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  1. Music City was featured on the local news in Nashville recently. Check it out.
  2. Check out Music City playing Nimrod chorale at the January camp: And here's a photo gallery from the weekend: There are still a few openings in the horn line and color guard. For more info please submit an application on the corps' website at
  3. Check out Music City's new website at
  4. Here's a link to a slide show video from Music City's May camp. The corps performs Billy the Kid from their 2014 show Go West. Music City plans to field a 133-member corps this year but still has a tuba opening. If interested please submit an application at for more information.
  5. Check out this audio recording from Music City's recent April camp: The corps has a tuba and color guard opening. Anyone interested may submit an application at You may also send an email to If you know anyone who might be interested please let them know.
  6. Here is a link to a highlights video from Music City's February camp: Music City is still accepting applications. The corps especially seeks additional tubas. Interested prospects may submit an application at
  7. Music City is still accepting applications for the horn line and color guard. There are no openings in the percussion section currently. We invite any interested persons to submit an online application by clicking HERE. The corps' next camp is January 17-19. Pictured below are camp participants at Music City's December camp. To view a photo gallery from the camp please click HERE.
  8. In regards to some of the questions asked I'll offer the following thoughts and opinions. ALL corps (not just open class) need performance opportunities and as much compensation for performing as possible. In general I think it should be the goal of DCI to sell as many tickets at as many shows as possible so that the maximum amount of revenues can be shared with the individual corps as fairly as possible. Scheduling is an area that I think could use a fresh approach. For example it may or may not be the best plan to have 20-something of the nation's best corps in San Antonio on the same day. Scheduling possibilities leading up to and following such a day is limited. Corps not part of that scheduling (Music City for example) have no performance opportunities for several days, so are not able to help sell tickets to drum corps shows during that time period. Music City had to travel from Nashville to Oklahoma (too far to travel in one day) just to keep the performance drought at six days. So this was a very expensive trip (the corps received $1,000 to appear in the show), but otherwise the corps would have gone 9 days without a performance opportunity. Members and staff would have gone stir crazy. For long term success of the drum corps activity, I think exposing as many people to the activity as possible is important. Putting together show line ups that smaller markets can support would be great. For example, if a wealthy music industry individual in Nashville had been exposed to the drum corps activity once a year when he/she was growing up in small town Tennessee, it would be far easier to seek their support of a drum corps in Nashville. Maybe he/she grew up in a town that could support (meaning the local high school band could make money hosting) a drum corps show consisting of 5 corps who in the previous year placed 5th, 20th, 25th, 35th and 40th. In general I think LOTS more drum corps tickets could be sold (and therefore more revenues generated) if the elite corps were willing to approach scheduling more creatively and be okay with performing for an occasional smaller audience than they're accustomed to. Music City has performed in open class shows where the stadiums were almost empty. That is not positive for anyone. Speaking of open class, I don't think being branded "second class" benefits any corps. It is fine if show X in HUGE MARKET, USA includes only the top 10, 15 or 20 corps from the previous year, but the open class designation doesn't help anyone. The thought just occured to me that this thread appearing in the "open class" forum means far fewer people will even see it. On a somewhat related note, the whole notion of judging the open class corps on a different point scale is confusing to fans, members, parents and even the judges I would argue. Regarding the role of DCI's executive director, I'm pretty sure Dan Acheson would not want to serve in a commissioner/dictator role. The G7 (I use the term fondly!) have mostly very valid concerns and good ideas in my opinion. They wouldn't field such great drum corps if they didn't have mostly great ideas. I think Dan understands that the best answers are usually down the middle of the road somewhere. Lastly I'll add that it was my observation that the experiences of the Music City members were even more positive and they seemed to have more fun than I ever imagined possible. There is something inherently amazing about young people coming together to learn a drum corps show and taking it on the road. I hope the climate changes to one that encourages the growth of such a wonderful activity.
  9. Hello drum corps fans! This is Keith Hall, executive director of Music City Drum and Bugle Corps. The announcement concerning the folding of Music City can be found HERE. After reading some of the posts on a couple of threads here I thought I should offer the following. It is very expensive to operate a drum corps. Music City received a couple of small grants this year and a smaller amount in appearance fees. The corps' expenses not covered by these and the membership fees were covered by a VERY small circle of individuals. Music City has no debts. We tried to time the announcement the best we could for the sake of the members. By the way, I'm the same Keith Hall as The Band Hall which provided all uniforms, flags/guard equipment for the corps. On a sidenote, I do not think the open class system is serving the activity well. Certainly the elite corps should receive tons more compensation and receive far more performance opportunities, but the current arrangement is not going to grow the activity. I would like to add that I believe Dan Acheson is providing the best possible leadership for the activity. He has a great vision for the future of drum corps. His hands are unfortunately tied it seems by the unfortunate need to "get along" with certain others. The unflattering posts I've seen here regarding Dan Acheson are unfortunate and uninformed I believe. I invite everyone to support the corps or corps (plural!) of your choice. Make a donation, buy a t-shirt or best of all, help them raise money, LOTS of money. Today would be good!
  10. To view a video with footage from Music City's rehearsal on July 20 click . To view pictures from the corps' performance in Mustang, OK on July 23 click HERE.
  11. To view a video with footage from Music City's rehearsal on July 20 click . To view pictures from the corps' performance in Mustang, OK on July 23 click HERE.
  12. You can view a photo gallery from Music City's recent May camp on the corps' Facebook page HERE. The corps has a tuba and front ensemble opening. To submit a membership application please click HERE. You may also email the corps at
  13. In particular the corps would like to fill a tuba position.
  14. You can find a link to a highlights video from Music City's recent April camp at The music performed is Rapsodia Cubana. The corps is still accepting video auditions for the horn line and color guard. Interested prospects may submit an application by clicking HERE. You may also contact the corps by email at
  15. Listen to a recording of El Cumbanchero made at Music City's recent March camp by clicking HERE. The corps will also perform Rapsodia Cubana and A mis Abuelos this summer. There is one opening on tuba. At the upcoming camp on April 26-28 the corps hopes to add additional guard members to the 35 already offered contracts. Anyone interested in auditioning for the corps may submit an application at Spring-like weather at Music City's March camp allowed brass and battery to hit the drill field.