last comment, I understand putting together a band concert and programming a drum corps show are two magnificently different challenges. There are far more things to take into consideration for an elite corps. I will definitely still cheer for Phantom loud and hard this summer, and I'm sure their show will be great.
  5. I appreciate the response, for sure. And you're right about my "white guys" comment, it was meant in a sarcastic manner. I've worked really hard this year to first program music that was of high quality, but also to keep in mind the diversity of composers and compositions I've selected this year. This is the program that I had for the high school I teach at this past year (and of course we had to do a Bernstein theme for his 100th birthday as well): Indoor Marching Concert Concert Band English Folk Fantasy, by Anne McGinty Slavonic Dance No. 8, by Antonin Dv
  6. That's a good thing to keep in mind, I'll be sure to do that. Thanks
  7. I hope it's allowed to post links, but I wrote an article about this for the project I've been collaborating on with some colleagues: Inclusive Programming: My Wake-up Call
  8. I think it would be cool to get the perspective of a musical expert that's not necessarily fluent in the marching arts to voice their opinions on it. Whenever we talk about the really "band-o" shows, 2011 Crown is usually involved in the conversation, however they are also the show that I gravitate towards to introduce the concept of drum corps to a potential new fan for the activity. As much as I absolutely adore shows like Babylon, Tilt, and XtraordinarY, those are usually because I already have knowledge of what to look for in a show.
  9. I think it would be cool to see a section of true improv - let the musicians get creative so it's not the exact same every night. One of the big criticisms of drum corps that I've heard from my non-marching-oriented musician friends is that it's not true musicality because it's so planned and directed, down to the slightest detail. I know it'd be taking a risk, but if we truly want to show the musicianship of the marching members, maybe that's a way to do it?
  10. Me, not checking on the thread I started, and coming back to it a few days later -
  11. Let's just design a show called ascending the score, where the first movement has all 80 brass on contras, second on euph, third on mellos, and 4th on trumpets.
  12. That second one would definitely create a new dynamic for show design, and I think it's a good step without going all the way to "fan favorite." I absolutely agree, it'd be interesting having an assessment from an outside individual or group of individuals.
  13. I'm curious what changes people would like to see happen to the Drum Corps activity, however I have a caveat - only comment with things that you would like to see changed that's not going back to older traditions. We all know the ideas of going back to standard uniforms, no mics, G bugles, no voiceovers/electronics, etc. What would you like to see in the activity that's never been done before? And playing Abb or Fx bugles doesn't count.