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  1. I've certainly ordered DVDs and the like from them directly to the UK in the past - although I think the last was 2008
  2. Public domain in the US is anything written before 1923 I believe (Rite of Spring is something like 1913?) but laws are different in different places - so in the UK for instance its something like 75 years after the death of the composer therefore RoS wouldn't be public domain until around 2030? (I'm doing these numbers off my head but it rings a bell from when this came up in 2013)
  3. Moz

    Best Reprise Closer?

    Maybe an honourable mention to Crown 2009 with "Promise of Living" as it wasn't really a "reprise" as such but more of a "pick up where you left off....." 😎
  4. Moz

    Vanguard Yell

    Save it for the victory run?! :-)
  5. Public domain also means different things in different places - for instance I think in the US it's something like anything before 1925 is fair game. Whereas here in the UK its something like 75 years after the death of the composer - which as an example is why we didn't get the 2013 DVDs as Rite of Spring is not public domain here til something like 2030
  6. At least DCI arrangements are likely to be somewhat different (and fairly unique!) - back in the 90s the UK went through a phase of lifting DCI shows note for note - I went to a show once when there was at least three units attempting a Cadets Les Mis and another couple doing SCV Phantom 1988!
  7. Moz

    Oil Can Security

    Agreed - and also at what point does "the inconvenience" outweigh "the risk" ?
  8. Thank you very much guys this is all very helpful and great info! Really appreciated :-)
  9. Hi all - I apologise in advance for treating the forum something like TripAdvisor, but anyway... Due to "employment issues" I'm likely to have a few spare weeks and quite a bit of "disposable income" available in July. Being UK based and having not done a DCI trip since California 2007 I'm umm'ing and ahhing about a possible personal mini "Texas Tour" in July. Potentially flying to Houston Thurs 20th, attending the show on the 21st, then doing San Antonio Regional on the 22nd, meeting friends and (what be then ex) work mates in Austin on the Sunday and then heading home (i'm guessing again from Houston) on the Monday Just looking for any help / advice / recommendations esp on accommodation / transport / parking locally for the shows as if I did this I guess I would be renting a car for the duration. It's quite a scary thought doing it all my own for the first time as well! | Cheers -G-
  10. To be honest the last couple of years have not been "International friendly" with only live streaming and no DVR / On Demand functionality. Staying up til 3 or 4am is OK a couple of times a year but having to do it every weekend is not worth the money! I know we're not the target audience so it's not a massive issue in the grander scheme of things. Guess we'll have to live on YouTube opportunism and umm'ing and ahh'ing about purchasing finals for the next few years
  11. Moz

    Dci Live

    Well it's nice to be appreciated AND we do broadcast most of our major championships for free
  12. Moz

    Dci Live

    It's a right pain in the bum when you're 5-6-7 hours in front though ;-) Many of us in Europe used to love FN BITD but the cost is not justifiable without the DVR function for the most part - there are only so many times you can stay up til 3 or 4 in the morning. And yes before anyone pipes up I know we're not really the "target" audience!
  13. Hi all - forgive the "International" intrusion in the "World Class" forum but I know a lot of people like to watch the DCE live webcast every year and I've not seen a post or link for it so thought I'd best add: Premier class finals just about to start Scores from this morning below
  14. Moz

    Loudest chord of 2015? OK not technically a chord, but....
  15. I thought Cadets won DCI West at Stanford in 2007? That was the show a week before finals, right?