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  1. Musically speaking, there are moments that sound AMAZING. Design however...... makes me slightly worried. POSITIVES: The hornline's aggression in the opener is the angry hornline sound I've been wanting to hear from Crown. That adds so much character to what is going on that it sucks me in right away. I literally feel like I have been transported to a dark and aggressive place. The sign was also a cool little touch I did not expect at all. Wow. The opening sequence is somewhat dirty, but all of the design elements feel 90% fleshed out to me in that section. Colorguard is outstanding. There
  2. I'm not even watching and I seem to be missing quite a bit
  3. You know from that perspective, I completely agree with you! I also agree with you on the Dance Derby...... Was a bit... Distasteful for me (for lack of a better term) . I think a show that would satisfy both our needs is a show that is designed to showcase a concept / storyline that is understood at a superficial level, but upon further research, the story expands to a much greater one. This will allow the second or third viewing of the show become like a new experience, seeing things differently than when you saw it the first time.
  4. It all depends on how it's designed and executed. I've seen a great number of poorly designed abstract concept shows and I've also seen a good number of awesomely designed explicit storylined programs. One common thing I noticed in programs that don't succeed when attempting any type of storyline/concept program is when they EXPECT you to KNOW the story before you watch their production. The audience should be treated like a clean slate, meaning, a corps should design like they are introducing something the audience has never seen or heard of before. That way, we as the audience can feel li
  5. I went to Corps at the Crest Oceanside and it was pretty much a full crowd! I have friends taking pictures of the Glendora show and it's packed. Attendance (from what I've seen) is pretty high. The reasons why people aren't posting on DCP? 1) A lot of the audience (old and young) are new to the activity! I overheard various conversations with many attendees asking veteran audience members what to expect and who to listen for. I even overheard a father and son duo behind me debating whether or not The Academy were the Cadets or Vanguard (I couldn't help but give a lighthearted chuckle). Ther
  6. SCV will be top 3 (though honestly, after what I saw, I have them in first) Boston Crusaders will be 6th. A group usually in finals will be knocked out and will be replaced by a group that has never made World Class / Div I finals before. BDB and SCV will pass 4 World Class Corps on prelims Each major caption will have a different winner on finals.
  7. This is not a normal rehash. This show is a MONSTER. After watching the show, I have SCV as my frontrunner. Their brass seems slightly younger than last year, but wow what a SOUND. Visually, I already felt like Vanguard was top 2 in feet and this year they seem to be on track to be up there again. The drill is also a huge step up! (Especially staging wise! What a change from 2011!) I don't want to say anymore because this is SUCH a drastic change from 2013 (in a good way I may add) and nobody will see this coming. I'm calling it now. SCV Top 3 if not 1st.
  8. Saturday June 28, 2014 Corps at the Crest Los Angeles That'll be my only show of the year just like it has ever since 2008! Excited to see all the corps and hopefully do a play-by-play through twitter and an eventual review! Can't wait
  9. I'm absolutely terrible with technology so I can't provide any .gifs, but I absolutely loved - Phantom's book opening. Kinda cheesy? Sorta. But it still looked very cool. I just wish they closed the darn book at the end though - Crown's body movement during the pre-show. Seeing that in person made me wonder "How the heck do people think of these things?" - Bluecoats' parade block beginning. That was probably one of the coolest intros ever - Vanguard moving everyone but the soloist behind the props. When everyone disappears but the soloist..... it just made that ballad even more perfect.
  10. I'm planning to audition for Carolina Crown! (though I'm in SoCal so I'll have to figure out a way...)
  11. I'll be at the Oceanside show! I'll be tweeting! Username: archbananas
  12. I just listened to the recording and I have to say.... Thank you Blue Devils. Musically, that was wonderful! I enjoyed every second of it. I even found myself jamming out to the Dance of the Adolescents section I would have to see how this translates on the field... but I feel like this might be my favorite BD show musically in the past few years.
  13. Carolina Crown 2008 is a show I love to watch on the hi-cam! Especially the closer with all the famous drill sections. One of my favorite shows visually for crown! Another one has to be SCV 2007, that was some beautiful moving drill!
  14. Carolina Crown coming to Southern California. That's all I really need.