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  1. i wouldn't do warmups AND walk to the show.. just one or the other. and im seeing all the top guys the night before atlanta in murfreesboro (already got great tickets)
  2. thanks for all the feedback... anybody know who's doing the encore in Atlanta?
  3. I will see the show in Murfreesboro the day before. Most of the "good seats" for Atlanta seem to already be gone from what I saw on ticketmaster. There are tickets on the very front row near the 50 and thats probably what I would buy if I got tickets.
  4. A friend and I are going to Murfreesboro and Atlanta. I am debating on getting tickets to Atlanta or just walking the lot. I have never walked the lot in Atlanta and not sure how difficult it is walking from hornline to hornline. Do they typically warmup in the same warmup areas or do they walk off somewhere? I want to maximize my lot experience... any suggestions on tickets or lot? also, any idea who's doing the encore in atlanta?**** thanks
  5. From George Hopkin's Facebook page..... George Hopkins Hot of the presses --- Cadets guard uniforms are going to have to change. We have had a numher of issues ... due to rain, sweat, our design issues, the pink, and I can go on. We looked to fix and, with the help of our parter Dance Sophisticates ... new guard outfits will be unveiled Sat night. They will not be Cadets ... but close!! Spread the Word!!!! and.. George Hopkins Cadets added music to the end of the show .... and now .. we are cleaning ... Our Clothes Last Laundry day of the year!!!! ------------------- in an earlier facebook post, he mentioned that the 'cadets run' had to come back... now they've added to the end of their show... hopefully the running company front is in
  6. thats what i thought.. but wasn't sure
  7. When, or if its already out Where, can I find the lineup and times for the Atlanta show at the DOME??
  8. I was at their rehearsal here before they skipped out on the show - They were only marching about 3 snares.. 2 basses...... kinda hard to put on a show with 3 snares and 2 basses. Hope the guys get better soon. Besides that, they were SMOKIN'!!!
  9. Any stories about noise complaints from corps at rehearsal? Did neighboring residents complain? Did the cops show up? Did rehearsal have to end early? Tell us your story.
  10. true that.. and I can't wait for the day when the cadets line has 80+
  11. thats pretty much a standard hornline for BD isn't it?
  12. Is crown fielding 16 tubas again? Looks like phantom might have slimmed down this year.. anybody got numbers of the hornlines/sections?