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  1. Happy to be able to stream this today. Wishing all a great show today. The weather is perfect here in Iowa.
  2. I liked the marching xylophones . Cant remember who now. Sat there like what just happened. There were 5 or 6.
  3. Wow Mandarins! Great Drum Corps in June. The prop works!
  4. Looking forward to seeing SCV among others for the first time on Flo tonight. Excited.
  5. Streaming through the Roku. Looks and sounds good on the maggies.
  6. The thing about going out west. Is the experience competing against bd early. Didn't Cadets and Crown win the title when they went west?
  7. I think we all knew this was coming. They will lose the experience of competing against BD early.
  8. can you call me I am in the hospital Tom 1-319-743-5529
  9. I have 1 ticket up top for Saturday.
  10. still have 3 tickets for finals. Fighting some cancer and wont make it this year.
  11. Any White Castles downtown? So guess I don't have to worry about the backpack. All these responses have been very helpful. Thanks!
  12. I would like to bring in a backpack. Are ipads ok to bring in?
  13. Going to my first finals this year. Any info on lucas oil stadium. What can you take in there. How much is the food. Can you go in and out to watch corps warm up ect. thanks
  14. I am kinda speechless? Wow who would have thought.
  15. I think The Academy has their first chance at finals. I am a crown fan big time. Bd is going to be hard to beat this year I believe. Bloos gig in the sky is one of the best things I have ever seen or heard. Can Crown or Bloo beat Bd I highly doubt it. But we shall see. I think Crowns ending sounding like Star 93 more so. Could take them to the top. I'm sure Matt will take them there but is it enough? I know it has to be Crown owned and different than 93 Star but does it really? Matt was there he will know what to do. Great year for Drum Corps! This coming from a old Kingsmen lol.
  16. Bd is going to be hard to beat this year. This coming from a Crown Fan.