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  1. Took this from the DCI page... Who are some people in drum corps who personally influenced you or made a large impact on your life?
  2. It's amazing how long this crew has been together. Can't wait to see what they do this year!
  3. What a great show for the fans! It's awesome to see the corps so prepared this early in the season. Just a quick take on what I saw at the show. Bush -- Great to see them still out there. I do wish they would go A class with their size but I guess with all that pride it's hard to do. Show seems above their heads but in true Bush fashion they will be fighting for a finals spot in the end. Empire -- Entertaining music book and DM for sure but them seem to have only 2 volumes, back field and LOUD! I wish their visual book matched the music book though. Transitions seem very forced and unorganized. I do believe if they can fix their visual issues and shape the music, this show will grow on me by the end of the season. By The way, their Cg uniforms are hot :-) Bucs -- Best show that I have seen from them hands down! The staff change is working for them. Show is fresh, fan friendly and very entertaining. Brass and percussion books are off the hook. Color guard is going to be awesome by the end of the season and the drill is the best that I have seen in DCA. If they can clean this show, this will top any other show they have produced! MBI -- I can't wait to see this show at the end of the year. Fun show to watch with a lot of great execution for June 30. Brass and percussion seem very strong, Color Guard seems a little smaller then last year but can be very supportive to the concept once it's developed. They do have a few CG transition to smooth out but I am sure that will be done by September. Hurcs -- Very entertaining show, really like the music. Brass seems more prepared then I remember. Percussion seems a little over balanced but if they fill the brass holes we might being hearing a whole different program. Love the Color Guard! They are so good. I am concerned that the brass and percussion staging seem to be second fiddle to the CG. (could be the holes) Looking forward to seeing this when they are full! Cabs -- This one was hard for me. I really dig what they are doing but you have read through dirt. I think they are trying to be like Reading (from a demand stand point) but they are very sloppy right now. Don't get me wrong I love the show for what it could be. In my opinion they are staged very well but the corps needs to get better at what they are doing. If they can get their members to understand the show from a cleanliness and emotional stand point they are going to be very very good! I want to say thank you to all alumni corps. It is awesome and a honor to watch you all! Here is my ranking of the night: Bucs MBI Cabs Hurcs Empire Bush
  4. I'll give this a shot. Gonna mix up the middle a bit based off what I have been reading. 1. A Corps in blue 2. A Corps in blue 3. C2 4. Empire 5. Atlanta CV 6. Scouts 7. Fusion 8. Cabs 9. Renegades 10. Hurricanes 11. Tampa Bay 12. Kilties 13. Bush
  5. How was Fusion? Do they have good numbers? How was Reading's show? Are they real? With all the staff changes, wondering how they are going to be?
  6. Reading in 2003 I believe had less then 90... Cabs in 07 was small... In the last 10 years, how many corps marched over 120?
  7. Anyone outside the organization hear how things are going? With all the staff turnover will they be as strong as the past 7 years? We always see videos from them but not this year, I hope they are doing well.
  8. What Corps is doing what? I have seen a couple out there but not everyone's. What do you all think about the shows that have been announced?
  9. This post was great! Thank you for being honest and not sounding like a know it all! HURCS organization should be very disappointed in the way the CG acted on the field during retreat. To be honest I was walking outside the stadium and all I could here was their staff yelling and cursing at the top of their lungs how they got screwed. What is sad is, the HURCS CG is great (finals night the weapons were rough) and all I'll remember how they acted on retreat. It's to bad they were taught that way. What was great about retreat, were the Reading Buccaneers! They even win when they come in second. Not taking anything away from MBI (and I did think they should have won)but I was supper impressed on how the Bucs reacted on finals night! Congrats to the entire Buccaneer family, you are in a league of your own! Can't wait for 2012.
  10. I know it was a month ago, and a lot has happen since then but Reading did beat MBI by a little more then a point and half. I am sure that both corps have gotten better and are working hard! It will be interesting to see how MBI does going on after Reading and how the judges will react. History says Reading is always good Prelims night but not great. Can MBI make a push Saturday night? Now Finals night, Reading has owned. I think Empire is the dark horse. I don't know if they can beat Reading or MBI but if there is a corps that knows how to perform finals weekend, it's Empire. Hurcs have a wonderful Guard and a very good Percussion section, will their Brass hold them back. I don't think so. I think their music book will help Hurcs stay in 4th. Cabs, the little engines that could. Not sure why, but they had another slow start to the season but gaining lots of momentum. I'm afraid the weekend off will cool them down. Since I have seen the top 5 here are my prediction on them, I don't want to guess on what I have not seen: Prelims Bucs - 98.1 MBI - 97.4 Empire - 96.1 Hurcs - 95.3 Cabs - 93.9 Finals Bucs - 98.9 MBI - 98.1 Empire - 97.2 Hurcs - 95.9 Cabs - 95.2 High Visual - Bucs High Guard - Hurcs High Brass - MBI High Perc - Bucs (I think this will come down to the front ensembles) High effect - Bucs Safe travels to all!
  11. Toms River, NJ 1. Buccaneers 92.1 2. Caballeros 87.55 3. Fusion Core 83.0 (I think their score would be higher if they were in the open class) 4. Carolina Gold 81.95 5. Bushwackers 73.95 6. Sunrisers 69.25 Cicero, NY 1. Statesmen 89.35 2. Hurricanes 87.85 3. White Sabers 66.95 4. Excelsior 62.40
  12. At each show there has been a different Music Ensemble Judge. So no mater if the Corps improves or not the "new judge" does not have any reference to what the Corps did at their past shows. Plus I'm glad to see that the judge or judges are not looking at recaps.
  13. I don't care about a score, placement or Kelly's :-) but any thoughts on what is going to happen this weekend in Wildwood? Has anyone seen any of the competing corps? Are all the corps full and ready?