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  1. There are a number of units here in the UK who refer to themselves as “Performance Ensemble” rather than D&BC i still take issue with the I in DCI however given it is nigh on impossible to watch shows legally outside the US.....
  2. Tell that to all of us who can't get the live steams and can't buy DVDs.... 🤔
  3. Blooo 2016 BD 2017 SCV 2018 Means this has already happened over the last three years?
  4. "None because I live in Europe and the I in DCI is clearly for aesthetic reasons only" 🤬
  5. Senators in the UK used 4’33” in one of their shows in the 90s - “Listen with your Eyes” think was the show - obviously they didn’t perform the whole piece 😎
  6. I've certainly ordered DVDs and the like from them directly to the UK in the past - although I think the last was 2008
  7. Public domain in the US is anything written before 1923 I believe (Rite of Spring is something like 1913?) but laws are different in different places - so in the UK for instance its something like 75 years after the death of the composer therefore RoS wouldn't be public domain until around 2030? (I'm doing these numbers off my head but it rings a bell from when this came up in 2013)
  8. Maybe an honourable mention to Crown 2009 with "Promise of Living" as it wasn't really a "reprise" as such but more of a "pick up where you left off....." 😎
  9. Save it for the victory run?! :-)
  10. Public domain also means different things in different places - for instance I think in the US it's something like anything before 1925 is fair game. Whereas here in the UK its something like 75 years after the death of the composer - which as an example is why we didn't get the 2013 DVDs as Rite of Spring is not public domain here til something like 2030
  11. At least DCI arrangements are likely to be somewhat different (and fairly unique!) - back in the 90s the UK went through a phase of lifting DCI shows note for note - I went to a show once when there was at least three units attempting a Cadets Les Mis and another couple doing SCV Phantom 1988!
  12. Agreed - and also at what point does "the inconvenience" outweigh "the risk" ?